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Video Clips – SIL Khairy Jamaluddin (Budak Nakal) Bull Shitting about PKR, PAS, DAP, Petrol & Disel Subsidy all the way with Goodies to be Rembau MP

ABOVE, the young daughter of Anwar Ibrahim contesting against the aged and old BN Sharizat (BELOW) in Lembai Pantai on Nomination day Feb 24 08
Video Clips – SIL Khairy Jamaluddin (Budak Nakal) Bull shitting about PKR, PAS, DAP & Petrol & Disel Subsidy all the way into Rembau with Goodies to be the MP

UPDATE: February 26, 2008 00:17 AM
Khairy Says His Opponent Is Contesting Only For Fame

*By Syed Azwan Syed Ali
SEREMBAN, Feb 25 (Bernama) -- Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate in Rembau parliamentary seat Khairy Jamaluddin says his opponent Badrul Hisham (ABOVE) Shaharin is only interested in seeking fame and political heroism. He said Badrul Hisham, the Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) supreme councillor, was not sincere in fighting for the people. He said this when asked to comment on a statement by Badrul Hisham, 30, who said that he would contest against Khairy wherever the Umno Youth deputy chief might contest.
"I'm saddenned by this. The democratic process should be an avenue to fight for the people and not for other purpose," he told Bernama after attending a meet-the-people session in Kampung Ulu Lalang, in Rantau near here. Also present was Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamad Hassan, the incumbent assemblyman for Rantau. Mohamad is locked in a straight fight with PKR's Aisah Lamsah for the state seat.Khairy, 32, who is also BN Youth deputy chairman and Rembau Umno Youth chief said he would not entertain personal attacks by his opponent. He said he would work hard in the area even though Rembau was considereda safe seat for the BN. "I will not follow the style of the opposition who campaign only at night," he said. Khairy also said as a new candidate he welcomed guidance from others who were more experienced, including leaders, village heads and people's representatives. Rembau has 62,896 voters comprising 68.9 per cent Malay voters, 15.2 per cent (Chinese), 15.8 per cent (Indian) and others (0.07 per cent), including 894 postal voters.

= == = ==February 24, 2008 18:29 PM

Khairy Has Qualities Of A Leader, Says Mother
*By Syed Azwan Syed Ali*

REMBAU, Feb 24 Bernama) -- "My son has all the qualities of a leader," said Datuk Rahmah Abdul Hamid, mother of Khairy Jamaluddin who is contesting the Rembau parliamentary seat in the March 8 polls. "Many people can be managers but not leaders. He (Khairy) has shown outstanding leadership qualities since he was small," she told Bernama outside the Merdeka Hall of the Rembau district council, the nomination centre for the constituency. Dressed in a baju kurung with a white scarf and a Barisan Nasional (BN) vest with the letters "KJ" (Khairy's initials), Rahmah, 72, initially declined to be interviewed but later relented. Khairy, 32, who is also BN Youth and Umno Youth deputy chairman, is engaged in a straight with Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) supreme council member Badrul Hisham Shaharin, 30, for the seat.

ABOVE: SIL Khairy can only garner support from close family members; others find it difficult to trust him

Asked whether Khairy was capable of championing the lot of the people of Rembau, Rahmah said her son could do it because he was always committed in whatever he did. "He is dedicated to the race, religion and country. Since his return to Malaysia nine years ago, that has been his mission. He is fully committed to everything that he does, no half-measures," she said. Khairy received his Masters in Legal and Political Theory from University College London in September 1998 and holds a BA (Hons) in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from St Hugh College, Oxford University.
Asked for her message to her son, Rahmah said: "My message to him is only that we live in a world where people will remember our kind deeds and contributions and good behaviour." Besides Rahmah, Khairy's wife, Nori Abdullah, who was also present, said she was very proud of her husband and was willing to shoulder the responsibilities of an elected representative's wife if Khairy was elected. "I used to follow my father (Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi) but now I follow my husband," she said, adding that she believed that Khairy would make a good elected representative. "He is sincere in helping the people," said Nori, who left their five-month-old son, Jibreil Ali Jamaluddin Abu Bakar, at home in Gadong, near here.

= = == == == = == =February 24, 2008 17:38 PM

I Am Focusing On The People, Says Khairy

REMBAU, Feb 24 (Bernama) -- The Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate for the Rembau parliamentary seat, Khairy Jamaluddin, who is involved in a straight fight with a Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) candidate said his focus would be on the well-being of the people and not on his opponent. Khairy, 32, is facing Badrul Hisham Shaharin, 30, a PKR supreme council member. "He (Badrul) is a young man and very energetic... but my focus is on the people," Khairy told reporters after filing his nomination papers at Merdeka Hall, Rembau District Council, here Sunday. Khairy, who is BN Youth deputy chairman and Umno Youth deputy chief, said he would focus on solving pending issues in the constituency such as repairs to roads and mosques. Badrul had contested against Negeri Sembilan menteri besar Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan in the Rantau state constituency in 2004. Khairy said he would meet local BN leaders to find out the grievances of the voters in the constituency which comprised four state seats -- Paroi, Chembong, Rantau, and Kota.

He said he would upgrade BN services to the voters by following the example set by the Seberang Jaya BN Service Centre in Penang which was accorded ISO certification. Earlier Khairy and four BN candidates for the state seats, including Mohamad who is defending the Rantau state seat, were joined by about 5,000 BN supporters in a 1km march from the Rembau Umno office to the nomination centre.

Khairy was accompanied by his wife, Nori Abdullah(ABOVE) , and his mother (BELOW) , Datuk Rahmah Abdul Hamid.

Badrul,(BELOW) a Korean Shunkonhoe University graduate, said he would raise the problems of student dropouts, native land premiums, and high cost of living in his campaign.
"The people need to be taken care of and not pampered," he said. Rembau has 62,896 voters including 894 postal voters

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February 24, 2008 12:58 PM
Khairy's Nomination Attracts Foreign Media
REMBAU, Feb 24 (Bernama) -- A big crowd including fore n media turned out at the Merdeka Hall, Rembau District Council, here Sunday to witness
candidates for the Rembau parliamentary seat file their nomination papers.

