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MORE PICS – INACTION of LOCAL POLICE Warlords (“1-EYED CLOSED”) shamed by CID CHIEF; PERSONALLY RAIDED Gambling Premises 100m from Police Station

= = = = = = =UPDATE ;Jan 12 2007;
MB KHIR TOYO SLAMS “Oversights” – (1 Eye Closed”) ABUSE of POWER BY LOCAL Council Staff in Allowing Illegal Gambling Dens & Theme Parks to Operate without Proper Supervision; Full Probe underway by State Secretary.
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Apart from the Police, the some local authorities staff have also been keeping "one-eye closed" and being properly "fed" and pretend not to see and now came out with the "oversight" excuse which the MB Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo now is not buying. A full probe is underway and heads should start rolling to clean up this mess of illegal activities that are going on right under noses of these local police and council warloards. If it is just a matter of transfering out these over fed staff, they might rear their ugly heads elswhere.

MB orders investigations into illegal gambling dens BY LOONG MENG YEE;
STAR Jan 10 2007

SHAH ALAM: Selangor Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo rejected explanations given for the existence of a cluster of alleged illegal gambling dens in Sekinchan and an unlicenced theme park in Ampang. The Mentri Besar called for a full probe into the two possible cases of power abuse and directed state secretary Datuk Ramli Mahmud to head the investigations. “I have received the initial reports for both matters from the local authorities concerned. The explanations given were that the operators had abused or ignored the laws – and that the structures had existed due to “oversight.”

“I cannot accept such explanations because they show a lacking sense of responsibility on the part of the local authorities,” Dr Khir told reporters after the Wednesday meeting with state executive councillors. Dr Khir wants Dr Ramli to investigate why such “oversights” had occurred.

If needed, he ordered action be taken against local government officers and councillors involved in allowing the illegal operations to be in business. “The officers involved are not supposed to tell me they approve licences but cannot control the operators from abusing the licences. After the approvals, the local authorities are supposed to monitor the business activities in their areas,” he said.

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This sorry state of affairs of inaction seems to prevail in most of the police districts where these warlords have absolute powers and can do anything with “one eye closed”. Obviously you do not closed one eye and do not take action for no reason. They must be very well fed by this syndicate and this is the second incident reported, the first one being in PJ (see below).

It is more comfortable to sit around than chasing after missing lorries (which are after all insured). To be fair, the police hands are tied as most claimed there are short handed and they are harassed with so many daily problems be there domestic or commercial crimes. To expect “quick service” would need a major overhaul and where would you find the right people to replace the the bad ones. How many Christofer Wans can you find in the Police force and the goverment machinery? What do they fear for any misconduct? As in the previous case, they would be demoted and transfer to another police district.

ABOVE; Federal CID director Datuk Christopher Wan together with his assitant admiring some of the sophisticated touch screen video games in the illegal premises offering jackpot and mahjong games.
CID chief busts gambling dens, local cops in a spot; NST; 08 Jan 2007 Fadhal Ilahi Abd Ghani

SABAK BERNAM: The police station was just 100 metres away yet people were
making a beeline daily to four illegal gambling premises in
. The lack of action on the part of the Sekinchan police prompted Federal CID director Datuk Christopher Wan Soo Kee to lead a team to raid the gambling dens. In the
9.30pm operation on Saturday at Jalan Menteri Besar 2, the team seized 241 slot machines valued at RM723,000 which offered jackpot and mahjong games.

ABOVE & BELOW: It took quite a while for the sets to be dismantle and unplugged before being taken away.
Some of the machines seized used the latest technology including touch screen versions. Police arrested 11 men who worked there and 53 patrons were questioned. Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan was not amused with the lack of action by the Sekinchan police chief and his men and promised to take action if they were involved or had "closed an eye" to the illegal activities. He said the district police chief would be summoned to Bukit Aman to explain how the gambling activities continued under the nose of the policemen. Wan said the police have a target of closing down all illegal gambling dens by the end of March.
ABOVE: CID Boss showing a copy of the "family entertainment" licence use to operate the gambling den
Police action has prompted many of the operators to camouflage their activities by operating as family entertainment centres. "We are serious in achieving our target. This illegal gambling is breaking up families with children spending hours there, adults losing money and becoming trapped by Ah Long who offer loans."
ABOVE: Testing the "touch screen" of these high tech machines. Where would they keep these machines? In a storeroom as evidence and wasted eventually. They should donate them to some old folks home for entertainment - no money betting games

Sekinchan cops to answer; 8 Jan 2007, MM
ABOVE: All conficated items must be properly tallied as evidence

SEKINCHAN police came under fire from the IGP following a raid on Saturday by the Federal police's anti-vice, gaming and secret-society division on four shops used as illegal gaming outlets.
ABOVE: With a big police truck, the machines (241 slot machines valued at RM723,000) were taken away and watch sadly by the local people (Below). They must be cursing the police for taking away their only form of excitment in a sleepy hollow like Sekinchan. What would they do next eithout internet access?

