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Video - Fong Po Kuan Batu Gajah MP quits GE 2008 Contest; Lack Fighting Spirit; Good riddance for a non-team Player; Going gets tough, she quits

ABOVE: A bouquet of flowers for her and BELOW: What she said

When I discovered how much majority of the people cared for me and supported me. Indeed the reflection of their immense support touched me deeply which brought about the thought thatI must not fail them”. It made me realized it was not a wise decision. Besides, this coming election is very crucial to all concerned Malaysians. I promise to remain to shoulder the responsibility to be at the frontline with all Malaysians for the benefit of many generations to come," she added

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U-Turn for Po Kuan to defend Batu Gajah

Feb 22, 08 Fong Po Kuan reverses her decision not to contest for the Batu Gajah parliamentary seat; Sorry for the hurt and disappointment & realised it was not wise

Po Kuan returns to frontline of 2008 “Electoral Battle of the Century”

(Blog statement by Lim Kit Siang at a joint media conference with Fong Po Kuan at Ipoh Timur Election Operations Centre, Ipoh on Friday, 22nd Feb. 2008 at 2 pm)

“Cili Padi Fong Po Kuan has returned to the frontline of the 2008 “Electoral Battle of the Century” – to end the overpowering Umno political hegemony by denying the Barisan Nasional its unbroken two-thirds parliamentary majority in the March 8 general election. The past six days since Po Kuan’s announcement that she would not recontest in Batu Gajah parliamentary seat had been an agonizing ordeal for Po Kuan, party leaders, members, supporters and the Malaysian public who see the general election as the last opportunity for change and the nation’s tryst with greatness.

Whether at the national or state party leadership, there had never been a second name for the DAP candidature for Batu Gajah in the 12th general election apart from Po Kuan. All party and state leaders, together with the concerned Batu Gajah voters and the larger national constituency, had urged Po Kuan to reconsider and return to the frontline in the critical battle shaping up in the 12th general election.

One cannot run away from the reality that Po Kuan’s action had caused harm and damage to herself, the party and the cause for justice, freedom and democracy – although she never intended so I have had discussions with Po Kuan in the past two days and she had admitted to the great harm her action had unintentionally and unwittingly caused to the party, party leaders and the political momentum for change in the 12th general election, and she asks for the party and people’s forgiveness for her mistake.

She has now bounced back to the frontline of the Electoral Battle of the Century and will reconstest and defend the Batu Gajah parliamentary seat. In our discussions, we agreed that to should look forward and not back, that everyone should single-mindedly focus on one and only objective – to give a great blow to the increasing and overpowering Umno political hegemony maginalising not only the other Barisan Nasional component parties, but also the ordinary Malaysian masses, whether Malays, Chinese, Indians, Kadazan-Dusun-Murut, Ibans and Sarawak indigenous people as well as orang asli in Peninsular Malaysia.

With Po Kuan’s return to the frontline of the battle, let us make up precious lost ground and enter into the 12th election campaign with gusto and confidence, v igour and vitality”

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Reality Check for anyone in existence

You are in physical existence to learn and understand that your energy, translated into feelings, thoughts and emotions, causes all experience. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.
You make your own reality: your dreaming reality, your waking reality, and all realities in which you have existence. There are no accidents. Your joys come from you, and your successes, and your failure, or what you think of as failure.

You create your own reality. You form your experience according to your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. Whatever you focus on in your mind will be materialized in your life. If you want to change your reality, you must first change the thoughts and emotions that you focus upon. So if you think and believe you are rich, you achieve it.
If you become so frightened of realities that are not your own; if you take upon yourselves tragedies that do not exist in YOUR reality, in your moment, you weaken your position in life. You must operate from strength, not from weakness. When you stand on a firm shore, you can extend your arm to the man that is in quicksand. You cannot help him by leaping into the quicksand with him, for surely both of you will go down, and he will not thank you. Organize your reality according to your strength. Organize your reality according to your playfulness, according to your dreams, according to your hopes, and then you can help those who organize their reality according to their fears

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UPDATE: It is all over - from her website POSTED BY Po Kuan ON 02.19.08 @ 3:14 pm

I am Sorry; Dear friends, I am sorry. I am unable to answer all your calls, reply your messages, emails and comments. I do appreciate your views, criticisms, supports and encouragement. It was a tough decision. I am unable to reconsider my decision of not to contest in this coming 12th General Election. I am sorry if I have disappointed you. I do hope you all will try to understand. Let us now move ahead and play our respective roles to bring a better Malaysia for all Malaysians and show the people’s power to Barisan Nasional.