ABOVE: BN UMNO supporters separated by the FRU personnel from the PKR Supporters (BELOW)

BELOW: The peace keepers at Rembau

At the centre of attraction was Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate Khairy Jamaluddin. the prime minister''s son-in-law. Khairy, who is Umno Youth deputy chief, arrived at the hall with Negeri Sembilan menteri besar Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan at 8am. Mohamad Hasan is defending the Rantau state seat. They were accompanied by thousands of BN supporters to the nomination centre. The foreign media covering the event included those from Singapore and France. Two fixed-wing aircraft carrying Umno and BN flags flew past to lend an air of excitement to the BN supporters. About 100 police personnel, including those from the Federal Reserve Unit (FRU), maintained public order at the nomination centre. Present was Negeri Sembilan police chief Datuk Osman Salleh.= == = == ==

Khairy: My job to take on Opposition; STAR Feb 24 08

REMBAU: Umno Youth number two Khairy Jamaluddin says it is his job to make life miserable for the Opposition. “If I do not rebut the Opposition, it means that I am not doing my job. I want them to know that I am the budak nakal who would go all out to ensure the people vote for the Barisan Nasional again,” he told reporters after a tahlil ceremony at his family home here yesterday. Commenting on the opposition parties labelling him budak nakal (mischievous boy), Khairy said the Opposition would go to great lengths to win the people’s support.
They would happily discredit others for their own gain. They wouldn’t mind resorting to character assassination as they have run out of ideas to fight the Barisan,” he added. Khairy was named by Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan yesterday as the candidate for the Rembau parliamentary seat.

= == = == = == ==

'My focus is Rembau people' ;
Saturday, 23 February 200

SEREMBAN: "This is the place for me"

Those were the first words deputy Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin said when he was named as the candidate for the Rembau parliamentary seat. Khairy, whose late father was from Negri Sembilan, said: "If I was given other places, I would not have contested in the election. My focus is the people of Rembau," said Khairy, 32, who is also the BN Youth deputy chairman and Rembau Umno Youth chief. Khairy, who appeared a little overcome, said he was touched and thankful that he was chosen to stand in Rembau and vowed that he would try to be the best wakil rakyat (representative) for the people of Rembau if he was given the mandate in the March 8 polls. Khairy also regarded his candidacy as a sign of BN's recognition and appreciation of the role of Malaysian youth. "I would like to thank the national and state BN for putting their trust in me and I promise to work hard and repay that trust.

Asked about his chances of winning, Khairy said:
"I will leave it to the voters in Rembau to evaluate and choose. It is a new challenge for me and I promise to serve to the best of my ability if given the mandate."He said he would meet and introduce himself to the grassroots and listen to what they have to say and what their concerns were.

"I will co-operate with the menteri besar to bring more development to the area. "The state government has plans to develop the small and medium industries in the area as well to build a branch of a university here," Khairy said. He also thanked Rembau's incumbent, MP Datuk Firdaus Muhammad Rom Harun, who is the Rembau Umno deputy chief, and hoped that he would continue to serve the people there. Asked about the opposition's challenge, Khairy said the opposition candidates were only concerned with attracting

= == = = =
February 19, 2008 21:51 PM
Increasing Oil Subsidy Will Push Up Inflation, Says Shafie
KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 19 (Bernama) -- Increasing oil subsidy by the government will eventually lead to higher inflation, loss of business and lowering of living standard of living, Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Shafie Apdal said today. "We've heard some parties keep saying that if elected (in this general election), they would reduce the price of diesel and petrol and become more charitable. "I've to remind you the only way they can achieve this is by further increasing the subsidy level which is already RM43 billion a year. "Of course, this is possible, but totally unrealistic and extremely damaging," he said when launching the upgraded website of the Credit Counselling and Debt Management Agency. The text of his speech was read out by his ministry's deputy secretary-general Dr Muzahet Masruri.

Shafie said that being in government was not about running a charitable organisation as the government cannot ignore the fact that the oil price was hovering at around US$100 a barrel. "Let us for a moment examine the impact of pursuing such a course. Are the proponents of this policy prepared to reduce expenditures elsewhere. Are they proposing fewer schools, less teachers and less healthcare.
"What does being more charitable means, does it mean handouts and other subsidies, where is the money to come from
," he asked. Shafie said the government would not follow a policy that would lead to untold economic disasters and seriously erode the national competitiveness. He said the government was aware of the financial pressures on individuals and families and that was why the government had taken measures to minimise the impact of the inflationary pressures from the hike in global oil price. The measures include careful management and enforcement of price controls, ensuring adequate supply of essential goods, prosecuting hoarders, smugglers and fraudsters, he said.
Shafie said the 2008 budget had offset some of the pressures on families with the lowering and abolishing of the school fees and using every device available to limit price hikes and protect family incomes and standard of living. Meanwhile, the Credit Counselling and Debt Management Agency, established by Bank Negara in April 2006, today launched its newly upgraded website at, which offers comprehensive information and interactive features. Upgrading of the website is one of the agencys continuous efforts to help the Malaysian public take control of their financial situation and gain peace of mind that comes from the wise use of credit," said its chief executive Officer Mohamed Akwal Sultan.

Todate, more than 26,000 individuals had sought counselling from the agency and about 9,000 customers have been enrolled in its debt management programme. The agency was set up to provide counselling on financial and debt management for individuals to take control of their financial position. Its services are free of charge.

