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MORE PICS & Video – Malaysian 2008 Elections; 222 Parliamentary & 505 State Seats; BN won 9 seats Uncontested; PAS won 1 with Rival Disqualified

ABOVE: The ever popular unmarried darling sports Minister who won her seat Penggerang twice uncontested

ABOVE: BN won 7 Parliamentary Seats Uncontested and BELOW:BN won 2, at Sementa, PKR candiate no show and PAS won one when BN candidate was a "bankrupt" & disqualified
BELOW: Datuk Abdul Rahman won uncontested when the PKR rival failed to show (must have been bought over by BN)

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ABOVE: Nurul - Anwar's daughter contesting against incumbent Sharizat (BELOW right) in Lembah Pantai
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ABOVE: Roselinda Abdul Jalil contesting the Klang Parliamentary Seat taking over from his Father-in-law (BELOW, Left)
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ABOVE: in the Batu seat in FT, Tian Chua PKR Information Chief arriving for the nomination and BELOW: Shaking hands with his rival from BN, Gerakan Lim Si Pin, son of retired Gerakan Boss Datuk Lim Keng Yaik (who wanted to create a 3-Generation dynasty in Malaysian Gerakan Politics)
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ABOVE: The PAS Supporters and BELOW: The BN supporters at Marang, Trengganu for nominations
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ABOVE: The BN candidate contesting against BELOW: PAS Hadi
= == = == == = == == = == = =and from Rembau

UPDATE: February 24, 2008 17:38 PM

I Am Focusing On The People, Says Khairy

REMBAU, Feb 24 (Bernama) -- The Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate for the Rembau parliamentary seat, Khairy Jamaluddin, who is involved in a straight fight with a Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) candidate said his focus would be on the well-being of the people and not on his opponent. Khairy, 32, is facing Badrul Hisham Shaharin, 30, a PKR supreme council member. "He (Badrul) is a young man and very energetic... but my focus is on the people," Khairy told reporters after filing his nomination papers at Merdeka Hall, Rembau District Council, here Sunday. Khairy, who is BN Youth deputy chairman and Umno Youth deputy chief, said he would focus on solving pending issues in the constituency such as repairs to roads and mosques. Badrul had contested against Negeri Sembilan menteri besar Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan in the Rantau state constituency in 2004. Khairy said he would meet local BN leaders to find out the grievances of the voters in the constituency which comprised four state seats -- Paroi, Chembong, Rantau, and Kota.

He said he would upgrade BN services to the voters by following the example set by the Seberang Jaya BN Service Centre in Penang which was accorded ISO certification. Earlier Khairy and four BN candidates for the state seats, including Mohamad who is defending the Rantau state seat, were joined by about 5,000 BN supporters in a 1km march from the Rembau Umno office to the nomination centre.

Khairy was accompanied by his wife, Nori Abdullah(ABOVE, daughter of PM Abdullah) , and his mother (BELOW) , Datuk Rahmah Abdul Hamid.

Badrul,(BELOW) a Korean Shunkonhoe University graduate, said he would raise the problems of student dropouts, native land premiums, and high cost of living in his campaign.
"The people need to be taken care of and not pampered," he said. Rembau has 62,896 voters including 894 postal voters

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February 24, 2008 12:58 PM
Khairy's Nomination Attracts Foreign Media
REMBAU, Feb 24 (Bernama) -- A big crowd including fore n media turned out at the Merdeka Hall, Rembau District Council, here Sunday to witness
candidates for the Rembau parliamentary seat file their nomination papers.

ABOVE: BN UMNO supporters separated by the FRU personnel from the PKR Supporters (BELOW)

BELOW: The peace keepers at Rembau

At the centre of attraction was Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate Khairy Jamaluddin. the prime minister''s son-in-law. Khairy, who is Umno Youth deputy chief, arrived at the hall with Negeri Sembilan menteri besar Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan at 8am. Mohamad Hasan is defending the Rantau state seat. They were accompanied by thousands of BN supporters to the nomination centre. The foreign media covering the event included those from Singapore and France. Two fixed-wing aircraft carrying Umno and BN flags flew past to lend an air of excitement to the BN supporters. About 100 police personnel, including those from the Federal Reserve Unit (FRU), maintained public order at the nomination centre. Present was Negeri Sembilan police chief Datuk Osman Salleh.= == = ==