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Two Dogs Fight Over a Bone But the Third One Runs Away With It

Comments from; 2008-02-20 16:06
Many voters, especially those from Batu Gajah were shocked with the sudden withdrawal announcement by the Democratic Action Party (DAP) Cili padi Fong Po Kuan. Her sudden move has severely affected the morale of the other party members. Fong has only been in politics for 16 years, but she won twice at Batu

Gajah. Her name has become even famous after she defeated the Perak State MCA chairman Datuk Ong Ka Chuan in the 2004 general election.Her outspoken style has further won the people's heart. As a female politician, the obstacles and the challenges she has to overcome are certainly more difficult than her male counterparts. In other words, it is not easy for her to build such a good reputation in the male-dominated Malaysian politics. The bitterness and the hardship she has gone through will only be understood by female politicians. This is the reason Chong Eng is crying in grief. "A lot of people are disappointed with her withdrawal. " Last week, the DAP Secretary-General Lim Guan Eng was sighing that the party's biggest weakness is they do not have enough and suitable female candidates. However, the party lost another female candidate now. It is how quickly things changes.

Politics is about power and vested interests. Which political system or political party that do not fight for power and interests? If politicians do not understand the political reality or cannot face calmly the various subtle political manoeuvres, then they don't understand politics.

Fong's withdrawal has triggered unsettling effects. Of course, she realised her importance and status in the party. However, when she suddenly announced her withdrawal at the critical moment in the general elections, people would feel that she is emotional. Emotional is always a taboo for politicians and political parties.
With her tough and aggressive political attitude in Parliament, where even the members of Parliament (MPs) have to give in, then what kind of "party's development" can prevent her from serving the party? Even if the party has internal strife, Fong shouldn't give up so easily without fighting for it. No wonder Chong Eng cried and so many voters feel sad and sorry.
Fong had set an example for the young women who determined to join the politics. She is role model for many female tertiary students and theexample for promoting gender equality. A lot of people are disappointed with her withdrawal.
Withdrawal might change the direction of her life and she might have the opportunity to try another way of life. However, her withdrawal has also showed the people the party internal problems and has affected the image of DAP.
Nomination day is coming and the enemy is just standing in front them. It is meaningless to find out the reason that caused her to make such a difficult decision. Time will prove everything and everyone do not need to make any explanation.
Batu Gajah has always been the lucky area for DAP except in the 1995. the top priority of DAP is to boost the morale of the party so that the party will not end up like the proverbial fight between two dogs over a bone but the third one runs away with it. (By TAN POH KHENG/ Sin Chew Daily)
( The opinions expressed by the writer do not necessarily reflect those of MySinchew )

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DAP Unable To Reach Po Kuan, Says Kit Siang

IPOH, Feb 19 (Bernama) -- The DAP has not been able to contact two-term Batu Gajah Member of Parliament Fong Po Kuan since her announcement on Saturday not to contest in the March 8 general election. The party's adviser, Lim Kit Siang, said efforts to get in touch with Fong would continue to ask her change her mind and stand in the election for the seat the third time. "If we cannot reach her or we cannot change her mind, then we have to look at other options. What is the option, we cannot tell you now," he told reporters at the Perak DAP office here today. In an email sent to DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, copies of which were distributed to reporters on Saturday, Fong said she decided not to contest because of developments in the party over the past several years. She also recommended Pasir Pinji assemblyman Thomas Su Keong Siong as the DAP candidate for the Batu Gajah parliamentary seat.