= == == = = == =

February 20, 2008 01:15 AM

Youths' Future Lies With BN, Says Khairy
KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 19 (Bernama) -- Voters, especially the younger gene-ration, should continue to give their mandate to the Barisan Nasional (BN) to ensure that their future and well-being are looked after. BN Youth deputy chairman Khairy Jamaluddin said only the BN could fulfil the promises made while the opposition parties would not be able to make good their promises. He said the opposition's plan to turn the country into a welfare state would raise the deficit in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to 12 per cent and burden the people as it would increase the country's debts. "I hope the youths will look at what each party has to offer. It must make realistic promises. If you look at PKR (Parti Keadilan Rakyat), it makes only empty promises," Khairy, who is also Umno Youth deputy chief, told reporters after launching the Lembah Pantai BN election machinery here tonight. He was commenting on the perceived change of mood among the younger generation following the street demonstrations.

Asked on the feelings of the Indian community towards BN, Khairy said he was confident that it would continue to support BN after Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had given his assurance that the government would give serious attention to their problems and requests. "In BN, we have no denial syndrome. Actually, the Indian community still needs our assistance and support," he said.

On the possibility of PKR adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's daughter, Nurul Izzah challenging Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil in Lembah Pantai, Khairy said it would not pose a problem to Shahrizat as she was a credible leader. Present at the launching were BN Federal Territory Youth chief Datuk Norza Zakaria and Lembah Pantai Youth chief Norazmi Mohamadan
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Watch Combined Video Clips (2min 51 s) SIL Khairy Jamaluddin (Budak Nakal) Bull shitting about PKR, PAS, DAP & Petrol & Disel Subsidy all the way into Rembau with Goodies to be the MP

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Blogger mob1900 said...

Dollah is right in his assesment on Indian here still needing assistance from Badut Nasional; to spray them with water-cannons and tear gas, then throw them into kamunting.
sorilar Bodohwi, not buying that.

9:16 PM  
Blogger yapchongyee said...

Khairy Jamaluddin DO NOT BULLSHIT, here is a real case for you and if you are a real OXFORD UNIVERSITY GRADUATE then you will know that Judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali needs to be prosecuted for committing criminal offences.

I refer readers to my post on this fellow Khairy Jamaluddin, son in law of the Prime Minister and play-boy with a fleet of very expensive cars, please go to

Dear Khairy Jamaluddin is all hot air, lots of empty talk before election and nothing but promises after the election. He has been put into the deputy leadership of UMNO Youth. Where else can his father in law “fast track” him into the front ranks of UMNO and eventually to succeed Ahmad Bedawi as Prime Minister ? I have observed many times that Malaysia is an oligarchy in the IRON GRIP of UMNO elite. The promises he has made so far can only exist in his mind alone and in fact cannot be realized. They are mere empty promises and are not to be taken seriously.

Ket me draw this Khairy Jamaluddin’s attention to the ongoing ROYAL COMMISSION INTO JUDICIAL CORRUPTION ! What is Khairy Jamaluddin going to do to ADDRESS JUDICIAL CORRUPTION ? This is what solid and down to earth ISSUES that need to be addressed; and has he said anything about it ? Let me cite my wife’s CASE : ORIGINATING PETITION No.: D2-26-41 of 2001 in the HIGH COURT IN KL was struck out by the PRESIDING JUDGE ZAINON BINTI MOHD. ALI, who is now promoted to the court of Appeal. It is hilariously funny that judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali was so IGNORANT OF THE LAW THAT SHE AWARDED TO THE RESPONDENTS WONG KEM CHEN, STEPHEN LIM CHENG BAN AND KWONG SEA YOON 2 directly OPPOSING ORDERS (a) for security for costs, which my wife paid in the sum of RM.60,000; therefore by this payment by my wife there is nothing else to be done except to go to court; but instead judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali went on to ILLEGALLY AWARD TO THE NAMED RESPONDENTS A SECOND AND OPPOSING ORDER TO STRIKE OUT PETITION.

The ignorance of this judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali is so comically profound THAT ALL HER ACTIONS ON THE BENCH IN HER ADJUDICATION OF MY WIFE’S PETITION WERE CRIMINAL. She committed the following criminal OFFENCES :

(1) Aiding & Abetting respondents Wong Kem Chen, Stephen Lim and Kwong Sea Yoon TO COMMIT the criminal offences of PERJURY & FORGERY
(2) Acting jointly with above criminal respondents in A CONSPIRACY TO PERVERT THE COURSE OF JUSTICE
(3) Acting jointly in a conspiracy to obtain money under false pretences
(4) Acting jointly in a conspiracy to obstruct police investigating criminal offences
(5) Committed the criminal offences of Malfeasance.

I had written countless letters to the Malaysian A.-G, Chief Judge of High Court of Malaya, copies to President & Secretary of Malaysian Bar Council and to this day I have not received any response. Here is a Judge of the Highest Court of Malaysia who does not KNOW THAT SHE WAS IN FACT COMMITTING SEVERAL CRIMINAL OFFENCES WHILE PERFORMING HER JUDICIAL DUTIES. I have invited the Malaysian A,G, and all those mentioned above to come to Australia to obtain my EXTRADITION FOR SEDITION so why have they failed to clear the name of Judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali ? Why bother for the Malaysian Government to spend several millions of Ringgit to hold a bullshit Royal commission when criminal behaviour of Judge Zainon Binti Mohd. Ali is all there to READY FOR PROSECUTION.

What is this fellow Khairy Jamaluddin going to do about a REAL CASE and not one that is hot air. I invite the Malaysian Government to come to Australia to get my EXTRADITION.


Blogg :

9:57 AM  
Blogger yapchongyee said...