Feb 24, 2008 M'sia's political parties kick off election campaign

Mr Abdullah urged voters not to be swayed by the opposition, saying 'their obsession is they want to deny the (government) the full support of the people'. --

KEPALA BATAS (Malaysia) - MALAYSIA'S ruling coalition won six parliamentary seats unopposed on Sunday as it formally began campaigning to clinch a two-thirds majority in next month's general elections. Hundreds of political heavy-hitters and first-time aspirants filed their nomination papers to contest 222 parliamentary constituencies and 505 state legislature seats. The process officially marked the start of a 13-day campaigning period ahead of the March 8 ballot. Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's National Front coalition got an early boost when no opposition candidates came forward to run for six parliamentary seats.

'I believe the people will be attentive to the National Front, which has brought peace and progress for 50 years,' Mr Abdullah said. 'I would like this election to be free of troubles.' More than 1,000 government loyalists thronged a nomination centre to support Mr Abdullah as he filed his papers against a challenger from the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party, or PAS, in his traditional stronghold of Kepala Batas in northern Penang state. The PAS is one of the three main opposition parties who have made a pact to stand just one opposition figure in each seat and avoid three-cornered fights. The National Front won 199 of 219 parliamentary seats in 2004, with only 19 seats taken by the opposition, including six by PAS and 12 by the ethnic Chinese-based Democratic Action Party. Former Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim's wife won the lone seat for her People's Justice Party. One seat went to an independent.

ABOVE: The new symbol of hope for the opposition - "Barisan Rakyat"

This time, the three parties have made a pact to field only one candidate in each constituency to avoid multi-cornered fights, which in the past benefited the National Front. The strategy is aimed at preventing the National Front from attaining a two-thirds parliamentary majority, which enables the government to change the constitution easily. Mr Abdullah dismissed the opposition's effort as 'a pact of convenience, that's all'. 'I want us to win with a very good majority, even more than two-thirds,' Mr Abdullah said. The 14-party National Front, which has governed since 1957, has acknowledged it will win fewer seats this time amid public complaints over rising inflation, crime and racial and religious tensions.

In recent months, several high-profile street protests have raised the political consciousness of Malaysians, awakening more people to ask questions about alleged government corruption and policies that some say are tantamount to racial and religious discrimination. The National Front has the advantage of being backed by the pro-government mainstream media and is more cohesive and better coordinated than the opposition. Opposition leaders have long complained that polls are also steered against them through the gerrymandering of constituencies, vote-buying and use of bogus voters. The government has repeatedly denied any irregularities.
A poor performance could undercut Mr Abdullah's popularity as he targets a second five-year term as prime minister after succeeding longtime leader Mahathir Mohamad in 2003. One of the fiercest electoral contests is in Kelantan, which has been controlled by PAS since 1990, making it the only one of
Malaysia's 13 states not run by the National Front. Several hundred opposition members chanted 'Allahu Akbar', or 'God is great', as PAS' spiritual leader, Mr Nik Aziz Nik Mat, filed his nomination papers at a Kelantan school hall.
'Praise to God, I'm confident,' Mr Nik Aziz (BELOW,front in jacket leading the pack), wearing a turban and white robe, told reporters.

= == = = =
KOTA BAHRU - BN line-up in Kelantan is forced to be reshuffled after two parliamentary seat candidates pulled out.

Cabinet warning
Veteran politicians who were expected to be ousted in the run-up to the polls have so far retained their positions, but Mr Abdullah hinted in an interview with the New Straits Times that there might be a clean-out after the polls. 'I have made no promises to anyone. I have a free hand (after the election),' he was quoted as saying. 'I did not promise anybody anything; whether a return to the Cabinet or any other post,' he added.