Meanwhile, Perak DAP chairman Ngeh Koo Ham (ABOVE) said the party's legal bureau would compile news reports on Fong's decision which were deemed defamatory and advice the party on possible legal actions. He said some news organisations harboured an agenda to injure the DAP ahead of the general election by presented Fong as a victim of the party or its leader who had forced her to move to another seat. "We look forward to a media that practices fair reporting and publishes the truth and nothing but the truth," he said in a statement read out by Perak DAP publicity secretary Nga Kor Ming at the press conference.= == = == == = = == =

UPDATE:According to Perak DAP party state chief Ngeh Koo Ham all the state leaders wanted her to defend the Batu Gajah seat

“I fully supported her candidacy for Batu Gagah. I never at any point of time have reconsider an alternative candicate to her. Branches have all gathered together and unanimously passed a resolution to ask her to reconsider the decision

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Po Kuan had wanted to quit in 2004, says Chong Eng

Regina William, Pauline Puah and Husna Yusop; theSUN
BUKIT MERTAJAM (Feb 18, 2008): Saying their relationship was "as close as sisters", an emotional DAP deputy secretary-general Chong Eng broke down when she commented today on the decision by incumbent Batu Gajah MP Fong Po Kuan not to contest in the March 8 general election. Without going into details, Chong gave an insight into the world of politics for women, saying it was very tough for them and that they had to be resilient and strong-willed to put up with what goes on in politics. She also revealed that Fong had wanted to quit in 2004, for the same reasons mentioned by her on Sunday (Feb 17), but was coaxed to stay on. Fong, 35, cited the development of internal party events in Perak over the last few years as the reason for her decision.

The two-term MP is said to have had disagreements with Perak DAP chairman Ngeh Koo Ham and secretary Nga Kor Ming, who are brothers. Said Chong: "I didn't see this coming as she didn't even mention anything to me about quitting. I guess she has reached her maximum tolerance level for all that goes on in the political arena. It is very different in politics for men and women. "You have to be resilient and strong-willed to be able to put up with what goes on in politics and being a woman, it is very tough. Instead of fighting, she decided to give up."

Chong said once Fong made up her mind, it would be difficult to convince her otherwise. She said Fong also found it very exasperating having to deal with the tedious demands from the grassroots, especially attending to the nitty gritty, which included attending dinners, functions and other invitations. She said most of the time, those at the grassroots would hold politicians to ransom and make unfair demands. "They feel that politicians should do what they say, and do it their way. For some, it is easier to give up than fighting against all these odds."

A fierce advocate of gender equality, Chong has been working hard to increase the number of women candidates from DAP, and Fong's decision to quit derailed her plans.

ABOVE & BELOW: DAP Leader washed his hands from the Fong's unilateral decision not to contest at all anywhere

DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang said it was untrue that he had forced Fong to contest in another constituency, leading to her resignation. In his blog, Lim said the party also never asked her to change constituencies and that all party leaders had fully supported her to contest for the third time in the Batu Gajah parliamentary seat.

Saying that the decision had not come as a complete surprise, Lim said he had tried to stop Fong from making such a decision as she was a great asset to the party, Malaysian Parliament and the cause for justice, freedom and democracy. "She should know that she is looked up to as a beacon of hope for Malaysians in the hard and grueling battle for justice, democracy and a Bangsa Malaysia."

In IPOH, DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng said the party leadership would meet Fong to persuade her to change her mind and defend the Batu Gajah seat that she had held since 1999. He said the unanimous decision was made by the Perak DAP liaison body which met today.

"I have cancelled all my programmes today in an attempt to meet her (Fong) to persuade her to change her mind and defend her Batu Gajah seat," he told reporters in the Perak DAP office. Guan Eng said the decision had a significant impact and could affect DAP's chances of defending Batu Gajah. "I feel Batu Gajah will not be safe for the DAP and will make it difficult for the party," he said.

He declined comment on Fong's suggestion today that Pasir Pinji assemblyman Thomas Su Keong Siong be fielded in her place in the coming general election

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UPDATE: February 18, 2008 16:10 PM - Najib exaggerating as usual on DAP problems

DAP Facing Serious Internal Conflict, Says DPM

PARIT, Feb 18 (Bernama) -- The DAP is facing a serious internal conflict to the extent that one of its members of parliament has refused to defend her seat in the coming general election out of frustration, said Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib (ABOVE) Tun Razak. He said the refusal of a capable member of parliament such as Fong Po Kuan to contest in the election showed that there was a serious internal conflict within the party. "What transpires shows that within the DAP, especially in Perak, there is a serious internal conflict to the extent that a capable member of parliament is frustrated and is not willing to contest," he said when asked to comment on Fong's announcement yesterday that she would not defend her seat in the coming general election. In the announcement yesterday, Fong said her decision was prompted by developments within the party that made it difficult for her to continue her service effectively, efficiently and whole-heartedly as an elected representative and party leader.