At the time of “513” I lived at Kamunting Street, which was at the edge of Kampong Bahru. The riots started from Kampong Bahru and engulfed Chow Kit R market. The whole riot was carefully planned by that fellow, former Mentri Besar of Selangor, Dato Harun. There was nothing spontaneous about it at all. It was just foray to slaughter as many Chinese as the Malays can. We who lived in that area around Kamunting Street were ourselves poor Chinese and we went through privation just as much as the Malays, but with one difference, they (Malays) got government assistance while we ahd to scratch for what little that we could. My father was just a lowly accounts clerk and we did not have much as children, even to eat. How much can we expect when my family were 9 children ? Therefore, we were in fact worse off then our Malay nirghbours. All of us Chinese, Indians and Malays have the same background, NOT ALL ARE RICH ! “513” therefore was the bogey to scare us of the minority group into submission and it succeeded because Malaysian Chinese were badly led by common traitors of our own Chinese people. This has gone on for 50 years. This is the year of change and we are accountable to our grand children and their children after then. We all Chinese and Indians have a duty to bring about CHANGE and this is the year because Barisan national is led by a SLEEPY HEAD PRIME MINISTER. GO OUT AND VOTE OPPOSITION.

It is still not fully appreciated by all Malaysians that globalisation has already left Malaysia behind; today it is Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand and very soon it will be the real 3rd world wallahs like Cambodia Burma and Laos that will pass us by. Glad to say it, because the decline of Malaysia is already past redemption, MALAYSIA IS ALREADY A BASKET CASE. Why do I say it with so much relish ? And why not, my experience during the riots has made me want to gloat whenever Malaysia suffers adversity. I am no more or less than what the average Malay will find happiness at the suffering of the Chinese or the Indians. You ENJOY to see me fall and in the same way I enjoy to see you fall. UMNO & the Malays think that they have taken all and left nothing for us; that if I may say so myself, is just about true ! But as I said in my discussion in Part 1, as fate would have it the hoggish behaviour of the Malays laid the very foundation that will see the Malays RACE TO THE BOTTOM of the third world. Sort of like PROVEDENCE has taken the side of the Chinese & Indnas.

I will discuss the thinking that drove UMNO and Malay leaders in Malaysia as opposed to the thinking of Singapore vis a vis the issue of introducing a Bahasa Kebangsaan ( hope I got it right now that I am Australian ), the national language. Malay leaders at the time of Merdeka were all fired up and wanting to change everything “yesterday”; and they went more in the manner of vandals destroying everything and would only have what they thought would be just MALAY. The sin of pride gripped them and every one who is any one IS AN EXPERT. Malay leaders were just plain tunnel “visioned” and they in fact vandalized and discarded their one big advantage which they inherited from their colonial masters, the British. It really amuses me to note that at that time Malaysia had a very distinct advantage over the other “ASEAN” NATIONS, we were fluent in English, Malay, Chinese and to a lesser extent Indian. We were in fact at that time MULTILINGUAL; an absolute advantage in these times of globalisation. To say the least it used to be Japanese that most businessmen wanted to learn when Japan was the biggest dog in the neighbourhood. Now thank god for the Chinese, we have become the bigger dog than the Japs and now even the “Mat Salleh” is learning Chinese. Malaysia had some very excellent Chinese schools, but the Malaysian government’s language policy has caused that advantage to close as well. Malaysia boast that she is an English speaking country when they want to attract Chinese mainland student to come and learn English in Malaysia; WHAT A JOKE ? Sorry to say so, but the truth is that it was in my generation that the last English fluent Malaysia had graduated. Yes, it was my generation that Bahasa Kebangsaan was introduced; and mainly it was because I did not like to learn Bahasa that I left Malaysia. NO REGRETS !

In the case of Singapore, their leaders were more enlightened and they consolidated and progressed with what language advantage that they had at the time of independence. Singapore today teaches in English & Chinese as the main language and other minor languages are allowed to flourish at their own pace. Singapore was progressive and when asked what was Singapore’s advantage, in DOHA recently Mr Lee Kuan Yew said that Singapore had progressed as fast and as far because Singapore had 80% Chinese and 8% Indians; these were according to him was Singapore’s advantage. Why is it that Singapore at the time of independence with no resources, except for their people and with a small population (1 million), and now they are 4 million, had progressed to the extent that today’s GDP for Singapore is higher than that of Australia and their per capita is also higher than that of Australia. This is sure something, believe or not does not matter but those are the facts.

The factor that retarded the progress of Malaysia most was the compulsory insistence that the medium of instruction to be in Bahasa, and that English to be taught for a mere two or three hours per week. Yes, even today there are those Malay chauvinists who want to reintroduce Bahasa as the medium of instruction for MATHS & SCIENCE. The biggest set back for tis language policy is that not too many BOOKS ARE WRITTEN IN BAHASA; and if you do not have the books you just cannot learn Maths & Science ! There is a great rush for Mainland Chinese to learn English because English is the language of science & Maths and in engineering and everything that is important. How would you honestly rate Bahasa as a language og science & maths ? However even if by tomorrow, the Malaysian Government were to reintroduce English like the old times, Malaysia has already GIVEN UP their advantage and to start again will take another 50 years to get to where you were 50 years ago; so in truth Malaysia is 100 years to get to the start line. MALAYSIA IS ALREADY A BASKET CASE AND ALL YOUR JAMALUDDIN AND NAJIBS CANNOT PUT HUMTY DUMPTY TOGETHER AGAIN.

I will a write my third part I hope tomorrow.

11:13 PM  
Blogger yapchongyee said...


To my Chinese & Indian brothers, have you read the PKR manifesto just released by Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim ? IS THIS MANIFESTO NOT WHAT WE IN THE MINORITY OF MALAYSIAN SOCIETY BEEN WAITING FOR THE LAST 50 YEARS ? We have at last FOUND A TRUE MALAYSIAN LEADER, who by the manifesto that he has put out for this election solemnly STANDS his ground that Malaysia has been retarded by the NEP policy that was extorted by UMNO and by the complicity of the MCA & MIC the two parties that have SOLD OUT our Chinese & Indian RIGHTS.

