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ABDULLAH Spited by MAHATHIR’s VENOMOUS Attacks Hits Back: NO TRUTH - His BELIEFS -Police State; No Ships, Yesmen, Restriction etc; WHAT is the TRUTH?

UPDATE: Tun Dr Mahathir's Full STATEMENT, 27th Okt 2006

Why Did I Criticise the Prime Minister?
= = = = =

Ladies and Gentlemen
Citizens of Malaysia,
Why did I criticise the Prime Minister?

Because no one else is able to criticise the Prime Minister. He cannot be criticised by his Deputy, his Cabinet Ministers, Umno Supreme Council members, Menteri Besar, Chief Ministers, Members of the Dewan Rakyat, Members of the Senate, Members of the State Legislative Council, Umno members at all levels, Government Officers and anyone from royalties to beggars.
The mainstream media including radio and television are not allowed to admonish the Prime Minister. Pre-paid telephones are now required to be registered so that anyone who transmits SMS will be known by the Government and action can be taken.
The Internet and the websites will be electronically bugged and action taken against anyone who criticises the Prime Minister.

Anyone who attempts to hold any function that may involve criticising the Prime Minister will be harassed and threatened by the police and Government leaders to force them to cancel the function.
I myself have been blocked using all sorts of means to stop me from criticising the Prime Minister.

1. I cannot be invited by Umno, non-Government organisations, associations of Government officers or non-Government officers, universities or any other institutions.
2. Umno members and the public are prevented from and advised against attending any functions or meetings where I am to speak.
3. All sorts of threats are meted out by police and political leaders to scare anyone who refuses to comply.
4. Everytime anything that involves the public takes place, the Deputy Prime Minister and certain other quarters will forcefully advise that any criticism, comment or debate should stop.

Actions that are taken or threatened to be taken include sacking, transfer to remote areas like in Sabah, retraction or cancellation of contracts, harassment by the banks, call-up by the police, the Anti-Corruption Agency and other Government enforcement agencies, detained and interrogated repeatedly.
A climate of fear has enveloped this country.

No one dares to comment, criticise or oppose anything that is done by the Prime Minister.
In a situation where no one can criticise the Prime Minister, I have to voice my criticisms on matters that do not concern my personal being, but only those that concern the interest of the religion, race and country.
Because of this I am abused by the Prime Minister's henchmen including component party leaders, the mainstream media that is controlled by Kali and Brendan and all other Government apparatus.

The questions and issues I raised have not been answered. What is being questioned is my right to comment and criticise. Attempts are made to disparage me so badly that I am made out to be of unsound mind. Repeatedly, allegations were made that the administration during my time was worse.

Their media make out that my criticisms of the Prime Minister are despicable and reprehensible.
Muslims should know that even the Imam can be corrected by those he leads in prayers if he reads or does something wrong.
Saidina Abu Bakar, Islam's first Caliph, had asked to be corrected if he does something wrong, not by foreigners but by the Muslims themselves.
But the current Prime Minister cannot at all be commented upon, criticised or advised. He is almost a saint who is free from any human weaknesses or wrongs.
My meeting with him should be kept secret from the rakyat. And because we have met, I can no longer criticise whatever is done by the Prime Minister.
Because of my statement that I would continue criticising if something that is not good for the religion, race and country is done by the Prime Minister, all sorts of condemnations and insults are thrown by these hatchetmen and the mainstream media towards me.
Because all avenue for criticising the Government has been shut, therefore I am forced to come up with this written statement so that it is not spun by anyone.


Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad
Malaysian Citizen and Commoner
October 27, 2006

Check here for the original jpg copy
= = = == = =

There is no absolute, everyone speaks from his or her own truth. The point is you speak from your own beliefs, your own expressed beliefs. There are truths and there is the definition of a truth. A truth is some expression, which is translatable in every area of consciousness in some manner. What is translatable in every area of consciousness, in some manner? Reality, tone or color but not YOUR associations. Is it translatable in every area of consciousness, unchangeable? . Truth contains no distortion. There are truths beyond physical experience; constants that are, within themselves, a priori,( accepted without being thought about or questioned) The existence of God is a priori for most people with a religious faith. In a court of law, a priori assumptions about guilt and innocence can be dangerous.