Mr Abdullah has been criticised over his Cabinet, which retained many veteran figures from the former administration of Dr Mahathir Mohamad, and which analysts say has prevented him from carrying out his reform promises. He swept to power in landslide 2004 elections amid optimism after taking over from Dr Mahathir, but since then has been gained a reputation for being weak and ineffective, and failing to act on key goals like eradicating corruption. Figures like Mr Samy Vellu, the only ethnic Indian minister in the multi-racial coalition, are contesting the election again despite strong criticism over his handling of recent anti-discrimination protests by Indian activists. Mr Abdullah defended the old faces in his line-up, saying they were critical to the election campaign, in which the opposition is aiming to deprive the coalition of its two-thirds majority for the first time in history.
'In facing elections, the party must be led by those who have experience because we do not want problems which may affect our chances to crop up due to inexperience,' he told the New Straits Times. Analysts said Mr Abdullah's popularity, which has already plummeted, would be further damaged if he dashes hopes of rejuvenation in the coalition which has ruled
Malaysia since independ-ence a half century ago. 'If things remain as they are with the old guard being retained, then it will be problematic for the future of the party,' said political analyst Tricia Yeoh from the Centre for Public Policy Studies. 'If he wants to talk about change he needs to show it rather than just speak about it,' she said. -- AP, AFP
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KEPALA BATAS - THE Barisan Nasional (BN) Manifesto which will be launched tomorrow, focuses on issues of the people. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said among the issues were how to lessen the people's financial burden as a result of increased world fuel price. The manifesto will also explain the government's efforts in reducing the people's burden by maintaining electricity tariffs, for instance. 'We had done this in education (by abolishing school fees), which PAS had only been thinking of doing it,' he told a press conference at the Seberang Perai Sports Complex, following the naming of the BN candidate for the Kepala Batas parliamentary constituency at Dewan Milenium here. Mr Abdullah reiterated that the RM35 billion subsidy for oil and gas after the world oil price went up to US$100 a barrel, and another RM5 billion for other subsidies, in order to stabilise costs for consumers, was a big financial burden for the government. -- BERNAMA

February 24, 2008 13:36 PM

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PAS' Wan Ubaidah Wins Unopposed, BN Candidate A Bankrupt

KOTA BAHARU, Feb 24 (Bernama) -- PAS candidate Wan Ubaidah Omar was declared winner of the Kijang state seat in Kelantan after the Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate, Mustopha Ahmed, was disqualified, state Election Commissioner Rahim Mohd Salleh said. He told Bernama that the records showed that Mustopha had been declared a bankrupt by Mara and was automatically disqualified as a candidate. "As such, the BN candidate's nomination was rejected and the PAS candidate won unopossed," he said.

Only Wan Ubaidah and Mostapha had submitted their nomination papers when nominations at the Sekolah Kebangsaan Pengkalan Chepa Satu centre closed at 10am. Mustopha, when met, said he was disappointed. He said he had stood guarantor for a loan taken by a businessman severalyears ago. "But I've settled the debt," he said, adding that he would appeal the decision to the Election Commision and the courts.
= == = == == = ==and in Jerlun, Kedah

ABOVE: Tun Mahathir while denying creating a political dynasty, nevertheless gave his blessings and support to his younger son Mukriz to vie for the Jerlun, Kedah parliamentary seat being introduced to his supporters and BELOW: declared BN will win more votes, so that his son can get into Parliament

= == == = == == = == == == == == = ==

ABOVE: Mukriz filing his nominations papers and BELOW: declared it being the greatest day of his life as all along he has been in the shadows of his father

February 24, 2008 16:02 PM
Opposition's Friendship A 'Pact Of Of Convenience', Says Abdullah

KEPALA BATAS, Feb 24(Bernama) -- Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi says the alliances being formed by the opposition parties ahead of the elections on March 8 were merely 'pacts of convenience'. The alliances of the opposition parties to fight the Barisan Nasional during this round of elections are pacts being formed just for the "fun of it", he said in reply to a question from a reporter on the opposition's latest trend of becoming allies. Abdullah was speaking at a press conference held at the Seberang PeraiSports Complex here, after completing his election candidacy and confirmation process for the Kepala Batas parliament seat at the Dewan Milenium here Sunday. It can be clearly seen that PAS, DAP and PKR have joined forces in many of the states where there is going to be a straight fight for the Parliament seat and State Assembly seat between a BN candidate and a candidate from the opposition party, he said. This is different from the 2004 general election, where several of the Parliament and DUN seats were equally contested by candidates from DAP, PKR and PAS.

They may have have joined forces in the allocation of seats, but these parties have never at any time agreed with each other's idealogies, Abdullah said. "DAP has never accepted the ideologies propagated by PAS which is to form an Islamic state. "In fact, the DAP has its own philosophies which are not in synch with what PAS wants to do. Keadilan also has its set of ideas," he said. Indeed, each of the party has its own way of going about achieving their objectives, he added.