Today we see the rise of a true son of Malaysia, Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim, THIS IS THE FIRST TIME IN ALL OF 50 YEARS OF MALAYSIAN INDEPENDENCE THAT A MALAY LEADER OF DATO SERI’S STANDING AND STATURE WHO HAS COME OUT AND SAID IN PLAIN & COURAGEOUS WORDS THAT UMNO’S NEW ECONOMIC POLICY IS AS ARCHAIC AND NON PRODUCTIVE AS THE EXTINCT DINAUSAURS. This is the first time in all of our brief history that a leader of Dato Seri’s stature who has the courageous to utter that FORBIDDEN WORDS “No more RACE POLITICS “; and I say that these words from dato Seri Anwar “cracks the air like the boom of a canon”. Dear Chinese & Indians we must all (including SAMY VELLO & THAT OKT) must vote for Dato Anwar.

The most important words in his manifesto is his promise that MALAYSIAN LAW MUST BE ENFORCED AND ALL CONTRACTS WILL BE ENFORCED ACCORDING TO LAW. This as I had argued in my past posts is the most important PROMISE because as I have tried to bring to public attention the criminalities of Judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali vis a vis my wife’s petition WHICH JUDGE ZAINON BINTI MOHD. ALI HAD TRIED TO STRIKE OUT AND SHE THOUGHT THAT SHE HAD STRUCK OUT BUT BECAUSE SHE IS SO ILLETERATE IN THE LAWS THAT IN TRUTH SHE FAILED TO EFFECT WHAT SHE WANTED TO DO (ie. TO STRIKE OUT MY WIFE’S PETITION). She failed and she does not know why she had failed. This is the incompetence of a Malaysian judge of the highest court, THE MALAYSIAN COURT OF APPEAL. My wife’s petition is still alive but it has been put in a state of comatose because the judges of Malaysia do not know that it is still a live Petition and biggest laugh of all is that my wife’s solicitors M/s Lim & Hoh of Ming Building of Jalan Bukit Nanas, KL is in complicity acting with Judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali to BURY MY WIFE’S PETITION. THE MALAYSIAN JUDICIARY & MALAYSIAN BAR COUNCIL are all WHAT JOKES ARE MADE OF.

There cannot be a modern society if the laws of that society is not enforced and in Malaysia you can buy a positive decision by bribes and what can you say of that society ? I am convinced that Dato Seri has gone through very profound philosophical SEARCH FOR THE TRUTH while he languished in PRISON on trumped up charges and UNJUSTLY CONVICTED BY A CORRUPT COURT AND BY JUDGES WHO ARE UNETHICAL AND IMMORAL.

Dear Chinese & Indian brothers, I say to you fucking bastards to vote in one block all out Chinese & Indian votes for the opposition and it does not matter that you vote for PAS, DAP or Keadilan. Vote opposition my dear Chinese & Indina fucking brothers.

10:19 AM  
Blogger yapchongyee said...



I read an article in yesterday’s Malaysiakini ( Feb./27) that voters need to punish UMNO, but I believe more correctly that UMNO, MCA and MIC should not exist any longer because fundamentally the reason for the continued existence has too long ago become irrelevant. These three race based Parties were cobbled together willy nilly to bring together the three main races of Malaya for the purpose of agitating for an independent Malaya from the colonial rule of the British. The three “leaders”, of the Tengku, Sambantan and Tan Cheng Lock did not represent the Chinese and Indians, while the Tengku’s leadership, well on that issue I leave it to the Malays to decide; but in the case of Tan Cheng Lock, he was a close friend of the Tengku’s and he was “brought along” as one of the leaders representing the Chinese. His participation had no legitimacy whatsoever, and by the way Cheng Lock is a BABA, what does he know about Chinese interests ?

Malaysia is in all and every way a HOTCH POCH of 3 separate communities living under one “roof”, and in all of the 50 years of independence UMNO had made no attempt nor made any effort to remove the race barriers and build a harmonious and united modern nation. On the contrary the politics of UMNO has always been to DIVIDE ALL THE THREE RACES SO THAT UMNO WILL RULE MALAYSIA PERMANENTLY. Therefore it has always been the politics of UMNO to hog all the nation’s largess for their own cronies, a small clique of privileged families who claim descend from their original “founding fathers”. The whole structure of UMNO is geared towards perpetuating this objective. The MCA & MIC dogs are the slaves and hangers on of UMNO waiting by the UMNO dining table waiting for the scraps that are thrown from the UMNO main table dinners. It is absolutely disgraceful to watch these MCA & MIC dogs hanging their tongues out begging for a TUN or a Tan Seri or a Datoship. I will today take on the mission to expose why UMNO ought to be destroyed for the good of Malaysia.

UMNO has used racial discrimination as the bait to draw support from the Malay rakyat to perpetuate their hold on power, and the continued retention of this ugly and medieval policy has been the most damaging and regressive factor that stymied the growth and progress of the Malay people. It is a pity that those in UMNO cannot see what the extent of damage that they have brought on their own people by prolonging their use of racial discrimination for the purpose of retaining power for themselves.

I will confront head on this issue and argue why the power of UMNO to take for the Malays all the fruits of the nation and give it all to the Malays IS NOT A GOOD THING FOR THE MALAYS. Is this not what the Malays believe UMNO is doing for them as Malays, and that Malays TAKING IT ALL IS GOOD FOR THE MALAYS ? My argument will seem futile from the perspective of the Malays, BUT I ASSURE THAT IT IS THE OPPOSITE. I will prove that UMNO’s racial discrimination is very bad for the Malays.