In practical down-to-earth matter, truth should represent accurately your awareness of something. If I were to repeat what someone said, or if I were to explain what I did, then my common definition of it would be that I presented that information as accurately as possible to the person and therefore expressing truth. Yes there is no absolute truth, just what we believe and see. Just like a truth may be identified that the sun in its orb rises and sets every day. In certain positions that is a truth with many individuals, for it is unquestioned and absolute. It merely occurs. It is uncontrollable and there is no other choice. It is what it is. Your sun rises every day. You view this as a truth. Your night follows your day. You view this as a truth. There are many, many, many expressions within your perception that you do not question for you view them as truths. They are absolutes; there is no question. But in this modern era of space travel, if you’re an astronaut, you can view the sun rises many times a day.

But dependent upon your position within your physical world sun does not rise and set every day. It rises and remains risen, or it sets and remains set. For it is dependent upon your POSITION which is dependent upon your PERCEPTION, which creates your reality. Truths are mere beliefs, but as you identify them as truths, you do not see them as beliefs.
So the problem is when trying to communicate your truth to somebody who is different, it almost … there becomes a question of honesty, rather than truth. You’re not being dishonest if you’re communicating your truth to another individual whose truth is different than yours, but they may perceive it that way. In a cultural setting, the physical location of a country, the mass beliefs expressed in that country which are reinforced by all of the people incorporate certain absolutes, which become their truths as in religious beliefs. What is significant is that we must recognize objectively that theses are NOT actually TRUTHS. They are strongly unquestioned BELIEFS. The belief systems that are strongest to us individually, we would call that a truth. You express it each day within your focuses. You associate with it continuously. Many of your automatic responses are associated within yourselves as truth.

Look at the argument by Abdullah that Dr Mahathir is not telling the truth when he said that Scomi had NO ships. Abdullah has distorted the truth perhaps because Mahathir can maintain that at the time of award of contract, Scomi had NO ships and once the contract was given it only acquired the company with ships. So there is NO absolute, truths are changing when facts have changed.

It may outrage your intellect, and the evidence of your physical senses may shout that it is untrue, yet a belief in doing the right thing without a belief in doing the wrong is actually highly realistic. Seekers of truth will find that it contains no distortions. Imaginations follow beliefs; you can find the spin doctors in viscous circles constantly painting pictures in your mind that reinforce “negative” aspects of their stories. The imaginative spins can generate appropriate emotions and the resulting hormonal changes in the body can affect your behavior with others or cause you to interpret events always in the light of their beliefs (TRUTHS). And so will daily experience will seem to justify what you believe more and more. The media great allies are their imaginations and emotions and these will automatically come into play to reinforce any new beliefs they want to spin with a hidden agenda.
= = = = = = =

I was told, continue with it Pak Lah, you still have time, don’t be disappointed, we support you. You are still new in office.”
PM Describes As Doses Of Venom Dr M's Remark To Continue Attacks; October 26, 2006 19:06 PM
KEPALA BATAS, Oct 26 (Bernama) -- Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi Thursday described as "doses of venom" the remark by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to continue criticising the government. The prime minister said he hoped Dr Mahathir would wait for his explanation to the issues he had raised but before he could explain, the former prime minister launched renewed attacks on him and the government.
"He repeated again with stronger doses of venom... what else can be done? he wants to continue", he told reporters at his Hari Raya open house. Abdullah said he was very disappointed and regretted Dr Mahathir's remark to continue criticising the government.
"During Hari Raya many people came and asked me...

"I'm sad and disappointed... I hoped he would wait for my explanation... I feel sad about it because I've to take time to respond... but he repeated again," he said.

Abdullah said he did not want to quarrel with Dr Mahathir. Asked what is going to happen next, he said: "God knows". Commenting on his "one-on-one" meeting with Dr Mahathir on Sunday, Abdullah said some of the issues raised by his predecessor were not true especially his claim that the country had become a police state. The prime minister said he had no intention to turn the country into a police state and there was no basis to say this country was a police state. He said a prosperous country is a country that respects the rule and law in a democratic system of governance and Malaysia had a parliamentary system as a recognised institution that enacts laws.
"The country that survives is the country that respects the laws. We don't curtail the people's freedom. We respect the laws in a democratic nation," he said. Abdullah, who is also Internal Security Minister, said nobody should be afraid of the police if they had not flouted the law. "Also Dr Mahathir's claim that my son was given a project despite not having the capacity was not true. He said Dr Mahathir claimed Scomi Bhd was awarded TNB's contract to transport coal but did not have a ship but actually the company owned 180 ships for its operations.