Fong, 35, is among the popular figures in the party and in the Dewan Rakyat after winning the Batu Gajah parliamentary seat in the 1999 general election at the age of 26. The Deputy Prime Minister said this at a press conference after officiating the ground-breaking ceremony for the Maktab Rendah Sains Mara (MRSM) Parit, here today. "It looks like the DAP can't practice what it preaches within the party's administration," the Deputy Prime Minister said.

The prevailing situation showed that the party knew only how to preach democratic principles, transparency, meritocracy and so on, but failed to practise them, he said.

"What they preach cannot be practised within the party's own administration... don't talk about national administration because within the party itself there is a serious conflict," he said. Asked on Barisan Nasional's (BN) chances of wresting the seat which is perceived as a DAP stronghold, Najib said BN had a good chance because the voters could now see the actual developments within the party. Fong, who married Johor DAP organising secretary, Tan Chen Choon, last month, however did not state clearly her reasons for not defending her seat.
"It's sufficient for me to say that it's because of the developments within the DAP Perak over the past few years and now, which is public's difficult for me to continue serving effectively, efficiently and whole-heartedly as an elected representative," she said at a press conference at her office in Batu Gajah yesterday.

Fong, who is a law graduate from the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), said she had already conveyed her stand to DAP advisor Lim Kit Siang, who heads the DAP central committee on candidacy, and the DAP seceratry-general, Lim Guan Eng. In the 1999 general election, Fong defeated Yeong Chee Wah (BN- MCA) with a majority of 2,071 votes while in the 2004 general election, she beat Perak MCA chairman Datuk Ong Ka Chuan with a majority of 7,927 votes. Meanwhile, DAP chairman Karpal Singh (BELOW, Left with Kit Siang)yesterday said he was surprised and puzzled by Fong's announcement and described it as a major loss to the DAP.

= == = = == == ORIGINAL POST Below
The incumbent Batu Gajah MP bad relationship with DAP Perak state leaders had finally erupted in the open when she preferred to throw in the towel to contest any seats in the coming 12 GE rather than to show her “fighting spirit” in another seat. It is hard for her as a two-term PM to listen to suggestions from Party leaders as she seems to have the “smarter-than-thou” attitude. With her experience, popularity and the winds of change blowing in DAP’s direction, she could have happily took on any seat in Johore and fight for another win.
The same can be said for the Bagan team where Phee Boon Poh also threatened to do the same (see Below Report ) But no, she prefers to quit rather than be a sacrificial lamb in a defeat. And probably her new wedded husband (ABOVE) has advised her that it could be political suicide to go for a Johor seat with Chua Soi Lek in control. Her decision is decided in anger and with a condition for further support for her recommended candidate to replace her.

This is not the first time we have seen the DAP encountering such problems. People who are too egoistic, larger than life and without realizing it is the Party that have given them a life to be an MP. Others on the same boat were Kua Kia Soong, Lee Ban Chen, Gooi Hock Seng, Teoh Teik Huat, Goh Kheng Huat, Kerk Kim Hock, Sim Kwang Yang, Hu Sepang and not forgetting that Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye

Watch her announcement in the Video Clip and the reaction from the MB of Perak, Tajoj Rosli laughing and could not believe her decision.

And what was BN Perak MB Datuk Seri Tajol Rosli immediate reaction?

“For me I cross the bridge when I come to the bridge. How do you know that she is not standing? Last minute, she might be standing there. So our preparation must be geared to the situation that she will be defending her seat”

= = == DAP Sec- General Response
Comment by Lim Guan Eng on
Sunday, 17th February 2008 in Petaling Jaya:

I am shocked by the decision made by our candidate for Batu Gajah Fong Po Kuan that she will not defend her parliamentary seat that she has held for two terms. I have received her letter by email expressing her intention which she informed me she sent this morning.
Fong is still needed by the party and the people to serve and continue as MP for Batu Gajah. Fong knows that the party has never asked her to contest any other seat and wants her to continue to stand in Batu Gajah. We will try to contact her to reverse her decision the soonest possible and hopes that she will reconsider.