(a) AWARD of scholarships exclusively to only Malays (please do not quibble, I know that a tinny few do go to non Malays, miniscule); so why is that bad for the Malays ? The Malays will say yes it is very BAD for the Indians and Chinese but it is very good for the Malays. WRONG ! I tell the Malays to look around you Malays, and ask the question, who are the recipients of these government scholarships. CONSIDER this one question, “IS THERE A NATIONAL EXAMINATION TO SELECT THE APPROPRIATE AND MOST TALENTED MALAY
CANDIDATE ? To my knowledge there has never been such a selection process; therefore how are scholarship recipients selected ? They are selected by phone calls from the well connected UMNO stalwarts friends call friends and friends of friends call friends and so on, all HAVE TO BE WELL CONNECTED ! If you Malays care to admit it, these recipients of these government largess consist of a clutch full of about 5000 UMNO connected families, the other 23 million other unconnected Malays do not get to smell any of these goodies. Yes it is true that all the good stuff goes to Malays but who are the ones among the Malays who get to share in these largess ? Are these other non connected Malay families any better off than the Chinese or Indians ?
On one of my visits to KL I read a statement made by Najib comparing “MERITOCRACY” between Singapore and Malaysia, and he said that Malaysia too practice meritocracy. This is sufficient evidence of the standard of education that Najib has had; he has no idea what is meant by the word meritocracy, poor man ! In Malaysia in the manner that I have already described above, such a process is not merit based. IT IS CRONY BASED PROCESS. In Singapore only the best are justly awarded such scholarships. NOW I COME TO THE MOST INTERESTING PART OF MY ARGUMENT. If you agree that in Malaysia selection is by “POWER” connection, then it must be agreed that by logical deduction ONLY A CLUTCHFULL of well connected candidates will receive these scholarships. Then you will need to ask, WHAT IS SO BAD TO GIVE SCHOLARSHIPS TO ‘CONNECT CHILDREN ?” The only conclusion that can be drawn from this process is that only a very small ELITE belong to this group of “power connected” candidates. Therefore, not the very best & brightest of the Malay race will benefit from the process. This also means the process perpetuates the RULING CLASS OF A SMALL CLASS OF ELITES; and these recipients are the drags of Malay society; spoiled brats like that fellow Khairy Jamaluddin who is the butt of all the criticism that is coming from bloggers. The evils of the process is that for the last 50 years Malaysia had not produced any pool of Malay talents in any field of professional skills. Malay Engineers are as scarce “whale’s tooth” and in the field of science I don’t think any exist.
The question that you want to ask me is, WHAT HAS THIS TO DO WITH RACIAL DISCRIMINATION ? It has everything to do with racial discrimination, because under the first Malaysian Constitution there was provision under the constitution to set aside 1 out of 4 places in government employment, award of contracts and award of scholarships etc. to be awarded to minority races that means that 25% of government largess must by law go to minority; and under this enabling provision BUREAUCRATS who administer any programme that call for the fair distribution of government largess discriminates against the Chinese & Indians with impunity; thus began the eroding of this provision until today there are no consideration to be given to minority rights. IT BEGAN by bureaucrats abusing the system and awarded all government largess to Malays and by extension the laxity of the government led to CRONY POLITICS and this enabled these bureaucrats to abuse the system for the benefit exclusively FOR UMNO and their member families. This system has hardened and it is beyond reform. The only recourse is to destroy UMNO. Even if the Chinese & Indians do not agitate for a fair share of government largess, the Malays too need a fairer system to get the best returns for the Malays and hence the nation. UMNO is bad for Malays, Chinese & Indians alike. As for the MCA & the MIC, if there is no UMNO there also cannot exist the MCA & MIC.


Note that I will write another part to this one.


2:31 PM  
Blogger yapchongyee said...

