Tuesday, February 26, 2008

BN 08 Election Manifesto Fishes Non-Malay Votes: Promises All; Allay fears over rising food & fuel costs, street crimes, influx cheap foreign labour

ABOVE: The launch of the BN Manifesto BELOW: waived in by the main stakeholders

BN Election Manifesto Fishes Non-Malay Votes: Promises All; allay fears over rising food, fuel costs, street crimes, & an influx of cheap foreign labor

Monday February 25, 7:46 PM
Malaysia PM woos non-Malays in election manifesto

KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) - Malaysia's ruling coalition promised on Monday to soothe growing anger by minority Chinese and Indians over education and religious rights. In its election manifesto, Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's coalition also pledged to create two million new jobs, encourage one million new businesses and rein in the fiscal deficit over the next five years. "We have managed the economy well, we have ensured that
Malaysia is on theright track," he told some 500 supporters at his party headquarters. "We
will deliver our promise."
The Barisan Nasional coalition is considered certain to be re-elected in March 8 polls, but risks a backlash by Buddhist ethnic Chinese and Hindu ethnic Indians who have complained of religious and racial inequality in the mainly Muslim nation.
The opposition, aiming to deny Barisan a two-thirds majority, the level needed to change the constitution, also hopes to draw a protest vote over rising food and fuel costs, street crimes and an influx of cheap foreign labour. In the manifesto, Barisan said it would keep Chinese and Indian schools, extend use of Mandarin and Tamil at national schools and offer university scholarships for poor students, irrespective of race. It will also form a "special mechanism" to facilitate the setting up and relocation of temples, mosques and churches, an issue that has sparked a bitter complaint especially by Hindus. The government will also step up inter-faith dialogue and ensure that developers set aside land for places of worships in their townships, it said.
More than 10,000 Indians staged their community's biggest anti-government protest in November, braving water cannon, tear gas and arrest to accuse the government of discrimination. Ethnic Chinese, too, have aired growing complaints about the government’s decades-old affirmative action policy, which gives Malays perks such as share allocations and cheap housing loans.
Politically dominant Malay Muslims form about 60 percent of
Malaysia's 26 million people, while ethnic Indian, Chinese, Sikh minorities include Hindus, Buddhists and Christians.

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February 25, 2008 20:10 PM
BN's Manifesto Promise Security, Peace And Prosperity

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 25 (Bernama) -- Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today launched Barisan Nasional's (BN) progress report and election manifesto, themed "Security, Peace and Prosperity", which contains a clear mission and vision to bring Malaysia towards a more glorious future. Eight main topics form the thrust and pledge of the manifesto which was accompanied this time by a progress report outlining what the coalition has done from 2004 to 2007. The topics are economy, balanced development, education, law and public safety, public service, combating corruption and enhancing administration, religion and unity and foreign policy.

Under economy, the BN pledged to:
* raise the country's productivity, revenue and competitiveness;
* tackle price increases to ensure quality of life for the people;
* enhance the role of the private sector as the primary engine in generating economic growth;
* Nurture and help one million small- and medium-scale companies and entrepreneurs in five years;
* generate more than two million jobs in five years;
* reduce the country's fiscal deficit to enable more funds to be usedfor development, without raising taxes;
* implement development plans for all the five economic corridors togenerate growth, investments and job opportunities nationwide;
*The progress report for the economy, entitled "Generating Strong andSustainable Growth", for 2004 to 2007 says that:*
* The gross domestic product (GDP) grew from RM427 billion to RM504 billion;
* All sectors showed growth including new activities like modernagriculture, biotechnology, ICT and Islamic banking. Visit
Malaysia Year
2007 recorded the highest number of tourist arrivals of 21 million people;
* International trade rose 26 per cent from RM881 billion to RM1.11trillion; The average monthly household income rose from RM3,249 to RM3,617;
* Price control on essential goods was maintained and RM43.4 billion wasspent in the form of subsidies (2007) to tackle price increases;

