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MORE PICS – MOTHER of TOLL HIKE Protest; SUNWAY PYRAMID, 07 Jan 07; Thousands Came; YOUNG & OLD- Vent ANGER; SHOUTED T O L – Tipu Orang Lagi

For the latest Protest on 21st JAN 07 (Cheras, 22 arrested); Go To H E R E on
For the latest on 14 JAN 07 (Bandar Sunway); Go To H E R E on

MORE PICS – TOLL HIKE PROTEST - Gombak Toll Plaza -14 JAN 07; HUNDREDS PROTESTED Despite RAIN; Also Call on Government to LOWER Fuel Prices & Other Tariffs

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UPDATE: Dc 08 2007; 21:30pm
Believe him or NOT feigning sympathy for the rakyat now
If we read closely Kit Siang’s statement, In 1987 he raised hell in parliament stating that the letter of intent to UEM “stinks to the skies, and appears to be an even greater scandal than the BMF scandal”. When. he took it to the court and with “six judges in my favour and four against, I still lost, and the people and country also lost “- not just over the UEM case but an important test case on public litigation to hold the government to public accountability for its decisions and actions. Kit should now do another challenge again as the courts were under cloudy skies then.

The first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman had weighed in on the issue in his weekly column, As I See It, writing: “I consider it improper and irregular for a leading political party to make use of its power to amass wealth at the expense of other business ventures” (The Star 24/8/87), with the then Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad responding: “We agree…but who is going to pay the $360 million for the Umno complex?

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It was an orderly and peaceful affair and thousands indeed came. Merdeka review put the figure at more than 2,500 with Malaysiakini estimating more than a 1000 and the lowest was from the Sun- about 300 protesters but they had an inflated “3000 on lookers”

ABOVE & BELOW: At the entrance to Bandar Sunway Shopping Mall

Device your own “heads per 100 Square pixel” and estimate the crowd from the pictures. The noisy protest attracted a great deal of passerby’s interest that just has to stop and watch. Whatever the actual figures, this is by far the largest and the –Mother of All Toll Hike Protest” for this round. There would be many more to come for sure.

ABOVE & BELOW: The speeches and the crowd response

The police had kept watchful eyes of the proceeding and on numerous times confined the protesters on the sidewalk preventing them disrupting the busy road. A water cannon truck was on stand-by.


The protestors demanded the government reverse the increases and reveal agreements with highway operator. Riot police were ready and in full control of the situation. The tense situation came when the protesters wanted to march to the nearby toll plaza but the police were quick and prevented them from doing by surrounding them.

ABOVE & BELOW: The Keadilan Crowd

ABOVE & BELOW: Join efforts of PAS & Keadilan

It was a day for the professional and amateur shutterbugs taking pictures and videoing.

ABOVE: The FRU were also videoing the crowd and BELOW: Pictures were also taken

And the police were spotted doing the same - to keep a record of the faces doing the protest and using the video recording perhaps for future training on peacefulcrowd control

Meanwhile, AFP reported the executive director of rights group Suaram, Yap
Swee Seng, as saying that protestors were seething over a lack of transparency in the concession deals."We are demanding the government make public the contents of the contracts and set up a commission to look into all these contracts," said Yap.

Anti-toll protest attracts big crowd; Charles Ramendran; SUN

ABOVE: Policemen and FRU personnel block off traffic from Pantai on the NPE and keep a watchful eye on the crowd during the protest in front of Sunway Pyramid.

ABOVE & BELOW: The Babies and children came along for early training as these toll increases will last a generation

PETALING JAYA (Jan 8, 2007): A group of about 300 people protested yesterday in front of the Sunway Pyramid shopping centre against the recent toll increases on five highways in the Klang Valley. The protesters, comprising members of opposition political parties, MTUC and residents, gathered at 4pm. Their presence attracted more than 3,000 onlookers, mostly weekend shoppers. About two dozen protesters spoke through loud hailers, criticising the toll increases. They also questioned the rationale of using taxpayers' money to compensate the highway concessionaires. About 150 policemen from the Subang Jaya district police headquarters and two truck-loads of Federal Reserve Unit members led by OCPD Mohd Fuad Talib and his deputy, Supt Jaafar Said, were present to control the crowd.

