Thursday, December 21, 2006

WASHING DIRTY LINEN: Senator Datin Paduka Nor Hayati Onn, 43 Vs Mohd Suffian Abdul Aziz,, Consulting Engineer, 49; Married 1983; Ending 2006?

Surprisingly all the papers managed to give and add extra different dirt in her washings. If they had an audio recording, a transcript of the proceedings would be more accurate and more fun to read. Perhaps it might be due to translation difficulty as can be seen in the names called being interpreted differently but the gist remains in all the three reports. And reading all three would jig saw some of the missing links and info like the “frying egg” incident which was meant to show “delaying tactics”

Enough is enough, politician says of troubled marriage; 20 Dec 2006
Rita Jong, NST

KLANG: Irreconcilable differences, lack of financial support and physical and mental abuse. These were the grounds Senator Datin Paduka Nor Hayati Onn gave at the hearing of her divorce application against her husband, yesterday. Nor Hayati told Lower Syariah court judge Mohamed Fouzi Mokhtar that in their marriage of 23 years, she had suffered enough. "Our marriage began having problems 10 years ago, but I always told myself I would give him another chance to change for the better.

I also thought about the welfare of our young children then. "But the past few years have been horrible. We argued almost every day and everything I said was wrong." Nor Hayati decided she had had enough. She said her children were now grown up and would be able to think for themselves. When her lawyer Md Khardee Md Shaari asked to give examples of each ground, the plaintiff said Mohd Suffian was always jealous and interrogated her when she was carrying out her duties as a politician. "My job requires me to mingle with people, but he (Mohd Suffian) would question me. He would also check on me at meetings just to see who I was sitting with.

"At times he would also make it difficult for me to attend a function. ”He would make me do all kinds of things like fry an egg for him before I could leave the house," she said. Nor Hayati also said since marrying the defendant, he had not given her money for maintenance. "He was pampered by my father, who gave him a car and shelter as I am the eldest daughter. He would also ask me money to play golf. "And I was also the one who was paying our house rent and utility bills. Only after I pestered him many times, would he fork out money to help once in a while. "I even had to settle his debts from Ah Long," she added. She also claimed Mohd Suffian, who was an engineer, was earning an income but did not give her any money. Nor Hayati also alleged she was abused by the defendant. "In October 1997, he pushed me until I fractured my hand.

In November 2001, he hit me until I bled. I was hospitalised at the Seri Kota Hospital for a week. "There were also times during our fights that he would use a knife. Once he kicked a shoe which hit me," she said. Nor Hayati also claimed that when she returned home late from events, Mohd Suffian would call to check on her. "He would call me names like ‘whore’ or ‘slut’. He knew the nature of my job when we married and I don’t understand why he can’t accept my work as a Senator now." She said she now lived with her parents in Shah Alam and the couple no longer lived under the same roof. "He moved to a rented home in Section 7 in Shah Alam in March." Later, when questioned by Mohd Suffian’s counsel Muhamad Burok, Nor Hayati admitted that she did not lodge any police report on the alleged assaults. Nor Hayati, a businesswoman, filed for a divorce last September. Hearing continues on Jan 19.

He hit me in the face until I bled’
by SUSHMA VEERA, Malay Mail

“EACH time we argued, he would hit me with his hands, and at times, with the golf club. He even kicked me, his shoes touching my face. He also used a knife against me and locked me in the house with 14 padlocks. “Although I had been hurt many times, I had never lodged a police report, hoping that he would change his attitude.” So said a Senator yesterday at the Klang Lower Syariah Court as her reasons in applying for a fasakh divorce (divorce on the grounds of cruelty) from her husband of 23 years.

Senator Datin Paduka Nor Hayati Onn cited three reasons for the application — incompatibility, lack of financial support and physical and verbal abuse, for the divorce from husband Mohd Suffian Abdul Aziz. “He knew I was into politics even before we married and is aware that I have to mingle with people. He gets jealous over every single thing and this has gone to far. “It is also part of my position as a politician to attend meetings, functions and opening ceremonies. There was one incident where I had to attend a launch in Westport at 3pm and he was delaying me for no apparent reason. He asked me to do other housework for him like fry an egg and look for his tie.

In the end, I was late for the function and that’s bad for me,” said Nor Hayati, adding that there had been many events and functions which had to be delayed or postponed because of this. She said although they had been arguing for a long time, lately it has gotten worse. “If we are fine in the morning, we’re sure to fight later in the day or at night. “I have to explain to him each time I have to attend an event or meeting. I keep telling him that it is my job,” she said.

