Monday, December 18, 2006

No TRUTH Within Pragmatism; TRUTHS are mere BELIEFS, but as you identify them as TRUTHS, you do not see them as BELIEFS; there is NO Absolute TRUTH

No Truth Within Pragmatism. In this philosophy, Truth is dependent upon experience. That there are truths that are unchanging but a pragmatist incorporates all of this philosophy, and creates their own truth relative to their experience; but NOT beyond. There are truths beyond physical experience; constants that are, within themselves, a priori,( accepted without being thought about or questioned. The existence of God is a priori for most people with a religious faith. In a court of law, a priori assumptions about guilt and innocence can be dangerous.) - to which a pragmatist does not subscribe.

Many of us incorporates the philosophy of pragmatism in our truths, what we believe, are based upon your experiences; and as they hold to be efficient we hold them to be truthful but this view of efficiency is distorted.

We view efficiency as what may be easiest; we believe this to be expedient. But again what you incorporate within physical focus may not always be your easiest path, so to speak, but it may be your most efficient for your intent. You may incorporate action which needs some effort initially, for you have trained yourselves within one direction; but within your action, your effortlessness comes. Therefore, the pragmatist views the experiences as being true, if they are efficient, temporarily; but once another philosophy introduces itself and they are viewing this as efficient also, they are inclined to be discontinuing in one and moving to another, much as a leaf blowing through the wind. It incorporates effortlessness in allowing the wind to carry it, but it does not direct itself. In this same way, the pragmatist floats with what he views to be an efficient philosophy, on a temporary basis.

There are truths which are unchanging but pragmatists do not believe in unchanging truths. All things, to the pragmatist, are changing; even truths. There is no truth within pragmatism! They are very aware of this fact, which they also incorporate quite well! Facts are very much within their focus. If a fact is presented, it is accepted.
Facts are changing. Truths are not. Throughout our history, many facts have changed! Within your present time, facts are changing! You will be learning from those around you and from what you incorporate around you, that many elements of your reality are changing; but these are facts! Your scientists incorporate them as fact and when new discoveries are made, facts are changed. You also incorporate them as fact. They are learning that their facts are not so factual after all.
Is that because of the simultaneous time, and the changing of probabilities, would ultimately change the facts? Many do not realize we are all multidimensional creatures, and but we study and view things in one dimension! Therefore, you base facts upon one dimension, and you express these as temporary truths. The truth is that there are myriads of dimensions! So are you understanding of time is meaningless.

There is no absolute, everyone speaks from his or her own truth. The point is you speak from your own beliefs, your own expressed beliefs. There are truths and there is the definition of a truth. A truth is some expression, which is translatable in every area of consciousness in some manner. What is translatable in every area of consciousness, in some manner? Is it due to reality, tone or color but not YOUR associations. Is it translatable in every area of consciousness, unchangeable? Truth contains no distortion.
In practical down-to-earth matter, truth should represent accurately your awareness of something. If I were to repeat what someone said, or if I were to explain what I did, then my common definition of it would be that I presented that information as accurately as possible to the person and therefore expressing truth. Yes there is no absolute truth, just what we believe and see. Just like a truth may be identified that the sun in its orb rises and sets every day. In certain positions that is a truth with many individuals, for it is unquestioned and absolute. It merely occurs. It is uncontrollable and there is no other choice. It is what it is. Your sun rises every day. You view this as a truth. Your night follows your day. You view this as a truth. There are many, many, many expressions within your perception that you do not question for you view them as truths. They are absolutes; there is no question. But in this modern era of space travel, if you’re an astronaut, you can view the sun rises many times a day.

But dependent upon your position within your physical world, the sun does not rise and set every day. It rises and remains risen, or it sets and remains set, for it is dependent upon your POSITION which is dependent upon your PERCEPTION, which creates your reality. Truths are mere beliefs, but as you identify them as truths, you do not see them as beliefs.
So the problem is when trying to communicate your truth to somebody who is different, it almost … there becomes a question of honesty, rather than truth. You’re not being dishonest if you’re communicating your truth to another individual whose truth is different than yours, but they may perceive it that way. In a cultural setting, the physical location of a country, the mass beliefs expressed in that country which are reinforced by all of the people incorporate certain absolutes, which become their truths as in religious beliefs. What is significant is that we must recognize objectively that theses are NOT actually TRUTHS. They are strongly unquestioned BELIEFS. The belief systems that are strongest to us individually, we would call that a truth. You express it each day within your focuses. You associate with it continuously. Many of your automatic responses are associated within yourselves as truth.

Seekers of truth will find that it contains no distortions. Any material, to exist on your plane, must to some extent don the attire of your plane, and in the very entry to your plane it must be somewhat distorted. Even inner data must make its entry through some distortion conditioned by the camouflage attributes of the plane.

The truth has no birth or death and contains no distortions. All worldly pursuits end in sorrow; acquisitions end in dispersion; buildings in destruction; meetings in separation; births in death. Knowing this, one should from the very first, renounce acquisition, heaping up, building, and meeting; and be faithful to the commands of an eminent guru, set about realizing the Truth (which has no birth or death).


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