"Not having ships... that's not true, actually, the company has ships... 180 ships owned by another company which was acquired by Scomi... his children (Dr Mahathir's) also received contracts, only it was not highlighted. "The projects awarded to Dr Mahathir's children were far bigger from what Scomi received," he said. He said the claim by Dr Mahathir that the present Umno leaders were afraid to give their views and all Umno members were mere "yesmen" were also not true.

In fact, Umno members were now feeling relieved as they could talk, he said. "I said all that is not true (Dr Mahathir's claims). All Umno members now feel at ease under my leadership as they are relieved they can talk... democracy... this is expressed by Umno leaders themselves," he said. The Umno president said it was also not true the claim by Dr Mahathir that he (Abdullah) prevented him from moving around the country (to meet the people and attend functions).

On the contrary, Abdullah said Dr Mahathir might not know that while he (Abdullah) was the Umno vice-president and did not hold a cabinet post, "some people who wanted to make Dr Mahathir happy" had restricted his movements. "... Maybe at his level, he (Dr Mahathir) did not restrict... I also did not stop him from going around now. "But at that time when I was an elected Umno vice-president, I was holding a party post... in fact, I can go anywhere I want," he said. "Nevertheless, despite the restriction on my movements, people still respected me and maybe Dr Mahathir did know then that such a thing was done to me by people who wanted to make Dr Mahathir happy," he said.

Counting “Leave that option of when to call the general election to me. If I say I want to call the election next year, then how? Tun says it has been 2 years while the 9 Malaysian Plan had entered the 7th month
= = = = = == = = = =
here is the Transcript (more than you can chew at a Press Conference) via STAR

Transcript of Pak Lah's press conference at his Raya open house in Kepala Batas, Penang

Transcript of the press conference held by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi at his Hari Raya open house in Dewan Milenium, Kepala Batas, Penang, on Oct 26.

Q: Will you reply in detail to the issues raised by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad during your recent meeting with him?
A: I have to prepare answers for many issues that have been raised. Actually, during my meeting with him, I gave him the chance to express his dissatisfaction. That was what happened. It went on for an hour and a half. There were occasions when I felt like debating with him, when I did not agree with what he had said. But, if I had done that, it would have taken time. Tun would not have been able to tell me everything. And that would have become an issue. Tun wanted to speak to Pak Lah, so Pak Lah listened. But, my stand from the beginning was to allow him to talk. I abided by my intentions.

Tun took one-and-a-half hours. We had agreed to meet for two hours. So, that left only 30 minutes for me. Tun stopped on his own. I did not force him to stop talking. He paused for a while. I felt there was no more that he wanted to say, only then did I speak.

Abdullah: ‘My stand from the beginning was to allow him to talk. I abided by my intentions’

I will tell you what was raised. First, he said the country was a police state. That I disagreed with. Second, he spoke on Umno, saying that people were afraid of giving their views, that all had to listen to what I say, and that nobody was bold enough to fight or give their opinion. I said that’s all not true. All Umno members are happy under my leadership because they feel relieved that they can talk. This democracy has been created by Umno leaders themselves. That’s what I said briefly.
Then he mentioned about me restricting him from going here and there. This is not true. On the contrary, he might not be aware that when I was Umno vice-president but was not holding a Cabinet post, people who were trying to please him restricted my movements. Maybe at his level, he did not restrict. I also have not restricted. But at that time, I was an elected vice-president and held a party post. If we go by that, I could have gone anywhere.

Nevertheless, despite the restriction on my movements, people still respected me and maybe Dr Mahathir did not know then that such a thing was being done to me by people who wanted to make him happy.
Tun also spoke about my son and son-in-law. That there were calls here and there. But when he said my son Kamal (Kamaluddin) did not have the facilities to undertake a project that was beyond his capacity, especially the coal contract, I said he had. He said it (Scomi Group Bhd) has no ships. But, who says it has no ships? That’s not right. The company has ships. 180 ships. Ships that are owned by a company that it has been taken over. His son also had a contract. It's just that it was not revealed and the project his son got was bigger than the one Scomi got. I did not say more than that to him. Other matters about projects that Kamal got, I did not touch on much.
There were no arguments or exchange of harsh words in the conversation. It was calm. But I was not able to talk much. It was already two hours long. I did not say anything further.