= == = ==
February 24, 2008 15:51 PM

Early Indication BN Will Get Mandate, Says PM
KEPALA BATAS, Feb 24 (Bernama) -- Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi described the success of Barisaan Nasional (BN) candidates
in winning some seats unopposed as an early indication of BN getting the mandate to rule the country.

"That is good news, it is of course a sign of confidence in our party. I know in Selangor (BN won), and also in Johor. I have yet to obtain the entire information," he told a press conference after the nomination process at the Seberang Perai Sports Council Complex, here Sunday. In the March 8 election, Abdullah would defend his Kepala Batas seat and would be challenged by Pas candidate Subri Md Arshad BN has so far won uncontested in six parliamentary seats including four in Sarawak. The seats are Kalabakan (Sabah), Pengerang (Johor) and the four seats in Sarawak namely Konawit, Selangau, Kapit and Tanjung Manis. BN was also returned unopposed in the state seats of Bugaya (Sabah) and Sementa (Selangor).

Abdullah hoped that BN would repeat the success it achieved in the 2004 general election where it obtained the two-third majority and enabled the party to continue to rule the country.He also gave an assurance that the Cabinet to be formed after the election would be a good one comprising the young generation and those with experience. Commenting on the nomination process today, Abdullah said that he was happy as it went on smoothly. "To-date, I have not heard of any problems occurring anywhere, I am happy and want to thank the authorities who have managed to control the situation and thus enable the nomination process to run smoothly," he said. Abdullah said that if given the mandate, BN would ensure that the country remained successful and peaceful after 50 years of independence. As for the selection of candidates, Abdullah said that BN had scrutinised their background first before they were selected to ensure only the best candidate would contest. "We check with the Anti-Corruption Agency, the police, court and the Insolvency Department to ensure that a candidate is not a bankrupt," he said. Citing an example, he said that yesterday a candidate was not listed as he has a court case. "We are cautious when it comes to selecting candidates," he stressed.
In Pekan, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak also commented on the success of the BN candidates, saying that it clearly indicated that the party could put up capable candidates compared to the opposition. He said that the opposition's strength was not widespread compared to BN which was able to feature candidates who could work for the people in their respective areas. "In fact we have already known of some areas where the opposition party is weak and finds difficulties in getting a candidate wanting to contest," he told reporters after submitting his nomination paper at the Dewan Konvensyen Sultan Ahmad Shah to defend his Pekan parliamentary seat. "So, if we win that area uncontested, it clearly shows that the opposition party's strength is limited and does not cover all areas, whereas BN's strength encompasses parliamentary and state seats," he said. Najib, 55, will be challenged by Khairul Anuar Ahmad Zainuddin, 31, from Parti Keadilan Rakyat. Asked about his younger opponent, Najib said: "That is normal, I have faced younger and older opponents before."
= == == =

February 24, 2008 13:52 PM
PM Wants Trouble-free Election
KEPALA bATAS, Feb 24 (Bernama) -- "I would like this election free of trouble, one that I want to be done properly" Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi told a press conference after he filed his nomination paper at Dewan Milenium in Kepala Batas.
= == ==

February 24, 2008 16:19 PM

No Untoward Incident During Nomination , Says IGP
KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 24 (Bernama) -- Nomination for the March 8 general election at 222 nomination centres nationwide went on smoothly, Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan said Sunday. As of noon, he said, feedback from police contingents showed there was no untoward incident at any centre, although there were shouts among supporters of candidates during chaotic moments. Musa said the police were happy with the entire process and thanked the public for cooperating with policemen on duty at nomination centres.

