Saturday, December 23, 2006

MORE PICS – ABANDONED DEAD BABY FOUND in Nokia Paper Bag IN SEREMBAN State MOSQUE with Note ”I Know This is a Big Sin, But What Can I do”?

Dead baby found in paper bag in mosque;

ABOVE: The mosque cleaner Amalina Ahmad was doing her rounds in the state mosque (BELOW) in Seremban

SEREMBAN: The body of a newborn baby was found in a paper bag at the state mosque yesterday morning. A note, which police believe was written by the mother, was found in the bag. In the note, the writer said the baby was named Nur Ain Atikah Abdullah and she was born on Wednesday at 3.45am but died the same day at 11.30am. FOUND DEAD: A paper bag containing the body of a baby was found at the state mosque in Seremban yesterday morning.

ABOVE: The hand written note believe to be written by the mother of the child

Next to the bag is the note (ABOVE) purportedly written by the mother? The person also asked that the baby be buried accordingly. “As a servant of God, I know this is a big sin, but what can I do?” said the note.

ABOVE: The cleaner saw the Nokia bag behind a doorway and a closer examination of the open bag (BELOW) gave her a shock. A dead baby inside.

A cleaner at the mosque noticed the bag behind a door at the ablution room. “I thought someone had left something behind. I was shocked when I saw what was inside the bag and told the mosque authorities, who called the police,” said Amalina Ahmad, 22.

ABOVE: The bag was taken out and place on the table (BELOW) for a photo session with newmen

ABOVE: The baby has undergone a "transformation" and was asleep

= = == = = == == == = =
Another baby found dead and abandoned. Given a name but survived only just over eight hours. Now why a fetus wants to end its live so soon after coming into this physical world?

Question: Now why do some babies die shortly after birth?

Answer: First of all, nothing ever dies - it just changes form. There is a lovely story given in a film -"The Little Buddha"

As the first feature-length movie to deal with the life of the Buddha and Buddhist teachings, "Little Buddha" has drawn many different reactions from members of the American Buddhist sangha

that illustrates this:

Imagine a glass filled with tea. The glass represents your physical body and the tea represents your soul (the portion of your soul that is in the physical body). Break the glass and the tea spills on the table, to the floor, into cracks. And yet, the tea is still tea and the glass is still glass, although its form has changed. The tea moves where it will. This is very close to how people make their transitions.

No one "dies" before their time. When the soul is ready to release the body, when it has accomplished what it came here to do, it moves on, even in the case of infants. What could they accomplish? – You might ask.

They may have come into this life to experience unconditional love, to feel the physical body, to experiment with changing form, to give love or other gifts, to meet a personal karmic situation as self-judgment, a point of view, something that had to be confronted and processed. There are also cases when a soul changes its mind after being born. It may decide to assist the family or a sibling from the other side. It may decide to wait and be reborn into the same, or perhaps another family, sometime down the line.. There is always a reason. To realize that each soul is making these decisions on their own is a beautiful, healing and freeing experience.

Question: When we die/transition, do we ever lose our personality?

Answer: You never lose the unique, divine spark that you are.

In the case of ABORTION

Now what happens when a fetus is aborted or miscarried? Didn’t that being wanted to have life on Earth? Who has the right to determine for a fetus if it lives or dies? We all have choice, can, and do change our minds. Each soul that decides to come into the body is a full being already. Should that soul decide it does not want to be born, to experience life after all, it may choose a variety of ways of stopping the process, which include abortion or miscarriage.There is always a reason. . To realize that each soul is making these decisions on their own is a beautiful, healing and freeing experience.

And lastly..

There should never be a word in any language that means repentance (remorse or contrition for past conduct or sin). There should only be a word that means, I bless; for when you bless, you do not need to repent. Or when you accept a blessing, there is nothing to repent. Love of All That Is requires simply that you become open as air, for when you are open as air then joy of all that is flows through you indiscriminately, and there is nothing to repent.

You only need repentance when you do not know joy. For within joy and within all that is there is only glory, consciousness and song. There is only blessedness. When you berate yourself for your sins, then you do not realize what joy is. Do you berate a flower that has one crooked stem? So in yourselves, know spontaneity and in spontaneity you will find joy. Spontaneity has its own discipline. You do not need to enforce discipline upon it.

Your religions tell you that man is sinful when you disobeyed some man made laws....- a generalized fear and suspicion is generated, and life too often becomes stripped of any heroic qualities


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