Q: Will you give a detailed explanation later on?

A: I have explained. What is there to explain further. The list is very long. But most of it were issues that I had explained before. But he still insisted on telling them to me directly. So, I could not say much. I was not interested in arguing with him.

He wanted to convey what was on his mind and I gave him an opportunity to do so. Some of the other details I had explained in the past. So, I did not want to repeat them. Tun himself had said before that if the Prime Minister did not want to give explanations, he could ask the other ministers to do so on his behalf. So, I took his advice and allowed other ministers to give the necessary explanations. But, when he said that I could not answer him, that was not nice.

Q: People were expecting an amicable solution to this issue but it seems that Tun has gone in the open to attack you. What are your comments?

A: I felt sad because people who came to my Hari Raya open house were still talking about the matter. I felt disappointed and sad. Many directly asked me about it. I had hoped he could have waited till I had given him my explanations. I felt sad about it because he had told me all that he had wanted to say. I needed time to respond. But, he repeated (the attacks) again with stronger doses of venom. What more can I do? Allahualam, he still wants to continue.

Q: What are your views on the Sultan of Johor’s statement that Dr Mahathir should behave like a pensioner and stop making noise?

A: The Sultan’s comment reflects the people’s opinion. Many people have said so. When people greet me, they urge me to carry on. They say I still have time. They say I should not feel disappointed. We support you, Pak Lah. We know you are new. The 9th Malaysia Plan is still new. Tun said it has been two years, but it is only seven months old. He said it has been two years. It is incorrect.

Q: What have you to say about the two Cabinet ministers who went to Tun’s Hari Raya open house?
A: It is all right. It's to establish friendship, which reflects the Hari Raya spirit. It is common. So, it is not right to say that we should not go. If you do not want to go, it is another matter altogether. But if we want to prohibit, then that’s not right. If you want to go, go ahead.

Q: Your comments on the postponement of the Umno elections?

A: The decision was clear. Let there be an option. The option is for me to decide.

Q: Will there be a second meeting?

A: We will see. Everything is possible, and everything is also impossible.

Q: When do you plan to give further explanations?

A: Let us find a better way to explain.
Q: Do you see an end to these attacks?

A: I do not know. He is the one. To me, I fully understand the promises in my manifesto to the people. I also understand the 9th Malaysia Plan. There are a lot of projects have begun. It all takes time for the results to materialise. I am confident that what (projects and programmes) have been started will be clearer to the people before the middle of 2007. The projects are good for the benefit of people from various groups. Nowadays, there are many Class F contractors. They are given a chance to carry out small projects, according to allocation. In terms of big contracts, there are not many but they have started. (Works Minister Datuk Seri S.) Samy Vellu had expedited the technical drawings. If had not been done, tenders could not have been called quickly.
We, in the Cabinet have decided that if JKR (Public Works Department) is unable to carry out a project, we will let other contractors help out. There are many other possible methods. Interested parties should submit their proposals. We will select the best in terms of quality and pricing.
I have explained many times that the private finance initiatives (PFI) is one of the ways that the Government is using. Not all are build, lease and transfer (BLT). For example, the monorail project in Penang. It will be better if it’s a PFI project. Let the private company build it and do its planning and costing. They will see the project’s feasibility and viability, whether it can be carried out or not, whether it is profitable or not. It all depends on the company that’s proposing it. After that, they will know how to manage the monorail.
If they charge fares that are too high, people will not use it. Only after a few years will they be able to determine their profits. The company that builds the monorail in Penang can finance, build and run the monorail system and can manage it forever. Why should the Government involve itself in such a big project when it can use the funds for other deserving projects? The monorail will be the private company’s. It will know how to run it and determine the fares.
If we give to a concessionaire for 30 years, and the Government takes over later, the company will not be able to determine its profits within the short concession period. Under PFI, when the company makes profits, the Government can collect taxes from them. I wish to clarify a little about the issue of Malaysia as a police state. Malaysia is not a police state. There is not a single appropriate reason to suggests this. I do not have the intention of turning Malaysia into a police state. We are governed by a democratic government that is fair and equal. Our laws uphold our sovereignty according to the Constitution.

