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TWO LANES on MMR2 Opens to LIGHT TRAFFIC; SAMY Boasts: MMR2 Factor of Safety 1.7 greater than BRITISH STANDARD 1.5; Then WHY the HELL it Cracks Samy?

Datuk Samy Vellu "waving his magic red flag" assured that the MMR2 is now safe and above the International Safety Benchmark. We must believe him Traffic flow was smooth after being flaged opened by him at 2.00 pm

And Samy explains “You see we have a standard. We do according to the British Standard. When it is done to the British Standard, everything is OK. If after sometime, if there is an earth movement at the bottom of the pier which is of natural causes. If there is anything wrong, you cannot detect it now, you cannot forecast it now.”

“The British Standard is 1.5; we have here 1.7 Factor of Safety”. And yet it cracks!

This is another story to the many we have heard about this MM2 saga. But this one does not explain the cracks at all. It is another “Semua OK” made famous by our Selangor MB.
Above: The faulty Crosshead? Look at them, these are probably the smallest ones you can find. Can some Kepong folks hire a crane and measure its size and do a comparison?

Look at the photos (below) . Are the piers (columns) undergoing repairs? No, only the Crossheads are being structurally reinforced. It looks like huge 25mm diameter U steel bars are being welded onto the steel ones inside the gorged out piers. So with cement covering up again, we have to wait and see when the cracks might appear again.

Above: The Cross head being reinforced (make stronger?)
Below: How? By Adding more steel bars to strengthen them

And Samy talks of natural earth movements; why other stretches of the MMR2 are not affected except this short stretch under this design and built team?

The British Standard Safety Factor is in the designs only and if the construction was not properly monitored for quality of materials, cement-sand-aggregate ratio and workmanship, then the safety factor is meaningless. Is Mother Nature being blamed? Are we in the earthquake prone region for earth movements?

In the earlier investigation it was suggested due to water seepage there were corrosion in the steel etc. And there will be more stories coming when the repair is completed and monitored again.

What Samy should do now is to declassify all the appointed consultants’ reports and let the many qualified structurally engineers read them and inform the public the truth about these MMR2 cracks once and for all.

An interesting observation in the official Bernama report is that “Public Works Department was actively carrying out repair work” . So are the designers and contractors being billed for these repairs?

Another observation: “One test was done when the piers were made and another after they had been installed. They are now above the international safety standards."
If they are above international standards, WHY is Preliminary pier crosshead reinforcement work necessary?

And the following is the account as dished out by Bernama

MRR2 Opens To Light Vehicles Today, Says Samy Vellu

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 1 (Bernama) -- Two lanes on the Middle Ring Road II (MRR2) in Kepong, closed for repair work since March, will open to light vehicles from 2pm Tuesday, Works Minister Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu said.

He said the third lane would remain closed for structural reinforcement work.

However, the three lanes would be closed every weekend from
10pm on Saturday till 6am on Sunday for structural reinforcement work, he told reporters after visiting the MRR2.

Samy Vellu said the road below the MRR2 would be opened to all vehicles and closed periodically for structural reinforcement work.

He said the Public Works Department was actively carrying out repair work on the MRR2 between the bus-stop near the Manjalara junction and the access road to the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia, near Taman Indah Perdana.

Currently, only light vehicles of below 2.1m in height are allowed to use the MRR2.

Samy Vellu said repair work on the MRR2 was 70 per cent complete and progressing smoothly without any delay.

"Preliminary pier crosshead reinforcement work on all the pillars has been completed. This is to allow light vehicles to ply the MRR2.

"Further structural reinforcement work is being done on all pier crossheads and is expected to be completed by end of November," he added.

In terms of safety, Samy Vellu said the MRR2 was now above the international standard safety benchmark.

"All the 33 crosshead piers had undergone the "pre-stress" test twice. One test was done when the piers were made and another after they had been installed. They are now above the international safety standards."

Asked on the repair cost, he said, it had not been finalised, adding that "when work is fully completed, only then we will know".

Samy Vellu said repairs to the Sierra Mas bridge in Sungai Buloh, damaged by flood recently, was expected to be completed by end of this month and would be opened to all vehicles by Sept 1.

"Initially, we thought it would take four months to repair the bridge but work would be completed in two months.

"Opening of the two lanes on the MRR2 and the bridge will significantly ease traffic congestion between Sungai Buloh and Kepong," he said.

Samy Vellu also said the new tiered-interchange near
Sungai Buloh Hospital, linking Sungai Buloh town with the North-South Expressway, was expected to be opened to all traffic from Aug 14.

He said the RM52.85 million interchange had been completed and was waiting to be gazetted by the government.

"The legal advisers of the Public Works Department and the Attorney-General's Chambers are working on gazetting the interchange," he added


Blogger mob1900 said...

The safety standards we could observe here is akin to his GIGANTIC tummy, the more bloated it is, the more turmoil we gonne see coming out from his rear!

4:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why everytime the "Rakyat" need to wait for the official to officially open the "public" facility? Why can't the road just open for the "Rakyat" to use immediately or asap to ease the traffic situation instead of need to suffer for another days just waiting for them to "officially" open? I noticed manytimes that the public facilities is ready to use but still unaccessable because waiting for the "minister" to flag the occasion. Who come first? Publicity or public?

12:28 PM  

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