= == == == her Press conference

Press Conference Statement by Fong Po Kuan on 17 February 2008 in Batu Gajah:

I am calling this press conference today to announce my decision that I am not offering myself as a candidate for any seat in this 12th general election. My decision is final.
Yesterday morning, I had verbally conveyed this decision to Sdr Lim Kit Siang, a member of the DAP National Committee on Candidate Selection, when he had asked me about my decision due to Press speculations. I had told Sdr Lim Kit Siang that I would furnish my reason for my decision to the Party Secretary General in writing.

Last night, Sdr Lim Guan Eng had telephoned to inform me that I would be nominated to stand as a candidate in the Batu Gajah parliamentary constituency. I have this morning e-mailed to him my decision in writing.
= == == = = her email letter
Date: 17.2.2008

Sdr Lim Guan Eng; Chairman of DAP National Committee on Candidate Selection; DAP Malaysia; 24 Jalan 20/9; 46300 PetalingJaya; Selangor
Sdr Lim,

Firstly, I would like to thank the Party leadership for giving me the honour to contest the Batu Gajah Parliamentary seat in the 1999 and 2004 General Elections. I write to inform the Committee of my decision not to contest in any seat in the nation’s 12th General Election. My decision is final.

It is a tough decision for me as DAP has become my second family and the people of Batu Gajah parliamentary constituency have been so special to me over the last 8 years. Suffice for me to say that due to the development of internal party events in the DAP Perak over the last few years as well as currently, which perhaps you are fully aware, it has become impossible for me to continue serving effectively, efficiently and wholeheartedly as a Party leader as well as an elected representative of the people. Under such circumstances and in the best interest of all concerned, I have arrived at this unavoidable and difficult decision.
I do sincerely hope that the Batu Gajah Parliamentary seat could still be retained by the DAP in this coming election. I strongly believe that a wise choice of a suitable candidate should be nominated to ensure the Party’s electoral victory in the coming election as well as to provide the best service to the people after the victory.
In the interest of the Party and the people of Batu Gajah parliamentary constituency, I strongly recommend that Sdr Thomas Su Keong Siong to be the ideal candidate for this seat, due to his dedication, being action oriented and sincerity in serving the Party’s cause and the aspirations of the people.
Since 1999, we have been working as a team as he has been assisting me in providing services and sometimes, furnishing free legal work to the voters of the said constituency. Indeed he always walks the extra mile by going down to the ground for the people. Furthermore, he gets on very well with all those people around him especially the local members.
I believe the Party will agree with me that he has carried out his responsibilities well, both to the Party and the voters of Pasir Pinji. If the Party decides to field Sdr Thomas as a candidate of Batu Gajah Parliamentary seat, I will personally assist him in the election campaign. Again, I hope the Party will seriously consider Sdr Thomas for the said seat for the interest of the constituents and the Party. Finally, please allow me to thank the Party leaders, members and staffs for all their guidance, support and assistance provided to me, inside and outside of Parliament all these years.

Yours sincerely;
Fong Po Kuan
= == == == = == =
I wish to take this opportunity to publicly thank the people for Batu Gajah for their support and confidence in me. I feel honored and proud that I have been able to be their elected representative for the last 8 years. I have always tried to give my best in terms of attending to their service needs as well as articulating their voices inside and outside Parliament. However, I apologise if there are areas or instances where I have disappointed them. Finally, I wish to call on Malaysian voters to deny the Barisan Nasional its two-thirds majority so as to bring about a better
Malaysia. Vote DAP!

Thank you.

= == == = == == == ==
Batu Gajah's 'chilli padi' shocker

Perak DAP puzzled over Fong's resignation /
DAP-PKR reach pact on seats in Peninsular M'sia / DAP: Prevent sweep by BN
Pauline Puah, B. Suresh Ram and Kimberley Lau; theSUN

BATU GAJAH (Feb 17, 2008): DAP's Incumbent Batu Gajah MP Fong Po Kuan today announced that she was not offering herself as a candidate in the March 8 general election. She conveyed her decision to DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng who heads the DAP national committee on the selection of candidates. In a copy of her e-mail to Guan Eng circulated to the media, Fong cited the development of internal party events in the Perak DAP over the last few years as the reason for her decision. "It has become impossible for me to continue serving effectively, efficiently and wholeheartedly as a party leader as well as an elected representative of the people. Under such circumstances and in the best interest of all concerned, I have arrived at this unavoidable and difficult decision," she said in the e-mail.