Police seized 188 illegal gaming machines worth RM723,000 from the shops which were operating barely 100m from Sekinchan police station. The officer-in-charge of Sekinchan police station and his men will now have to explain to Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan on why no action was taken against the outlets. I want to know why the activities were not monitored as they were operating near the station," said Musa. It is learnt that the premises have been in operation using family entertainment licences for a long time and were frequented even by people from other areas. The
9.30pm raid was led by the division deputy director Senior Assistant Commissioner II Law Hong Soon [Not correct!!!!; By the CID Boss] following complaints by residents. Federal CID director Datuk Christopher Wan Soo Kee said police also arrested 64 people, including 53 customers, who were in the premises. All of them are being investigated under Section 4B(a) of the Common House Gaming Act 1953. Police also seized an undisclosed amount of cash from the premises. All the seized machines and gaming chips have been taken to Ulu Bernam police headquarters. On May 7, 2004, Federal police seized 22 gaming machines from two shoplots barely 100m from the SEA Park police station. The officer-in-charge and several others were issued transfer orders following their failure to take action against the shops.
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FROM blog.limkitsiang

Police bumbling and bungling - utter lawlessness; Time & Date:
January 7, 2007 @ 23: 24.47

1st January 2007, Northern Region Lorry Operators Association held a
press conference with DAP Member of Parliament Chong Eng in Bukit Mertajam,
complaining the threat of goods being hijacked. The Association estimated at least 300 lorries in the northern region had been hijacked last year. The goods transported by the lorries were main copper, iron scraps, plastics and canned food like milo, milk powder and sugar. One lorry of copper is worth about RM1 million while the value of a lorry of plastics is between RM80,000 to RM100,000. An operator said at the press conference that nine of his Lorries were hijacked last year - including four Lorries of copper and four Lorries of plastics - traveling from Johor to
Penang. The day the news appeared in the media, he received a phone call from an unknown location, expressing displeasure that he went to the media and he was told: "Your 10th lorry will be hijacked". True enough. On 4th January morning, at 7 am, a lorry of his carrying copper was hijacked. At about 9 am, he tracked down the location of the lorry in Johor and informed the police. However, the police gave him the runaround, passing him from one police station to another and even telling him that he must appear at the police station to lodge the report. Police did not arrive at the location until around 1 p.m when all goods had disappeared. With such incompetent and unprofessional police response, lorry operators have been overawed by the power and reach of the hijacking syndicate and are now too frightened to speak to the media. Who can have confidence in the police if the expose of the high incidence of lorry hijacking can attract instant reprisal accompanied by police bumbling and bungling? Clearly, the hijacking syndicates are far more superior and professional that the Malaysian police force! In fact, many would ask whether the power and reach of the hijacking syndicates indicate that they have also been able to suborn some members of the police force into their service. Inspector-General of Police, Tan Sri Musa Hassan must personally act to restore public confidence in the competence, dedication and professionalism of the Malaysian police. Isn't this another classic case why there is a crying need for an Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) as proposed by the Police Royal Commission of Inquiry? When he became Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had set up the Police Royal Commission to come up with proposals to establish a competent and professional world-class police service. Abdullah had initially pledged to implement the key proposal of the Police Royal Commission and set up the IPCMC, but he got cold-feet when the police committed open insubordinations by going public with their strong objections to the IPCMC, accompanied by an open threat of police revolt. If there is now a IPCMC, the police would not only have to account for its bumbling and bungling on the hijacking of the 10th lorry of the operator victim, but why the police have allowed a reign of such rampant lawlessness to the extent that lorry hijacking is virtually a daily occurrence,
operating with such impunity and utter contempt for the Malaysian police
force. What is the response of the IGP and the Police?


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good job with the pics. this christopher wan looks like he wants to do something good :D

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next job for chris is to raid the 4th floor at putrajaya.

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