"Overall, supporters of candidates abided by the rules," he said, attributing it to the continous warnings and reminders to political parties and supporters of candidates to adhere to the rules. "The deployment of policemen, including those in plainclothes at the centres, especially in "hot seats", helped subdue the emotions of supporters," he told Bernama. Musa said police would now focus on the 13-day campaigning period before the nation went to the polls, and urged political parties to apply for permits to conduct public rallies. "Police officers and men will monitor the campaigning," he said, adding that if the candidates and their supporters adhered to the rules, the campaigning process would go on without a hitch .He warned that police would come down hard on those who fell foul of the law.
= = = = = == = = = = = == = =

February 24, 2008 15:38 PM

Nomination Process Was Smooth, Says EC

PUTRAJAYA, Feb 24 (Bernama) - Election Commission (EC) Chairman Tan Sri Abdul Rashid (ABOVE) Abdul Rahman has declared that Sunday's nomination process in the 12th General Election was carried out smoothly and in a calm manner.
He attributed this to party supporters and members of the public cooperating well in ensuring that the registration of candidates was unhampered. "I thank them for extending such excellent cooperation that has resulted in the nomination process being completed well. " As EC chairman and having been in this business for so long, I am very happy," he told reporters at the EC Headquarters here. As a consequence, he expects the election campaign and voting on March 8 to be carried out just as smoothly.
"This demonstrates the maturity of Malaysian society in important
matters that are vital to the nation," he said. "Let the people decide on who they want as their representatives, not other parties. It is based on this principle that we decided that there were no rejections except where the nominees did not meet the qualifications, such as being bankrupt." On the several uncontested seats, Abdul Rashid pointed out that in the 2004 general election, there were many more candidates winning uncontested. "I'm not surprised that there were no contests for some seats. To me, this wasn't because we rejected nominations but because there were no opponents," he said.
= == == == == == = - 3rd candidate was lock-out and prevented from contesting. The nomination closes early at 10.00 am

February 24, 2008 15:32 PM

PM Abdullah In Straight Fight With PAS Candidate

PENANG, Feb 24 (Bernama) -- Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is in a straight fight with a Pas candidate in defending his Kepala Batas parliamentary seat in the March 8 general election.

His opponent is independent missionary Subri Mohd Arshad (ABOVE, Left) , who in the 2004 general election lost to the Barisan Nasional's (BN) Datuk Azhar Ibrahim in the Penaga state seat within the Kepala Batas parliamentary constituency. For Abdullah, who is BN chairman, this is the eighth time he is seeking re-election to the seat he has held since the 1978 general election. In the 2004 polls,

Abdullah defeated by 18,122 votes Pas committeemember Abdul Khalid Rasid who had been his opponent since the 1999 election.Abdullah, leading the BN charge in the second general election since becoming Prime Minister in October 2003, submitted his nomination papers at the constituency's nomination centre at Dewan Milenium in Kepala Batas at about 9 am. With him were the BN candidates for three state seats within Kepala Batas, Datuk Azhar Ibrahim (Penaga), Zabariah Abdul Wahab (Bertam) andDatuk Roslan Saidin (Pinang Tunggal), when he handed his nominations papers to Returning Officer Mokhtar Jait. His wife, Datin Seri Jeanne Abdullah, was among the 3,000-odd supporterswho had accompanied him.

= == =
February 24, 2008 12:42 PM
Najib Faces PKR Candidate In Pekan
PEKAN, Feb 24 (Bernama) -- Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak is opposed by Parti Keadilan Rakyat's candidate Khairul Anuar Ahmad Zainudin for the Pekan Paliamentary constituency in the general election.

Abdullah, Najib File Nomination Papers

ABOVE & BELOW: The scene at Kepala Patas nomination center when PM Abdullah arrived greeted by thousands of his supporters

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 24 (Bernama) -- Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his deputy Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak filed their nomination papers at about 9.15am, ccompanied by thousands of Barisan Nasional (BN) supporters. Abdullah, who is the BN chairman and Umno president, is defending the Kepala Batas parliamentary seat in Penang, the seat he has held since 1978. Abdullah, accompanied by three BN candidates for the three state seats in the Kepala Batas constituency, arrived at the nomination centre in Kepala Batas Millenium Hall at 9am. Donning a blue Malay traditional attire, Abdullah was accompained by Datin Seri Jeanne Abdullah, in a matching baju kurung.

About five minutes later, Abdullah shook hands (ABOVE) with returning officer Mokhtar Mohd Jait and took his seat in the hall. BELOW: Sorting out his nomination papers

= == = == == == = == = == == = = == =

In PEKAN, Pahang, Najib (ABOVE) who is Umno deputy president and BN deputy chairman, submitted his papers at the Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Convention Centre at about the same time Abdullah was filing his in Penang. Najib is defending the Pekan parliamentary seat which he has held since 1976.