ABOVE & BELOW: The BN Manifesto targets mainly the Non-Malay votes represented by the respective Ministers in teh Cabinet

* 1.3 million jobs were created;
* Programmes to transform government linked companies (GLC) succeeded inincreasing profits and giving higher returns to unit trust shareholders and Employees Provident Fund (EPF) contributors;
* Over 204,000 SMIs had been developed since 2005 involving the disbursement of RM107 billion in loans and the implementation of 402 programmes;
* Five economic corridor development plans were launched to generate and bring growth to all corners of the country;
* The Malaysian Bourse Composite Index rose to its highest level in history and there was a 161 per cent increase in capital market from RM460 billion in 2003 to RM1.2 trillion in2007;
* Foreign exchange reserves rose 130 per cent from US$44 billion toUS$101 billion;
Malaysia's ranking in the Global WEF Competitiveness Index rose from25th in 2005 to 21st in 2007;

*Under Balanced Development, the BN pledged to:*
* eradicate hardcore poverty and reduce overall poverty to 2.8 per cent by 2010;
* increase incomes and opportunities for quality jobs in the rural areas;* improve service and facilities for low-income households in urbanareas, including for migrants from the villages to the towns;
* enhance the provision of quality houses at affordable prices;
* increase access to modern and quality health services;
* improve public transport service in the towns and reduce traffic jams;
* improve road development in rural and other less developed areas;
* Upgrade rail and air services;
* Increase coverage of electricity supply in the rural areas in Sabahfrom 81 per cent to 90 per cent by 2010;
* Increase coverage of water supply in rural areas in
Sabah and Sarawakto 70 per cent by 2010;
* Continue with efforts to narrow the digital divide and enhance the penetration of broadband Internet service through the National Broadband Plan;
* Continue with the implementation of the New Villages Development Master Plan;
* Ensure balanced distribution of quality chances that can generate income, employment, business and education nationwide;
* The "New Kelantan, Progressive Kelantan" approach aims to ensure quality development and a better life for the residents of Kelantan;
*Under the same topic, the progress report from 2004-2007 underlined thetopic on Narrowing the Gaps:*
* Reduced hardcore poverty from 1.2 per cent of population to 0.7 percent and reduced overall poverty from 5.7 per cent to 3.5 per cent;
* Reduced rural-to-urban income ratio from 1:2.11 to 1:1.99, exceedingthe 2010 target;
* Increased agriculture incomes; e.g padi farmers mean monthly incomeincreased 27 per cent to RM1.549; rubber smallholders increased 34 percent to RM1,727;
* Delivered 178,000 low-cost homes;
* Opened 14 new hospitals, 22 new `Klinik Kesihatan' and 64 new `Klinik
* Expanded electricity supply to over 74 per cent in
Sabah and 83 per cent in Sarawak;
* Built 12,190km of village roads;
* Built three new airports, including a low-cost terminal, and upgraded five existing airports.

*BN's pledge in the education sector is to:*
* Raise teachers' minimum qualifications and provide more training opportunities;
* Continue to make national schools the school of choice by, among others, expanding the teaching of Mandarin and Tamil;
* Safeguard the position of national-type schools;
* Enhance national unity by fostering student interaction;
* Provide more scholarships at the undergraduate level for poor but deserving students regardless of race;
* Identify apex universities and provide more autonomy and resources forpublic institutions of higher learning to attain world-class standards;
* Raise investment in science and technology particularly in indigenous R&D.
*In the education progress report for 2004-2007, BN has enhanced access
and standards by:*
* Launching the Education Blueprint 2006-2010 and the Higher Education Strategic Plan to raise education standards;
* Expanding `Skim Pinjaman Buku Teks' to all primary and secondary school children;
* Removing school and examination fees;
* Allocating RM3 billion for scholarships and essential items to lower-income group students;
* Providing RM12 billion to improve rural schools;
* Raising special allowance for 12,000 teachers and teaching assistants serving in rural areas;
* Allocating RM174 million for fully-aided Chinese primary schools and RM65 million for fully-aidedTamil primary schools under the 9th Malaysia Plan;
* Allocating RM100 million for partially-aided Chinese and Tamil primary schools under the 9th Malaysia Plan;
* Ensuring at least one public university or one UiTM branch in every state;
* Expanding community colleges from 34 o 53, doubling enrolment to over 115,000;
* Increasing number of JPA undergraduate scholarships at local universities from 5,000 to 10,000 annually; raising allowance for JPA students in overseas universities;
* Raising investment in science R&D, including sending the first Malaysian into space.