Nor Hayati also said her family had tried to advise him but he has not changed. When asked by her counsel Md Khardee Md Shaari on why she didn’t apply for the divorce earlier, she replied: “At that time, my children were still young and I was focused on bringing them up. I wanted to give him a chance to change but I can’t talk to him anymore.” She said that in October 1997, she fractured her arm after Mohd Suffian allegedly pushed her. Then, in November 2001, she was hospitalised at Seri Kota Hospital for a week after her husband allegedly hit her.

“He hit me in the face until I bled. “My family wasn’t in town then. I had to call my friend who took me to hospital. When the doctor asked me what happened, I told him I fell. But my friend later told the doctor that my husband had hit me and a police report was lodged,” said Nor Hayati. Nor Hayati added that she also had to endure mental torture. “When I attended meetings, there were times when I returned home late. He would call me and ask where I was, who I’m with and who was sitting next to me.

“He had even called me names and this was overheard by my friends, Wanita Umno members, who were with me at the time.” She said that this had been going on for some time. “He used to accompany me to meetings and functions. From the time he stopped doing so, he was always suspicious of me. It is torture for me when he does that.” She also said her husband had threatened her for money but he had never given her any.

“Despite me giving him the money, he would open my purse and take more without my permission. He would hit me if I didn’t give the cash. He would even take money from me to play golf.” She also told the court that Mohd Suffian had borrowed money from loan sharks and had forced her to settle the amount. She said her husband had once said that he had wanted to divorce her but it did not materialise after her father gave him RM10,000. “He is the pampered son-in-law at home. My father had given him a house and a car. He never paid for anything. “Although my family was not happy with him, my father tried his best to make things work until recently, when he gave up,” she said.

She also said that it was she who would often pay the bills. “Although he had an income then as an engineer, he never supported me financially.” Nor Hayati also disagreed with the defendant’s lawyer Muhamad Burok’s statement that her husband had never stopped her from pursuing her political career. She countered that not only did he stop her, he was also causing trouble for her. “I tried to patch things up with him, but I have reached my limit. It is not because of my status or position but it is about me, myself. I can’t live like this anymore.” Nor Hayati said the couple are living apart. She lives with her parents in Shah Alam while Mohd Suffian is staying in Section 7, Shah Alam. He moved out in March this year.

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Senator claims spouse abuse; Wednesday December 20, 2006


KLANG: Senator Datin Paduka Norhayati Onn Ismail wants to end her 23-year marriage because she can no longer endure the beatings from her husband. Norhayati, 43, told Syariah Court judge Mohd Fouzi Mokhtar yesterday that her engineering consultant husband Mohd Sufian Abdul Aziz, 49, had assaulted her over the years. Norhayati: Says she tolerated the ill treatment for the sake of her children “Whenever we quarrelled, he would beat me with his bare hands or kick me. There were times when he used a golf club, keys, shoes or even a knife to hurt me,” she said.

Norhayati filed for her marriage to be dissolved at the Syariah Court here this year under the fasakh application in which the wife seeks a divorce. The Klang Umno Wanita division chief and daughter of the Selangor State Assembly speaker claims that her marital years were filled with physical and mental torture; she is incompatible with her husband and that he has never provided for her since the day they were married in 1983. She told the court that once in 2001 her husband had beaten her until her face bled and a friend took her to a private hospital. “I told the doctor that I fell but my friend later told him what happened,” said Norhayati. She also sought treatment for a fractured hand that resulted from the beatings in 1997.

“I also told the doctor then that I had fallen,” she added. Norhayati said her family knew about the abuse but she never lodged any police report against Sufian because she wanted to protect his name and give him a chance to change. On the mental torment, Norhayati said Sufian had called her “prostitute” many times as well as betina sundal (immoral woman) when he saw her talking to men. She said she had tolerated the ill treatment for the sake of her children but now that they were grown up she decided to leave him. “Even if the court rules that I should go back to him, I will not because I have had enough,” said the mother of three children – one working, one in university and the youngest in secondary school.

Norhayati testified that she had paid for most of the house rentals, food and much of her husband’s debts, including those to loan sharks. “He would also ask me for money, even for a game of golf. The amount varied from hundreds to thousands of ringgit. “Once, even after I had given him money, I saw him taking more from my purse,” Norhayati said during examination by her counsel Khardee Mohd Shaari. During cross-examination by Sufian’s counsel Mohd Burok, Norhayati denied a suggestion she did not report the assault in 2001 because she was also at fault. She maintained that Sufian had called her names, even when others were present, and that he had tried to thwart her political work. Norhayati acknowledged that her father Tan Sri Onn Ismail had once asked her to reconcile with Sufian and that her husband had also sought reconciliation. “But I will not because I cannot stand it anymore; the things that he had done to me,” she said. Hearing continues on Jan 9.