= == = == = == == = == = = =BELOW, his PKR Opponent

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I refer readers to my post on this fellow Khairy Jamaluddin, son in law of the Prime Minister and play-boy with a fleet of very expensive cars, please go to

Dear Khairy Jamaluddin is all hot air, lots of empty talk before election and nothing but promises after the election. He has been put into the deputy leadership of UMNO Youth. Where else can his father in law “fast track” him into the front ranks of UMNO and eventually to succeed Ahmad Bedawi as Prime Minister ? I have observed many times that Malaysia is an oligarchy in the IRON GRIP of UMNO elite. The promises he has made so far can only exist in his mind alone and in fact cannot be realized. They are mere empty promises and are not to be taken seriously.

Ket me draw this Khairy Jamaluddin’s attention to the ongoing ROYAL COMMISSION INTO JUDICIAL CORRUPTION ! What is Khairy Jamaluddin going to do to ADDRESS JUDICIAL CORRUPTION ? This is what solid and down to earth ISSUES that need to be addressed; and has he said anything about it ? Let me cite my wife’s CASE : ORIGINATING PETITION No.: D2-26-41 of 2001 in the HIGH COURT IN KL was struck out by the PRESIDING JUDGE ZAINON BINTI MOHD. ALI, who is now promoted to the court of Appeal. It is hilariously funny that judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali was so IGNORANT OF THE LAW THAT SHE AWARDED TO THE RESPONDENTS WONG KEM CHEN, STEPHEN LIM CHENG BAN AND KWONG SEA YOON 2 directly OPPOSING ORDERS (a) for security for costs, which my wife paid in the sum of RM.60,000; therefore by this payment by my wife there is nothing else to be done except to go to court; but instead judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali went on to ILLEGALLY AWARD TO THE NAMED RESPONDENTS A SECOND AND OPPOSING ORDER TO STRIKE OUT PETITION.

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I had written countless letters to the Malaysian A.-G, Chief Judge of High Court of Malaya, copies to President & Secretary of Malaysian Bar Council and to this day I have not received any response. Here is a Judge of the Highest Court of Malaysia who does not KNOW THAT SHE WAS IN FACT COMMITTING SEVERAL CRIMINAL OFFENCES WHILE PERFORMING HER JUDICIAL DUTIES. I have invited the Malaysian A,G, and all those mentioned above to come to Australia to obtain my EXTRADITION FOR SEDITION so why have they failed to clear the name of Judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali ? Why bother for the Malaysian Government to spend several millions of Ringgit to hold a bullshit Royal commission when criminal behaviour of Judge Zainon Binti Mohd. Ali is all there to READY FOR PROSECUTION.

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Blogger yapchongyee said...



The 50 years of crony, crooked racist politics has at last culminated to this YEAR OF CHANGE. The last 50 years for the Chinese & Indians were the years of living dangerously; the years of living under the specter of racial pogroms. We were threatened by the Malay KRIS and we accepted these humiliation because MCA & MIC had emasculated our people and all for the personal aggrandizement of a few Chinese & one Indian SAMY VELLOO who crawled on his belly to lend cover to UMNO to further the interests of the UMNO oligarchs.

This year has seen the collapsing of many of the pillars that had for 50 years bewitched the Malay rakyat to believe that THE MALAYS CAN TAKE IT ALL FOR THEMSELVES. UMNO had in fact undermined the development and progress of their own Malay people to stay in power. The so called AFFIRMATIVE ACTION that has for so long deprived the Chinese & Indians had by the twist of fate worked to divide the Malays into the elite who enjoy “connected privileges” and the ordinary RAKYAT whose father is not a Tun, Dato or Tan Sri and hence 22 million who are unconnected live like the Chinese & Indians; largely deprived from a share in the distribution of the national wealth.

The Malay rakyat like the Chinese & Indians too had been cheated by the UMNO oligarch from achieving true and real progress; this had been the irony of fate. The truth is that in all the world, no vested interests group of any modern society can ever keep 45% of their population in a permanent state of privation and expect to achieve a harmonious society. There are 1000’s of living example to draw from, why not look at what has become of UGANDA and the consequences of Idi Amin driving the Indians out ! Why not look at Kenya, and to what is even today taking place that invites comparison with “513” but one that you Malays can see in stark relief is to cite the permanent state of war that exist between the Israelis and the Palestinians; can this war ever in our lifetime see peace ?