Although the gathering was held without a permit, police allowed the protesters to have their say for 30 minutes. However, soon after the time was up, the crowd marched to the main road and continued venting their displeasure for the next hour. The main road leading to SS15, Subang Jaya, was closed to traffic for about an hour. Police personnel watched patiently despite the unruly behaviour of several protesters who swore at the men in blue and posed a threat to traffic. "We were patient and allowed them to have their say. We are happy it went on smoothly without any untoward incident," said Jaafar after the crowd dispersed at about 6pm.

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Here is a gist of the translated Merdeka Review Report in Chinese

More than 2,500 people gathered peacefully for about 2 hours, held high banners, shouted slogans as leaders speak, -- to convey the message to those five Klang Valley Toll operators about rising burden of increased fee and unable to cope by the people. Government must abolish road charging. Organized by the "Anti Toll Coalition Committee", the protest attracted more than 2,500 people participating.

ABOVE & BELOW: The best decorated cartoons against the Toll Hikes

Many of them were watching pedestrians. The leaders of the opposition parties and other organizers spoke for about 45 minutes in front of the Pyramid shopping mall. Police and riot squads, which repeatedly blocked but participants reformed and formed the human wall facing the FRU Force. Before the rally began, a number of police officers were in the location of the meeting , but a water Gun vehicle was seen. When the rally started to march to the toll plaza, the riot squad cars and six trucks also rushed to the same area and formed a road blockade and confined the assembly next to an empty lot, the atmosphere was tense.

In any case, the police showed their restraint (unlike the anti-fuel hike protest the last time), and allowed people to say whatever they want to say for one hour and 45 minutes.

There were no untoward incidents but the occasional physical confrontations (ABOVE). Joining the assembly and procession were many pedestrians and shoppers in the Sunway Pyramid shopping mall. Passing vehicles also supported the protesters by honking.

The police blocked repeatedly the protesters but they managed to climb over the other side of the fence to cheers and laughter. In this rally to oppose the rise of toll prices; the opposition lineup included Muslim leaders of the party as acting chairman Nasharudin Mat Isa. Chief Financial Hatta Ramli ;

Ayub publicity director of the National People's Justice Party; Simon, director of the Democratic Action Party Secretary; non-governmental organizations; Socialist Party General Secretary ,Arutchelvan. Others attending include the party's general assembly Financial Khalid Ibrahim (ABOVE)and Tian Chua.

ABOVE & BELOW: The well said Messages on the placards against toll hike

People were holding placards with words "the abolition of toll stations", "transparency is dead" (The government refused to disclose the contents of contracts). "LDP = Lingkup Duit Rakyat" ; "People were tortured, friends laughingly." "People can no longer tolerate the BN opaque and unfair policy,”

The Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions Syed Shahir Syed Mohamud led chanting slogans : "T.O.L- Tipu Orang Lagi! and TOL - "Tolak Orang Lemah. Prior to this, the leaders of opposition parties reiterated on many occasions that the people have to pay tolls after the price hikes. Other messages conveyed: "People of Malaysia have the right of assembly and freedom,” and expect a good impression of Police. "Police have to prove that they can handle this protest assembly, not to use violence to disperse the crowd”. Later, the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (SUHAKAM) called for the establishment of an independent commission of inquiry hold hearings to investigate cases of police brutality, but is yet to publish its report.

== = == = == = from MSIAKINI Headline, Tan Sri says "BIG PAYMENTS" to people to justify toll hike. It is the same gang who arranged this biased toll agreements to share out the loot eventually.

He (Samy) still said it was important to increase (the toll charges), and I told him that he should resign (from cabinet) and go work for the company (instead),” said Anwar.