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Some background info by Teng Chang Khim, Selangor Assemblyman

Tuesday, December 05, 2006; Nor Hayati unperturbed

Senator Nor Hayati seemed to be unperturbed over the controversy of "bicameral proximity". The Nanyang Siang Pau (Dec 3, 2006) reported that she attended a cooking competition organized by the Klang Municipal Council (MPK) on last Saturday and was seen jovial and had joined the guests to dance.

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Friday, December 01, 2006; Legal suit threat for bicameral photo

The Star reports today that I may be sued for posting the photograph in "Bicameral Proximity: MP and Senator".

Read also the New Straits Times. posted by Teng Chang Khim at 12/01/2006 07:44:00 AM:

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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Police report by senator's husband

Mohd Suffian bin Abdul Aziz, husband of Senator Nor Hayati, lodged the following police report on Oct 8, 2006, at the Shah Alam police station:-

posted by Teng Chang Khim at 11/30/2006 07:21:00 PM

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Umno Supreme Council to discuss bicameral proximity

The Star today reports that Umno Supreme Council will discuss the photograph of the "Bicameral Proximity: MP and Senator" posted in this blog in its meeting today.

posted by Teng Chang Khim at 11/30/2006 09:24:00 AM

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006; The subject matter is hypocrisy

Some people opined that I should not have had put up the photograph of the “bicameral proximity” on the grounds, among others, that it is a private matter even if it is true; that there are more important matters to discuss and etc. Well, let me say it loud and clear. It is an exposure of hypocrisy. Hypocrisy of the leaders of the ruling party who have staunchly, and perhaps hysterically, supported the laws of moral policing to the extent that couple holding hands in public are now liable for offence of indecency.

The political leaders in the government of the day, including all the agencies and institutions, have enacted moral policing laws, regulations and rules to uplift morality to the level they themselves have not been able to maintain. Thus, the inconsistency of their own behavior with the standard and principle they preach. That is what I have exposed, not merely a photograph taken in an enclosed private place. Is that not an important issue for public discourse? Equally hypocrite are those who have visited this blog for the first time merely to have a peep at the photograph to satisfy their own curiosity but immediately deplore it in pretence.

posted by Teng Chang Khim at 11/29/2006 01:08:00 PM ;

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Read the Star and the New Straits Times today. Clues are there.

posted by Teng Chang Khim at 11/29/2006 11:40:00 AM

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006; Senator's dad: it's in Syariah Court now

Tan Sri Dato Oon bin Ismail, UMNO Permanent Chairman cum Speaker of the Selangor State Legislative Assembly, who is also father of Senator Datin Paduka Nor Hayati binti Onn Ismail, said "the matter is now in Syariah Court". That was Oon's justification when attempting to stop Ng Suee Lim, DAP Selangor State Assemblyman for Sekinchan, from deliberating on the photograph (or rather its negative) posted here yesterday entitled "Bicameral Proximity: MP and Senator" in the State Assembly budget meeting this morning. When Oon said so, he must have had referred to Nor Hayati's family affairs rather than Rahman Ismail's. That would also seems to be contradicting Nor Hayati's denial statement in the Star today.

posted by Teng Chang Khim at 11/28/2006 02:47:00 PM

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Bicameral denial

MP for Gombak, Datuk Dr Rahman Ismail and Senator Datin Paduka Nor Hayati Onn Ismail have both denied that they are connected to the photograph that I posted here yesterday (The Star Nov 28, 2006).

Let's wait and see who else will come forward and clarify.

posted by Teng Chang Khim at 11/28/2006 12:47:00 PM

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Monday, November 27, 2006
Bicameral proximity: MP and Senator

I was one of the recipients of the above photograph. The man, apparently wearing a bathrobe, is a Member of Parliament at the lower house (Dewan Rakyat) and the woman in his chest is a Senator. Both are married but not to each other. The scene seems to be a typical hotel bathroom where a towel rack and a clothes-line box can be seen on the upper left of the photograph. What could they possibly be doing in the room or bathroom of a hotel in such a romantic atmosphere? Whatever could it be but in a country where the political leadership emphasizes so much on moral and values based on religion, the two members of Parliament will certainly have to openly justify their close proximity.

They can either admit it or deny it by claiming that the photograph was super-imposed. Whatever. The point is that the public has a right to know since they are political leaders subject to public scrutiny. Let's give them a chance.

Note: "Bicameral" means a system of government having 2 chambers of Parliament.

posted by Teng Chang Khim at 11/27/2006 04:33:00 PM


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