The report said that it is not immediately known whether her decision is related to rumours that she will be fielded as a DAP candidate in Johor in the general election. Fong had married Johor DAP organising secretary Tan Chen Choon on Jan 12. In her e-mail to Guan Eng, Fong recommended that incumbent DAP's Pasir Pinji assemblyman Thomas Su Keong Siong be fielded as the DAP candidate in Batu Gajah. In the 2004 general election, in a high-profile battle, Fong defeated MCA secretary-general Datuk Ong Ka Chuan with a 7,927-vote majority to successfully defend Batu Gajah for a second term. She garnered 28,662 votes while Ong polled 20,735.

In the 1999 election, Fong, who was then 26, defeated MCA's Yeong Chee Wah with a majority of 2,071 votes. theSun learnt that the withdrawal of Fong from the polls this time was due to her disagreement with Perak DAP chairman Ngeh Koo Ham and secretary Nga Kor Ming. Nga, who was reported as forcing Fong to give up her seat in Batu Gajah, has denied the report. Fong, when contacted, said she her decision was final but declined to confirm about her disagreement with Ngeh and Ngah who are brothers.

In an immediate response, Ngeh when met at the DAP headquarters in Petaling Jaya expressed shock over Fong's announcement. He denied speculations that the Perak DAP has forced her to contest somewhere else. "Perak DAP supports her candidacy in Batu Gajah for the third term. Secretary-General Lim Guan Eng has informed her decision of her standing in Batu Gajah last night," he said.

Ngeh said the party would try to persuade Fong to stay on and defend the seat for a third-term.

Perak DAP puzzled over Fong's resignation

KUALA LUMPUR (Feb 17, 2008): Perak DAP today said they were shocked incumbent Batu Gajah MP Fong Po Kuan's announcement that she will defend her parliamentary seat for a third consecutive term. The opposition party’s state chief Ngeh Koo Ham said the party had in fact supported her candidacy for the seat in the coming general election. He added that party secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, who is also the party’s candidate selection committee head, had informed her yesterday that she will be picked to defend the Perak constituency.

Ngeh said Fong had not given any reason as to her decision and the party is also in the dark about the move.
"It is better to ask her rather then I comment,” he said. Speaking to reporters after meeting national DAP leaders this evening, Ngeh said Fong’s move had caught the party "by surprise". He added that Fong, who is a two term MP, had performed well and is quite popular in her constituency. Ngeh also denied that Fong is not seeking re-election as she was being moved elsewhere. “The party’s candidate selection committee had informed that she had been selected as the candidate for Batu Gajah,” he said.

He added that the party leadership would try to persuade her to change her mind over here move. “We have not prepared any candidate for Batu Gajah except her," he said, adding that he does not think her withdrawal would affect the party’s chances in the constituency as well as in the state. “I hope the people will continue to support us despite her resignation,” he said.

Ngeh said the party leadership is likely to decide in the next one day or so over the candidate for Batu Gajah, in the event Fong could not be persuaded to change her mind. “I leave it to the selection committee … they have the power to select the candidate,” he said.

Fong won the Batu Gajah seat in her first outing in 1999, when she was only 26 years old and retained it in 2004 by defating MCA heavyweight and secretary-general Datuk Ong Ka Chuan.

= = == == = == similar problem in Bagan Seat
Monday February 18, 2008

Phee threatens to withdraw; By ONG YEE TING; STAR

PENANG: Local DAP stalwart Phee Boon Poh has threatened to withdraw from contesting in the general election if national party chairman Karpal Singh contests the Bagan parliamentary seat instead of incumbent Lim Hock Seng.

There is no need for me to contest any more. The people here see me and Hock Seng as a team. They want Hock Seng to go for parliament and myself for state,” the Sungai Puyu incumbent said yesterday. For the last four years, Phee has been holding the fort for the DAP in the Penang Legislative Assembly, being the only DAP candidate in a state seat to survive the 2004 elections. “Hiak chew!” he said yesterday, stressing that he was prepared to give everything up rather than forsake his principles. (Hiak chew is literally translated as eating banana in Cantonese but also carries a double meaning of 'as good as gone'). It is learnt the party has proposed to move Hock Seng from Bagan to accommodate Karpal Singh who is making way for DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng to stand in his Bukit Gelugor parliamentary seat. Hock Seng is to contest in Sungai Puyu while Phee has been asked to move to Bagan Jermal under the state DAP's plan to strengthen its line-up to capture more state seats. Both Sungai Puyu and Bagan Jermal are under the Bagan parliamentary constituency.