Following this, a ‘Tan Sri’ from the company sought an appointment with Anwar to appeal against the refusal to allow the toll hike. Anwar said he calculated the cost of running the highway with the ‘Tan Sri’ and realised that its operating cost included paying inducements to certain individuals.

“This ‘Tan Sri’ said he had to pay! Pay leaders and their families from Perlis to Johor,” he said. “(So I said to the ‘Tan Sri’) you pay these rotten crooks and bandits, you give them million of ringgit. And you expect me [minister of finance] to sign (the documents), so that the poor workers, teachers, farmers fork out the money for you to pay those crooks?” Anwar added.

Anwar claimed he refused to sign the documents allowing the toll increase. Subsequently after his sacking a year later - in September 1998 - the documents were signed by the government and toll rates for the unspecified highway was increased a month later, he said.

= = = == == UPDATE fromby ronnieliutiankhiew, January 5th, 2007

The Sun reporters sacked for exposing Litrak in 1999

I am reproducing this message sent to me today for readers of Colour-blind.

Both Ganesh Sahathevan and Alan Yeoh were sacked after writing several articles concerning Litrak, See Hoy Chan and EPF. Gamuda’s executive director Dato’ Lin Yun Ling happens to be the brother of Dr Lin See Yan, the former deputy Governor of Bank Negara. Tan Sri Ramon has responded to say that he only owns 1,000 shares and he bought the shares after retirement from civil service. We were not sure how much shares were owned by AAB and Napsiah Omar.

———- Forwarded message ———-
Date: Sun, 29 Aug 1999 08:31:35 PDT; From: ganesh sahathevan
Subject: LDP Highway:A highway to Government indulgence

The owners of the privatised Lebuhraya Damansara Puchong(LDP), Lingkaran
Kota Holdings Bhd (Litrak),have just announced that their revenue
is , and will continue to be higher then expected. It’s executive director and substantial shareholder,Dato Lin Yun Ling, has even announced that the company has a surplus of about RM 200 m in cash. All this after the Government agreed to pay Litark RM 85 million,at the height of the recession, in “compensation”, for revenues lost when the company agreed not to raise toll rates by RM0.50, as provided in the concession agreement with the Government. This “compensation” may sound fair, but one must consider the assistance that the Government has ALREADY provided the company.First, there was a RM535 million fixed rate loan from the Employees Provident Fund (EPF), for a term of 13 years which even Lin Yun Ling described as “uncommon”; EPF normally lends for only 5-8 years. Then,there was a RM98 million loan at concessional rates. The rates have yet to be disclosed by the Finance Ministry. On top of all this there is also a RM 100 million grant to pay for land acquisition. Some analysts say that the RM 85 million the Government has given Litrak is actually in excess of the revenue that the company might have lost by its own estimates. The main beneficiary of the Government’s kindness has been Lin Yun Ling, whose Gamuda Bhd,constructed the LDP in a joint venture with Yusof Daud, for a cost of RM 600 million, or RM 40 million per km. In comparison,theNKVE only cost RM 10 million per km.Lin and Raja Elena of Perak are Gamuda’s two largest shareholders. What are the reasons for such special treatment? Perhaps the answer lies in Litrak’s shareholders.
The largest shareholder is now Gamuda, a company linked with Perak royalty and a number of ex-civil servants.
Ministers Napsiah Omar, and Dollah Badawi are also shareholders as is former secretary general of the Treasury , Ramon Navaratnam. Then there is also Institut Kefahaman Islam (IKIM), various state bodies, and even
Rating Agency Malaysia. Most mysterious of all shareholders is Litrak executive director, Haji Yussof Daud, who controlled , before listing, 51% of the company, via a company with a paid-up capital of only RM 100,000. He now controls about 30%. A more mysterious shareholder is one who controls 600,000 shares via a dormant, RM 2 company, whose directors are Gamuda finance managers.They in turn, report to Gamuda and Litrak director Saw Wah Theng. Saw is an alternate director to Lin on the Litrak board
For a detailed study of their Annuar Reports 2003-2006, Go H E RE

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More details from previous post on LDP TOLL AGREEMENT Exposed


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