The decline of crony capitalism ( Feb./29th)
This is a precise of the book “Asian Godfathers “ by Joe Studwell and I will keep very closely to the text by liberal quotes from the book. I thought of not commenting on this work because the arguments are so close to my own 3 part posts that I had published last week under the title of the “Year Of Change” only my article was written all about Malaysia and this one is all about South East Asia(Asean). You can read the article dated 29th/Feb., from which I had quoted most of it.
The book examines the factors that underpinned the sharp decline of most of the S-E Asian economies, excepting Singapore.“In a recent book, “Asian Godfathers”, Joe Studwell, a journalist, examines this failure in stark terms. The region's business scene, he says, remains dominated by old-fashioned, mediocre, sprawling conglomerates, run at the whims of ageing patriarchal owners. These firms' core competence, such as it is, is exploiting their cosy connections with governing elites. Their profits come from rent-seeking: being handed generous state contracts and concessions, or using their sway with officialdom to keep potential competitors out. If they need technology, they buy it from abroad. As a result, Mr Studwell says, the region has “no indigenous, large-scale companies producing world-class products and services.”
“Corruption is another great burden on business. That is true elsewhere in Asia too, but several South-East Asian countries—notably Indonesia—are afflicted by corrupt and unreliable judicial systems, making it difficult to enforce contracts.” I had written many, many posts (83 posts on my own blog. setting out in detail how Judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali had corruptly and incompetantly struck out my wife’s petition. The judge forced the complicity of my wife’s counsel Mr David Hoh of M/s Lim & Hoh of Jln. Bukit Bintang, KL to render my wife’s petition, COMMATOSE. We do not know how the alleged “appeal” has gone and we do not know whether any appeal has been lodged or not because Mr David Hoh has held himself and his partner father Mr Frank Hoh INCOMMUNICADO. We just got no response from our many letters that I had published on my blogg.
Judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali had committed the criminal offence of Malfeasance by approving to respondent Stephen Lim Cheng Ban both (1)an order for security for costs (2) later after the security for costs had been paid Judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali approved to Stephen Lim the second Order for striking out petition. Just the fact that these two orders were made afte my wife had paid the RM.60,000 is proff that Judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali has committed the said crime. To cap it all Judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali FROM SHEER IGNORANCE OF THE LAW PROBABLY DID NOT THAT SHE HAD COMMITTED A CRIMINAL OFFENCE; but tough for Judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali has no excuse because knowledge of the criminal offence is not required to be proved, bloody IGNORANCE WILL DO.
I had also argued that Malaysia had wasted billions of ringgit to educate the children of Bumiputra, but lacking in vision Malaysian leaders hogged all the scholarships for their own children, while leaving those who do not have UMNO connection out of the loop. Therefore the Malaysians find that their choice of candidates are circmscribed by a clutchful of about 5,000 to 6,000 families. This limited choice also disadvantaged the selection of candidates to the easier academic courses in the arts and consequantly Malaysia does not have a sufficiently large pool of talents in the much needed fields of engineering and science. Here is what the author has to say “ Malaysia has also spent heavily on universities and the promotion of technology but its efforts have been stymied by the country's messy racial politics (including preferential university places for the Malay majority) and by the handing of state contracts and concessions to undeserving government cronies. Both the lack of fair competition between businesses and the failure to widen access to education may have a common underlying cause: that South-East Asian countries remain in the grip of narrow elites.”
The result is that there are very few Malay talents of any kind that will provide leadership that will grow their industries or provide a talent base for the growth of science and scientific innovation that is sweeping the font runner economies of India & China. In Malaysia UMNO leaders live in a bubble dream world of make belief. The incident that really cracked me up is the claim that Malaysia had produced an ASTRONAUGHT; this Malay dentist hitched a ride on the back of a Russian SPACE SHOT at the costs of at least riggit 100 million, because that was how much another SPACE TOURIST, an Iranian computer entrepreneur paid for her ride on another Russian SPACE SHOT. It is ridiculously silly to claim that this dentist is any kind of an ASTRONAUGHT because an astronaught is a SPACE TECHNITIAN and he “drives” the space vehicle and to say that this dentist is a space astronaught is really STRETCHING REALITY TO BREAKING POINT. This phenomena is stated in these terms : “This dilettantism was once summed up damningly by Michael Porter, of Harvard Business School: “These companies don't have strategies, they do deals.” Gerry Ambrose in the Kuala Lumpur office of Aberdeen Asset Management laments that it is indeed hard to find Malaysian companies with “a business plan that will last ten years”. Because even the best-run firms often have boards and shareholder lists dominated by the founding family and their friends, it is hard to believe that their thinking will change.
Hitherto, Malaysian companies have had a remarkable record of picking duds when they buy foreign firms. Laura Ashley, a fashion designer; Costain, a builder; Lec, a fridgemaker; and Agusta, a motorbike-maker: all were bought by Malaysian firms with less than glorious outcomes. This was also described by me in my article as fact.
However, he says that there are hopeful signs there are “…..hopeful sign for South-East Asia's corporate future is that it seems to be getting easier for those outside the closed circle of the politically well-connected to set up new businesses and challenge the incumbents. Mr Fernandes's AirAsia is the prime example. Started only six years ago, the airline now criss-crosses the region with a huge network of low-cost flights. Mr Fernandes, a former music-industry man, is still frantically adding routes: he expects to be allowed to start domestic flights in the Philippines and Vietnam soon. He has started a separate, low-cost, long-haul airline, AirAsiaX, which is flying from Kuala Lumpur to Gold Coast airport in Australia and Hangzhou near Shanghai. Flights to Melbourne, Amritsar and eventually London are on the way. “In other once-coddled industries, too, governments are starting to dismantle monopolies. YTL's Mr Yeoh says there will soon be “no hiding place” for firms trying to live from old-fashioned rent-seeking.
The rise of China and India, with their huge home markets, may mean that it is too late for South-East Asia to become big in manufacturing. “The region already dominates some types of agricultural produce: Thailand and Vietnam are the world's two largest rice exporters, for example. Since the region has so much coastline and so many rivers, there is much scope for expanding fish-farming and seafood production. Thai Union, a giant tuna-packer, is already in BCG's top 100. Vietnam, the region's rising star, has several big seafood firms which, if they can resist the regionwide scourge of diversification, may one day reach similar heights.
But they do seem to be linked to the perseverance of narrow elites and to the countries' sluggishness in overcoming old rivalries and building an integrated regional market. It is already too late for Malaysia to catch up to the regions major players, but at least Malaysia may want to remain a little bit ahead of the wost of them all at the bottom rank of S-E Asia. Malaysia has lagged behind because Malaysia’s economic model is built on the FOUNDATIONS OF EXCLUSION. A System that excludes 27 million to enrich an elite of some 10,000 families has no other way to go but DOWN.

4:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


dpt info dr.

Kenali Calon Ketua Pemuda Anda:

I. Dato Mukhriz Mahathir

Mukhriz Mahathir tidak pernah menidakkan gelaran "anak bapak" yang sering dilemparkan kepadanya. Ini kerana hidupnya sentiasa dicatur mengikut kehendak ayahnya.

Sebelum Mukhriz mula mengorak langkah di dalam Pemuda UMNO, siapakah calon Pemuda Ketua Pemuda ini?. Mukhriz merupakan anak lelaki bongsu mantan Perdana Menteri Malaysia, Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Dari bangku sekolah, Mukhriz tidak mempunyai cita-cita yang tinggi. Mukhriz tidak mempunyai minat dalam perniagaan mahupun politik. Sejajar dengan itu, Mukhriz tidak pernah diberi tekanan belajar seperti Mirzan dan Mokhzani yang telah belajar di Universiti terkemuka seperti Wharton.

Bukan Dr Mahathir tidak sayang kepada Mukhriz tetapi sebaliknya, peranan yang ditetapkan untuk Mukhriz ialah untuk menjaga hal ehwal keluarga apabila Dr Mahathir tiada lagi. Sebaliknya, Mirzan ditugaskan menjaga empayar perniagaan keluarga manakala Mokzhani diketengahkan sebagai penggantinya dalam bidang politik. Mukhriz memang tidak mempunyai minat untuk meneruskan pelajaran ke menara gading dan lebih berminat untuk menjadi ahli muzik atau berkecimpung dalam aktiviti kegemarannya, sukan menyelam. Walaupun pada mulanya direstui oleh kedua ibu bapanya, kegagalan Mirzan untuk menjayakan semua peluang perniagaan yang ada telah memaksa Dr Mahathir membentuk seorang lagi ahli perniagaan dalam keluarganya. Tugas untuk menjaga keluarga dialihkan kepada puterinya, Marina. Dr Mahathir telah mengarahkan Mukhriz untuk menyambung pelajarannya dalam bidang perniagaan.