A top-level meeting was held at Karpal Singh's Jalan Utama bungalow here on Saturday night to discuss the seat allocation attended by DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang, his son Guan Eng, deputy secretary-general Chong Eng, Penang chairman Chow Kon Yeow, Hock Seng and Phee. During the meeting, Phee told the party leaders his intention to make way if he no longer fit into their battle plan. When contacted, Hock Seng, who was Bagan MP for four terms, said he had worked closely with Phee for a long time and it was the people's wish for him to continue to contest for the parliamentary seat

= == = == = == another DAP rebel
Monday February 18, 2008

Beware the daggers in DAP, says former leader

KUALA LUMPUR: Former DAP leader Wee Choo Keong (ABOVE) said he was not surprised that incumbent Batu Gajah MP Fong Po Kuan is embroiled in a party crisis. “This has been happening in the DAP for a long time where potential leaders are marginalised, if not killed off politically,” he said. Wee, who now heads the Malaysian Democratic Party, an offshoot of the DAP, said he was also a victim of a DAP internal crisis. He identified Chinese educationists Dr Kua Kia Soong and Lee Ban Chen as those who were also marginalised. In Penang, Wee said, leaders like Gooi Hock Seng, Teoh Teik Huat and Goh Kheng Huat were also “knocked off.” “If Karpal Singh is not careful, he will be a victim too. He has to leave his stronghold of Bukit Glugor for (Lim) Guan Eng in the elections.” Others who also had fallen out of favour were former deputy chairman Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye, Kota Melaka MP Kerk Kim Hock, Bandar Kuching MP Sim Kwang Yang and Rasah MP Hu Sepang. It has been speculated that Guan Eng would contest the Bukit Glugor parliamentary seat and the Paya Terubong state seat while Karpal Singh would move to the Bagan parliamentary seat, which has led to unhappiness among supporters of incumbent MP Lim Hock Seng. Yesterday, Wee, a former Bukit Bintang MP for DAP, said it was known within the DAP that anyone regarded as a threat to Lim Kit Siang and his son, Guan Eng, would be removed. He warned the young leaders to be careful if they wished to survive in the DAP where “selfish and personal ambitions” were placed above principles and ideals for the people. Wee also announced that he would contest the Bukit Bintang seat, now held by DAP’s Fong Kui Lun. Wee said Kui Lun, a second-hand car salesman, was not an ideal candidate for Bukit Bintang.

= == == = == == == = ==
DAP-PKR reach pact on seats in Peninsular M'sia

KUALA LUMPUR (Feb 17, 2008): Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) and the DAP have come to an agreement on seat allocations to ensure that there will be no three-cornered fights between them and the Barisan Nasional in the peninsular.

DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng told reporters after a meeting with PKR de-facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and other PKR leaders that both parties had settled the seat arrangements for states in Peninsular Malaysia.
That leaves several oustanding seats in
Sabah and Sarawak which will be settled by the respective parties' state leadership. “We will uphold the principle of ensuring a one to one fight,” said Anwar who denied that negotiations between PKR with DAP and PAS have reached an impasse, saying they would be concluded and finalised anytime now. Speaking to reporters at the PKR Chinese New Year celebrations here today, Anwar said once all seats have been finalised, the candidates would be ascertained.
The finalising of the candidates is nearly complete,” he said, adding that the party leadership would however have to endorse the candidates. He said the only candidate which is ascertained is PKR President Datin Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail who will be defending her Permatang Pauh seat in
I would contest in Lembah Pantai, if I could,” he said, adding that he had anticipated that he might not be candidate in the country’s 12th general election.

Anwar is barred by law from contesting the elections up to April 15, following his conviction and six-year jail sentence for corrupt practice.

“I quite anticipated it … I know them,” he said, adding however that what was important is that PKR candidates, and the opposition generally do well. “I am quite confident, as I have said that this is a defining moment in Malaysian political history,” he added.