*BN's promise in the implementation of law and order:*
* Bring down the country's crime index;
* Tackle drug abuse and other social ills;
* Address the issue of illegal immigrants;
* Add 60,000 police personnel by 2011;
* Set up more than 150 new police stations and beat bases to increase presence in more neighbourhoods;
* Improve safety in schools, playgrounds and public areas;
* Enhance community policing via partnerships with non-governmental organisations, the private sector and local community;
* Upgrade police communications technology, armaments, vehicles, technical aids and training;
* Focus police operations and resources in crime hot-spots across the country;
* Redelineate police districts to better match police resources with community security needs.
*Efforts to make the police more dynamic and the progress attained from 2004 through 2007:*
* Established the Royal Commission to Enhance the Operation and Management of the Police, leading to over 85 per cent of the Commission's proposals being carried out;
* Increased salaries of police and armed forces personnel by 9 to 42 per cent;
* Doubled development allocation in 9th Malaysia Plan to RM3.8 billion and allocated an additional RM5 billion in PFI funding to modernise the police;
* Increased recruitment of police personnel, brought back newly-retired police officers, set up more police stations and expanded use of CCTVs;
* Launched more intensive police surveillance and operation in
Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang, the Kinta Valley and the Iskandar Development Region;
* Established an Independent Commission in response to public concern onpolice body search procedures;
* Raised road user awareness and enforcement, notably reducing injuriesand deaths per population from road accidents.

*BN's promise on Public Services:*
* Speed up implementation of e-government initiatives;
* Complete overhaul of all land offices and district offices;
* Speed up issuance of licences and permits;
* Establish rating system for local authorities to improve performance;
* Tie civil servants' promotions, rewards and penalties more closely to performance targets;
* Increase ethnic diversity in the public sector;
* Have a three to seven-day response time by all government agencies toall public queries and complaints;
*Progress in the public services from 2004-2007 takes on the topic
"Moving Towards World-Class Levels":*
* Automatic refunds for overpaid income taxes; refunds paid within 14 to 30 days for online tax submissions;
* Passports issued within three hours at major Immigration Department branches; MyKad issued within 24 hours at major National Registration Department branches;
* Cleared 70 per cent of backlogged land cases via "flying squads";
* Reduced time taken for payments to government contractors and suppliers to 14 days;
* One hour to register business and 15 minutes to renew business registrations;
* One-stop centres at local authorities to reduce time to approve building plans;
* Replaced Certificate of Fitness for Occupation (CFO) with industry-issued Certificate of Completion & Compliance (CCC);
* Set up PEMUDAH, a public-private task force to reduce the cost of doing business in
* Increased civil service salaries, reintroduced cost of living allowance and allocated more than RM6 billion for government quarters.
*BN''s promise in reducing corruption and improving governance:*
* Continue to enforce anti-corruption measures without fear or favour;
* Strengthen monitoring and enforcement by agencies such as the ACA,
Customs, Inland Revenue and local authorities; * Establish an effective Special Complaints Commissions to act on complaints of misconduct in enforcement agencies;
* Continue to foster a culture of integrity and high ethical standards through the National Integrity Plan.
*The progress report for 2004-2007 for "Creating First Class Institutions" in reducing corruption and improving governance:*
* Raised awareness on fighting corruption, leading to a 25 per cent increase in the number of reports lodged (2003-2007);
* Increased number of corruption-related arrests by 72 per cent from 318arrests (2003) to 546 (2007);
* Increased conviction rate for corruption-related cases from 50 percent (2004) to 74 per cent (2007);
* Doubled the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) operating budget to RM154 million and committed M372 million for development under the 9th Malaysia Plan;
* Increased the number of ACA officers including specialists such as forensic auditors, and established the
ACA Academy;
* Launched the National Integrity Plan and established the Malaysian Institute of Integrity;
* Established and enhanced eight Parliamentary Select and Special Select Committees to increase checks and balances;
* Enhanced transparency and accountability in the annual Auditor-General's Report;
* Established a Commission of Inquiry into the video clip of alleged interference in judicial appointments.

