Monday, February 19, 2007

DAP BIG 2007 CATCH – Tony Pua (a Genius) Gave Up Worldly Pursuits Changing for a BETTER Malaysia; Nothing More Stimulating, Worthy of Actualization

There is nothing more stimulating, more worthy of actualization, than the desire to change the world for the better. That is indeed each person's mission. You begin by working in that area of activity that is your own unique one, with your own life and activities. You can begin in the corner of an office, or on the assembly line, or in the advertising agency, or in the kitchen. You begin where you are.... When you fulfill your own abilities, when you express your personal idealism through acting it out to the best of your ability in your daily life, then you are changing the world for the better.

We are all given the gift of the gods; to create our reality according to our beliefs; ours is the creative energy that makes our WORLD; there are NO limitations to the self except those you BELIEVE in. If we believe we want a better Malaysia, then as conscious Malaysian fully aware of the current state of affairs of corruption and grabbings going on and the seemingly insurmountable problems of racial, political, financial and social in nature should rally behind this rising star - possibly our savior.
It is very essential to realize our beliefs can form a NEW reality in
Malaysia. Our individual beliefs and our joint beliefs and the intensity of our beliefs are extremely important.
En masse, our beliefs bring about the Malaysian conditions that you want to know. Individually, they form your intimate daily life. What we believe IN can become real in our experience. There are no other answers. There is no area in your life to which this does not apply.
Currently we are not at the mercy of the unexplainable, that we are not at the mercy of events over which we have no control whether those events are psychological events or physical ones facing us. All our present problems, our lives, our experiences, are caused by our present beliefs on issues in
Malaysia. Change our beliefs and our life changes.
Our experience in the world of physical matter flows outward from the center of our inner psyche. Then you perceive this experience of the unfairness of the NEP and the deliberate marginalization that is occurring now. Exterior events, circumstances and conditions are meant as a kind of 'living" feedback. Altering the state of the psyche automatically alters the physical circumstances. There is no other valid way of changing physical events. It might help if you imagine an inner living dimension within yourself, in which you create, in miniature psychic form, all the exterior conditions that you know. Simply put we should do exactly this.
Now with Tong Pua in the picture, we should give all our support for him to ensure and “ as he put it. Officially he is holding the post of “economic advisor” he should also be appointed as the fund manger. With his business acumen, he can generate more funds to support the party’s cause by building a slew of “opposition” business (conscientious and honest, and made every effort for businessmen to invest not only to earn a reasonable return, but to achieve good things in life for the rakyat). We can have a culture of “Buy opposition” to support his effort.

He is a real genius and so is everyone except he is more connected in his own ways. Almost everyone is entering politics to grind their own axes and gained their fortunes by political pull, by having government grant those favors and franchises at the expense of their fellow-men.

But Tony is an exception. Perhaps he has got his enlightenment early and realized that

All worldly pursuits end in sorrow; acquisitions end in dispersion; buildings in destruction; meetings in separation; births in death.
Knowing this, one should from the very first, renounce acquisition and heaping up and building, and meeting; and faithful to the commands of an eminent guru, set about realizing the Truth (which has no birth or death). That alone is the best path in life and most religious people have followed it”
But to toss one’s hat into DAP ring as a politician and fight for the injustices in
Malaysia, a big hats off to you Tony, you deserved our greatest admiration and respect.

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Anonymous Color Blinded said...

gee dude. i really wanna read your stuff. but the colored text and highlighting just puts me off big time. just look at the first three paragraphs of this entry. it's downright irritating to the eyes when you try reading it! :(

1:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fully totally agree with you, color binded. When I enter this blog, it was like I was entering a children's colouring contest page! The coloured text and highlighting are real damn irritating. WHy can't you just leave the text as it is? Especially when you have long post, long text, long para to read, all the colors will really made one blind!! and put off people from reading your blog!!!

6:18 PM  
Blogger multidimid said...

Color blinded and anonymous,
Thanks for visiting, my apology for the irritation. I was experimenting "white text on dark highlights" and it's seems a bit too much. I have removed the highlights but the color text shouid be Ok for emphasis.

8:18 PM  

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