DAP: Prevent sweep by BN

PETALING JAYA (Feb 17, 2008): Barisan Nasional (BN) will win again in the next general election, said DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng. "We know BN will win this time. But we cannot let them win it all, we can't let them have a clean sweep," he said at the DAP Chinese New Year Open House today. "If they are too strong, the people will suffer," said Lim who likened BN and DAP to giants and ants, "but if we ants can get into the giant's ears, it would at least make things a bit difficult for them".

He said by declaring that BN will win in the polls would not shake the confidence of "our supporters". "We must face reality. This is reality. What we need to do is to reduce BN's two-thirds majority and break their spirit. This has never happened to them before. "They (the people) need to make BN realise that they have failed by not fulfilling their promises, and that they must improve their performance. This is the only way to push the BN to govern better."

Lim, however, declined to disclose the seats DAP will be contesting, saying "it is part of our campaign strategy". He said the names of the nominees will be announced soon.

Asked on the use of illegal gatherings to convey messages to the public, Lim said the government practiced double standard in issuing permits. "If you talk about illegal demonstrations, (Umno Youth vice-chairman) Khairy had many demonstrations. We cannot have double standards.," he added. "Peaceful demonstrations should be allowed. The ones that cause harm are actually the police who are supposed to be there to protect the people." He said DAP public meetings are always construed by the government as demonstrations. Lim listed inflation, rising crime rates, corruption and the lack of rule of law in the country as issues the DAP will highlight in their campaign for the general election.

= == == ==

= == === == == = Watch Video Clip (2 mins) - Po Kuan Announcement, MB Tajol Response & Lim Guan Eng's BN Reality win

= == == = ==
= == = == == = == == == = =BACKGROUND;Tuesday January 29, 2008; STAR
Less than 3 weeks ago, STAR already reported she is ENDING her political career so what is all the surprise?

Marriage won’t stop Fong from defending Batu Gajah

IPOH: Getting married two weeks ago will not stop Fong Po Kuan from defending her Batu Gajah parliament seat this coming general election. Declaring that marriage should not be an obstacle, Fong said: “Being married should not stop women, including myself, from advancing in their careers. I am ready to defend the Batu Gajah seat.” She added that it was up to the party leaders to decide if she would stand again in Batu Gajah.

Speculation has been rife that the two-term Batu Gajah MP, who tied the knot with Johor DAP organising secretary Tan Chen Choon on Jan 12, would be ending her political career. There is also talk that even if she carried on with her political career, the 34-year-old Fong may contest in Johor so that she could be with her 37-year-old husband. Party insiders have also indicated that several state leaders were eyeing the DAP stronghold of Batu Gajah if Fong did not contest. Some party leaders noted that with Fong’s popularity she could easily win in Johor. Fong was the youngest MP when she first contested and won in Batu Gajah in the 1999 general election in a three-way battle with Barisan Nasional’s Yeong Chee Wah and Malaysian Democratic Party’s Yang Kar Ming. She retained the seat when she beat Barisan’s Ong Ka Chuan in a straight fight in 2004.= == = ==


Blogger Hamzah said...

DAP padan muka!

I was gonna change my vote but thanks for making up my mind.

" show her “fighting spirit” in another seat"

Hello DAP we don't want YB Fong in another seat, we want her as our wakil rakyat in Batu Gajah coz she takes care of us!

Hello DAP since you showed you have no clue as to what a WAKIL RAKYAT is, there goes the voters!

padan muka!

12:44 PM  
Blogger Siew Ling said...

Sdr Hamzah,
Most times, we as spectators cannot really see the whole picture. I also believe that when a person makes such an important decision, there are usually more than one single contributing factor. From YB Fong's email to the party leadership, I know that she is not giving up on DAP and she does not think she is indispensable. We, as true Malaysians who still have one thing to hold on to (our democratic right to vote wisely) should not idolise any individual(no matter how indebted we have been to him/her)but should respect her decision, wish her well (not laden her with condemnation)and then move on to support the Opposition so as to deny BN the 2 thirds majority. We should help tell her supportors in BG to stand behind her replacement candidate. If they had not given her a chance when she was first fielded as DAP's candidate, would she have had the chance to prove her capabilities as well as be groomed to be who she is today? Likewise, let us give another a chance,as long as we still believe in having a strong opposition.

6:08 PM  

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