BELOW: The support from the 2nd liners

*BN''s pledge on religion and unity:*

* Build a better understanding of Islam among Muslims and non-Muslims through Islam Hadhari;
* Enhance appreciation for diverse cultures among
Malaysia's multiethnicpeople;
* Expand the teaching of J-QAF to more schools;
* Ensure provision of reserve land for places of worship in newly-developed areas in accordance with developed guidelines;
* Facilitate construction, consolidation and relocation of all places of worship via state government mechanism, co-ordinated at federal level,that will protect the interests of all communities;
* Increase dialogue on inter-faith issues through the Department of National Unity and National Integration;
* Improve unity programmes, especially in schools and institutions of higher learning.
*The progress report on religion and unity from 2004-2007 under the topic "Building Bridges, Deepening the Faith":*
* Established 10 principles of Islam Hadhari, an approach of progressive Islamic civilisation;
* Upgraded Islamic education in schools by introducing the Jawi-Quran,Arabic and Fardu-Ain (J-QAF) Programme;
* Improved welfare of religious officers, including provision of RM450 allowance for imams;
* Maintained cost of Haj pilgrimage despite rising prices;
* Guaranteed the right to worship for all Malaysians;
* Develop guidelines that ensure the provision of reserve land for places of worship of all communities in newly-developed areas;
* Encouraged inter-faith understanding via forums such as the National Unity Advisory Panel;
* Promoted inter-ethnic unity via the School Integration Programme and National Service Training Programme.

*BN's promise on foreign policy:*
* Continue to play an active, principled and impartial role in international affairs;
* Expand trade and investment linkages;
* Advance the economic agenda of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) through capacity-building programmes in less-developed OIC countries;
* Promote strategic partnerships between the West and the Muslim world to advance the economic agenda of the Makkah Declaration 2005;
* Continue to build bridges between the Muslim world and the West through continuous dialogue;
* Contribute towards a development agenda for the world's poorest countries.
*The progress report on foreign policy from 2004-2007 under the topic:
"Demonstrated Strong Malaysian Leadership":*
* Showed steady leadership in the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) and OIC;
* Hosted the historic first East Asian Summit, providing the platform for closer co-operation between ASEAN and
China, Japan, South Korea, India, Australia and New Zealand;
* Secured new markets and enhanced linkages via high-level visits. Trade with all major trading partners expanded rapidly, with fastest growth recorded for
China (65 per cent increase), OIC countries (54 per cent) and ASEAN (29 per cent);
* Strengthened
Malaysia's voice in the international arena by championing the developing world's economic and social interests;
* Highlighted international injustices, in particular Israeli aggressionin
* Enhanced
NAM's role, including establishing the NAM institute for the Empowerment of Women and NAM News Network;
* Put an economic face to the OIC via the Capacity Building Programme to reduce poverty and through the World Islamic Economic Forum to enhance trade and investment;
* Played a key role in promoting dialogue between the West and theMuslim World;
* Continued to promote cooperation, peace and stability in ASEAN.


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BN Trend:

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