I do not think that any argument, however well shaped it might be is going to influence change and we all know that Malaysia really need change. It is quite hilarious to say it but it has to be said that Malaysia under UMNO is headed backwards and towards “FEUDALISM”, and what the Malays see as “MALAY PRIDE”. It is really comical that in this day and age when even the British talk of giving up the royal family bullshit; here comes Malaysia wanting the restoration of feudalism. This craziness has a lot to do with the Malay obsession for “rank” or what the Malays call “pankat”; and in this respect they have restored the ceremonial heraldic titles like “Tun” “Tan Sri” “Dato” etc. I observe in the upcoming election that progenies of former UMNO leaders are entering the elections to take the place of their fathers and fore-bears. These events set the foundations for the calcification of a feudalistic oligarchy; and the surest endorsement of these developments is the public denial by non other than former PM Mahatir Mohd. That in his government he did not approve of “DYNASTIC” politics and that for that reason he did not elevate his son to take his place. That to be sure is debatable !

The fore going discussion is the basis for my perspective that “AFFIRMATIVE ACTION RETARDED THE POSSIBLE PROGRESS OF THE MALAYS”.

(1)Why affirmative action or more correctly RACIAL DISCRIMINATION has retarded the progress of the Malay rakyat & the Malaysian nation as a whole.

The truth hurts, I mean the truth to the Malays hurt, but why bother to say anything if it is not the truth. Malaysia has 23 million Malays, and about 5 million Chinese & Indians. We the minority component of Malaysia do not get a look in on the largesse of the government ever but on the other hand we pay the baulk of income tax ( I think about 55% or a bit more); this has gone on from ever since the first days of independence. To say the least the Chinese communist led by Chin Peng forced the early departure of the British. It was not, as claimed by UMNO that the British were forced to leave Malaysia by the Tengku and his UMNO party. If it was not for the pressure of the Communist, then what is the pressure that forced the British out because the Malays fought the Communist on the side of the British ? It was Chin Peng and the Communist Party fighters that caused the British to haemorrhage national treasure (made the Brits go broke) that forced them to leave Malaysia.

The Chinese & Indians do and did contribute to the development of Malaysia and form the baulk of income tax contributors. The least that we can expect is equal treatment; we do not and have not expected any hand outs from the government. We are Chinese and we can look after ourselves; and we live by very little and we save a lot for capital. What I am saying in a nutshell is that we Chinese willingly accommodate the GOVERNMENT’S UNJUST EXPROPRIATION OF THE NATIONAL WEALTH FOR A SMALL ELITE MALAY GROUP.

I had earlier said that 23 million are Malays, and of these 23 million Malays, how many benefited from government scholarships ? Yes ! every year more than 5,000 (“guestimate” agar agar saja), gain scholarships, but of these only a handful of Malay scholars go on and pursue a course of study that has any practical application; the courses pursued are mostly in the “ARTS” disciplines, and very rarely do we see a Malay pursue a course in engineering or in SCIENCES; as a consequence most Malay graduates cannot find employment outside of the government; WHAT A WASTE OF SCARCE RESOURCES. The source of this dislocation between government largesse and returns of funds for training lies in the fact that recruitment of recipients for scholarships are stymied by nepotism and crony politics; the best that the Malay race can offer will not get the scholarships. You need to be the son of somebody to get anywhere. This distortion of the system has gone on for 50 years and will go on if it is not stopped now.

I had earlier said that we Chinese do accommodate you Malays (mostly because we cannot oppose ), but we also do grudge that what we Chinese have been so crudely deprived of go to benefit only a very few and most of these scarce resources are squandered by irresponsible bureaucrats. The results of this wastage is to train an Army of unemployed “clerks” who can do nothing. Unfortunately this blind affirmative actions cannot produce sufficient numbers of useful and highly skilled workers; Malaysia has not progressed at all in the globalised 21st century. We are behind Vietnam, Thailand, and soon you will be behind such 3rd world minnows like Cambodia and Laos.

Tomorrow, I will discuss why Malaysia will regress economically, while the rest of Asean will pass you by.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, there is a great deal of effective material above!

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