It’s a country that brings development to the people, who wish to live in harmony. We hold steadfast to the sovereignty of our laws. So if people abide by the law, they need not feel threatened. Our country is free to table laws in Parliament. The present Parliament meets according to schedule. This institution is recognised and democratic.
Whatever laws that are applied have been passed by Parliament. We do have the police but not a private police. Our police are ruled by a government that is chosen by the rakyat.

= = == = = = =
Enemies Will Take Advantage Of Mahathir-Abdullah Spat, Says Mustapa; October 26, 2006 20:39 PM

JELI, Oct 26 (Bernama) -- Higher Education Minister Datuk Mustapa Mohamed said Thursday he feared that adversaries might take advantage of the spat between former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his successor Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. "The criticism of Pak Lah (Abdullah) by Tun (Dr Mahathir) is regrettable. We don't think it is proper, all the more so during the Syawal month when the spirit of forgiving should prevail," he told reporters, here. Mustapa said Dr Mahathir should convey his criticism directly to the government or to the prime minister to avoid creating public misconception about the present administration.
He said the criticism can cause confusion among the people as well as affect unity in Umno. Mustapa also said that the tirade hurled by Dr Mahathir at Abdullah and his government can impact the country in a negative way. "We feel that the tirade can weaken Umno and the country. If Tun (Dr Mahathir) loves Umno and the country, he should stop his criticism. If he continues, this may open doors to the enemies to come in and destroy us," he said. As such, he hoped that Dr Mahathir would be more rational in his criticism of the government and the prime minister. "We hope Tun (Dr Mahathir) will be more rational... the government will explain to the people the issues raised (by Dr Mahathir) and answer all his allegations," he said.

= = = = == = = = =
Johor MB Joins Chorus Of Condemnation Of Mahathir; October 26, 2006 20:40 PM

MUAR, Oct 26 (Bernama) -- Johor Menteri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman has joined dozens of the country's political leaders in condemning former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad for his open criticism of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Abdul Ghani said it was not proper for Dr Mahathir to openly criticise the policies of the present administration.
He said Abdullah, who is also Finance Minister, is managing the country and the economy well. "The budget deficit has been reduced to 3.2 per cent from 5.4 per cent previously. This is good for the country," he told a press conference at his residence here Thursday. Abdul Ghani was also confident that the country would see higher economic growth once development under the Ninth Malaysia Plan picked up momentum.

"I am confident that the economy will sustain 5.2 per cent annual growth for the next five years. This will make the economy more vibrant," he said.
= = = =
Dr M's Persistent Attacks On PM A Setback To Umno, Says Rosnah; October 26, 2006 11:42 AM

KOTA KINABALU, Oct 26 (Bernama) -- Puteri Umno has described as "a setback to Umno" Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad's persistent criticism on Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Vice-Head Rosnah Abdul Rashid Shirlin said whatever is the reason of the former prime minister to criticise Abdullah's leadership, Umno members were hurt by his action. Party members are advised and reminded to be loyal and stand firm behind the current leadership but Dr Mahathir had done the reverse, she told Bernama. As a highly respected statesman and the man instrumental for the setting up of Puteri Umno, an off-shoot of Wanita Umno, he should not have acted in that manner towards Abdullah's leadership."It's public knowledge that Pak Lah is a open-minded person but with the persistent attacks will surely hurt his and party members' feelings," he said.
Rosnah, who is also Papar Member of Parliament, was commenting on Dr Mahathir's renewed attacks on Abdullah's administration apart from making fresh allegations which might jeopardise the country's political climate. Prior to the "one-on-one" meeting between Dr Mahathir and Abdullah on Sunday, she said Puteri Umno had high hopes to see both leaders renewing their ties. " But we were shocked and disappointed in the manner Dr Mahathir reacted after the four-eye meeting. Dr Mahathir could have made use of other channels if Abdullah's leadership needs to be criticised '"
"Puteri wants Dr Mahathir to propose new ideas that can strengthen the government of today and not create an uneasy situation," he added.


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