Saturday, August 12, 2006

Datuk Samy Vellu REWARDS CLASS F Contractors. ARE there ANY NON-BUMIPUTRA Class F CONTRACTORS around? MCA Class “Contractors” getting 9MP CRUMBS?

It would be silly for a non-malay to register in the class F category and pay the prescribed fee when they would not be helped by the Works Ministry. The Bernama’s account stated clearly “30,000 Class F bumiputera contractors” will get the share while the Star report is just for Class F contractors.

So where is the truth? Has the Star conveniently edited out the preference or the Bernama account is a fake. Therein lays the media truth. But the MCA under its boss Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting is under a Bigger class and was invited (with other MCA top guns and the Chinese Businesses leaders) to meet PM Abdullah to pick up the better “9MP crumbs” than the Class F types. (see pictures below)

“We didn’t come to complain or raise issues. We just come here to give our views, the feedback. PM also asked a lot of feedback. In fact the PM wanted to meet them for sometime already; so today we are happy to put a few reps together and instead of the PM meeting them individually which is rather time consuming”

The Class E Mercs and BMWs entering PM Putrajaya Office for the gathering

The Chinese business community pledged full support to the government in ensuring the smooth implementation of the 9MP after a closed door 3 hours meeting which touched on various issue pertaining to the economy. This is in view of the numerous development projects being made available now and 2010

He added that the Chinese business community welcomed the government continuous efforts to boost investment and competitiveness for all races.

Datuk Seri Sammy Velu explaining the rewards to Class F Contractors

“Many contractors have sent me SMS, day and night asking for help and work from the works ministry. I believe, rather than giving the project to large contractors and then they give it to smaller contractors becoming bankrupt. I don’t want that to happen. This programme really takes care of the interest of the class F contractors.

We will call the Class F Contractors, after that verify their experience and divide them into several groups of 20 to 30, and then divide on projects via balloting.

Some RM18.7 Bln Up For Grabs, Contractors Get Their Share; August 10, 2006 12:42 PM

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 10 (Bernama) -- More than 30,000 Class F bumiputera contractors will get their share of the 400 infrastructure projects worth RM18.7 billion, to be implemented by the Works Ministry under the Ninth Malaysia Plan (9MP), its minister Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu said Thursday.

The real Class F will no longer depends on the Big Contractors
Towards this end, he said the Public Works Department (PWD) had been directed to set up a special group to identify certain works in the infrastructure projects which could be included as provisional sum and which could be carried out by Class F contractors.

Of the 400, he said, 241 were extension projects while another 159 were new. To date, tenders for 42 road and bridge construction projects had been issued, he added.

"This means out of the large scale projects, small jobs worth less than RM20,000 will be distributed to Class F contractors based on areas, and payments will be made direct to the Class F contractors through key contractors," he told reporters after launching the Integrity Action Plan book for the ministry here.

Samy Vellu said the matter had received the approval of the Cabinet last week.

He said under this system, all projects to be implemented by Class F contractors, will be divided into several groups and selection will be via the balloting system.

Samy Vellu said priority would be given to contractors from states where the projects would be carried out.

For example, if a project is to be held in Johor, then priority will be given to the Class F contractor from the state, he said.

He said the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) had also been directed to screen and verify the expertise of each of the 39,000 registered Class F contractors, and to ensure they were capable of handling the jobs.

Earlier, Samy Vellu said a Management Resilience Committee was set up at the ministry level to monitor the progress of all programmes and activities which were planned in the Integrity Action Plan book.

He said the plan which was based on the framework outlined under the National Integrity plan among others, was aimed at eradicating corruption and abuse of power, improving the public sector delivery system and minimising the bureaucratic red tape as well as raising the standards of corporate governance and business ethics.

Following STAR's account available here

Work for Class F contractors;

KUALA LUMPUR: The Works Ministry has decided to allow part of the work in the 400 infrastructure projects, worth RM18.7bil under the 9th Malaysia Plan to be given directly to Class F contractors.

Its minister Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu said this was necessary to help Class F contractors who were having difficulty getting projects.

“Some of the contractors, who had completed their work, had not received payments from the sub-contactors or the main contractors. I have received numerous SMS messages from them,” he told reporters after launching the Integrity Action Plan book for the ministry here yesterday.

Samy Vellu said the problems faced by Class F contractors were discussed in the Cabinet last week and it was decided that some of the projects would be handed to them directly.

“The payment for the work done would be paid directly to the contractors by the Public Works Department,” he added.

He said the PWD had also been directed to set up a special group to identify work in the infrastructure projects that could be channelled to these contractors.

Samy Vellu also said there were about 39,000 Class F contractors who could bid for projects of up to RM200,000.

Of the 400 projects, he said, 241 were extension projects and 159 were new.

Tenders for 42 road and bridge construction projects would be issued this year.

He said that all projects, which would be allocated to Class F contractors, would be divided, and eligible contractors selected through a process of balloting.


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