Oleh kerana takut akan kelibat ayahnya, Mukhriz akur. Tetapi dia memberikan syarat kepada ibunya bahawa jika dia terpaksa belajar, dia ingin melanjutkan pelajaran ke Amerika Syarikat agar dia boleh mendalami lagi minatnya dalam dunia muzik. Setelah dipujuk oleh Dr Siti Hasmah, ayahnya bersetuju. Namun, pelajaran bukanlah merupakan kualiti kuat Mukhriz. Walaupun menggunakan segala kuasa ayahnya, tidak satu pun Universiti ternama yang sanggup mengambil Mukhriz sebagai pelajar. Inilah detik permulaan Dr Mahathir membenci Amerika Syarikat

Setelah gagal mendapat tempat di Amerika Syarikat, Mukhriz telah dipikat oleh Datuk Hanafi Ramli, Naib Ketua Bahagian Kubang Pasu untuk meneruskan pelajaran di Jepun. Datuk Hanafi yang ketika itu begitu rapat dengan Mokhzani menjanjikan Mukhriz bahawa teknologi muzik yang terbaik berada di negara Jepun. Mukhriz bersetuju dan telah dimasukkan kedalam Universiti Sophia. Beliau kemudiannya jatuh cinta dengan seorang gadis Jepun.

Sebagai membalas budi Mukhriz yang bersetuju untuk belajar di Jepun sekaligus memberi nafas dalam politiknya, Datuk Hanafi, yang dilantik Pengerusi TDC telah membantu Mukhriz untuk mendapat tempat menjadi perunding kepada Bank of Tokyo. Mukhriz dibayar sebanyak RM20,000 sebulan untuk menasihati Bank of Tokyo sebagai perunding dalam hal ehwal pelancungan. Bidang ini merupakan bidang yang baru diwujudkan di dalam Bank of Tokyo dan telah dibuat setelah TDC melantik bank tersebut sebagai penasihat kepada TDC di Jepun dengan bayaran berjuta juta ringgit. Mukhriz bahagia kerana dapat tinggal di Jepun dan meneruskan api cintanya itu.

Namun, mahligai yang didirikan olehnya akhirnya berkecai apabila Mukhriz dipaksa memutuskan hubungannya dengan gadis Jepun tersebut setelah ayahnya memanggilnya pulang. Walaupun sedih, Mukhriz sekadar mengeluh dan mentaati perintah ayahnya. Bagi meredakan potensi pertelingkahan keluarga, Mirzan telah menemukan Mukhriz dengan Tan Sri Ting Pek Khiing. Gabungan Mukhriz dan Ting telah diberikan hak untuk membangunkan pelancungan di Pulau Layang-Layang untuk projek dive-tourism, sukan kegemaran Mukhriz.

Setelah hati lukanya terubat, Mukhriz telah diarah untuk memulakan perniagaan dengan beberapa tokoh Melayu tempatan. Malangnya Mukhriz tidak gemar akan perniagaan yang serius. Semua perniagaan yang dimasuki gagal menempah nama. Mirzan sedar untuk berjaya, Mukhriz perlu bergabung dengan usahawan yang benar berpengalaman dalam industri yang berdasarkan hiburan, atau sebagainya yang berada didalam kepompong minat adiknya.

Mirzan telah memanggil Datin Irene Gan untuk bergabung tenaga dengan adiknya itu. Mereka telah diberi hak untuk menguruskan hotel-hotel Seri Malaysia, rangkaian hotel yang dipunyai oleh Kerajaan. Walaupun tidak mendapat banyak keuntungan, formula ini tampak berjaya. Mirzan telah mereplikasi formula ini dan telah mengatur Mukhriz dengan syarikat seperti Airzed, TBWA, Aijya, Opcom dan Kosmo Technology.

Kegagalan Mokhzani diterima oleh UMNO benar-benar menikam kalbu Dr Mahathir. Walaupun dilantik sebagai Bendahari Pemuda UMNO, satu jawatan yang dikejar-kejar oleh ramai Pemuda UMNO, perwatakan Mokhzani tidak dapat diterima oleh akar umbi. Pada detik-detik akhir zaman pemerintahannya, penglibatan perniagaan Mokhzani telah dikritik teruk dan dia terpaksa memindahkan semua pegangan perniagaanya. Ini menamatkan riwayat politik Mokhzani. Nama Mirzan juga telah terjejas akibat penglibatannya didalam skandal MISC, justeru Mahathir terpaksa, menoleh kepada Mukhriz sebagai penggantinya di dalam UMNO.

Tetapi Mukhriz tidak pernah dididik sebagai seorang pemimpin. Dia tidak mampu bergerak tanpa arahan dari ayahnya ataupun abang-abangnya. Disebabkan oleh kekurangan daya kepimpinan itu, Mukhriz telah ditolak dalam pemilihan di Kubang Pasu. Kerana tidak mempunyai pilihan lain, Dr Mahahtir telah menggunakan segala kuasa yang ada pada dirinya bagi memastikan Mukhriz menang dalam pemilihan EXCO Pemuda Malaysia.

Mukhriz telah diberi jawatan sebagai Pengerusi Biro Ekonomi. Namun, kerana dia tidak gemar perkara yang serius, Mukhriz sebagai EXCO yang terbanyak undi telah memilih menerajui Biro Antarabangsa. Ini membolehkan Mukhriz menjelajah dunia dan tidak tersekat dalam kepompong keluarganya. Mukhriz tidak pernah menggunakan platform ini untuk menjana program besar, sebaliknya banyak bertumpu kepada program-program kecil yang tidak melibatkan ramai orang.

Setelah 4 tahun berkecimpung dalam politik UMNO, Mukhriz masuk didalam bab baru yang dicaturkan oleh ayahnya – bertanding Ketua Pemuda UMNO Malaysia. Adakah Mukhriz calon Ketua Pemuda anda?

6:03 PM  

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