Saturday, September 09, 2006


The Bus Driver prefered to land on the drain rather than smashed up the heavy vehicle in front

The heavy downpour in the afternoon caused a 24 vehicle smash up along the Nilai Seremban Highway at about 2pm at 265.7 km. Four cars were initially involved in the accident due to poor visibility and this resulted in other vehicles that were following too close and too fast to smash on. A bus avoided the pile up and landed on the drain by the side of the highway.

The worst affected vehicle seems to be a Merc traveling at high speed with the front and back portions properly crushed in. Several passengers in the 4 vehicles were admitted to the Tuanku Jaafar hospital in Seremban for treatment.

The Mercedes at high speed was properly crushed in the front and back and its sturdy design prevented the occupants from much injury

The hold up took the police almost 3 hours to clear the affected stretch and caused an almost 20 km massive traffic jam with vehicles inching along one side of the highway..
ABOVE & BELOW:Another smash-up at 60-70 km/hr?

ABOVE & BELOW:This Kancil that "kiss and tell" at low speed

ABOVE: An old wira with little damage at low impact and BELOW: The traffic policeman can only watch the jam as the vehicles on opposite lanes are slowing down to have a closere look of the pile up

Meanwhile the downpour in the Klang Valley caused floods at Shah Alam’s Tun Dr Ismail very similar to what happened in the beginning of the year. So it will be another weekend of frustration to the residents affected.
After the rains, and with Sungai Damansara clogged up, it will take a while for the flood waters to subside

These cars escaped the higher flood wsters which rose to 1 m in some areas

The Sungai Damansara overflowed its banks and the NKVE at 9km near Bukit Jelutong was badly affected. The Bukit Rajah Toll and the Shal Alam Toll was closed at the height of the floods.
ABOVE: By nightfall, the Shah Alam underpass is still impassable to light vehicles and BELOW: The long queue of vehicles waiting for their turns to move on the outer lane


And in KL, the flash floods are a common occurance whenever it pours in those roads near the rivers.

But when the floods are above .2m, one must parked besides the roads and wait

And in the Kuala Lumpur city the roads affected are Jalan Tun Razak, Jalan Look Yew, Jalan Chan Sow Lin and Kampung Pandan. These roads have rivers flowing nearby.

BELIEVE it or NOT: announcing this when confronted with latest flooding

Datuk Seri Samy Velu the Works Minister has on Saturday announced that the Cabinet has given the nod to DEEPEN Sungai Damansara to alleviate the frequent flooding at 9km NKVE causing hardship to Klang Valley motorists. The National Resources and Environmental Minister is involved and responsible.

He has directed PLUS to submit a full report on the latest flooding and an immediate action plan to end the flooding

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