Saturday, October 14, 2006

MORE PICS-77 Year Old DIRTY OLD MAN Jailed 12 Years. What a SHAME Raping Neighbor’s 8 –year Old Daughter in Tampin on Sunday Oct 8 in a Rubber Stall

Tan hancuffed and escorted by Policemen arriving in Session Court

A 77 year old man was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment by the Kuala Pilah Session Court on Friday after he pleaded guilty to raping his neighbor’s 8 year old daughter last Sunday.

A closed up view of the face of a neighbour being a rapist

Tan Mong An, 77 committed the crime between 5.30 to 6.30 pm at a rubber stall in Kg Gemichi Lama, Tampin. Tan was said to give the victim RM20 after raping her.

After sentencing and leaving court, heads down in shame of it all for doing such a nasty thing on a little girl

He was arrested on Oct 9 after the victim’s mother lodged a police report.

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Sexuality & Old Age

It was morally wrong for this man to cruelly force himself on a defenseless young girl to satisfy his urge or lust. He may be old for his age but his desires are still intact. The spirit is willing and so is his body.

It was most unfortunate, he could not controlled himself. He was in a dilemma, without access to any internet porn site and no prostitute around in his sleepy hollow, he gave in to a moment of weakness and suffered the consequence for his crime. 12 years jail with 1/3 remission, he will be out at 85 years if he can live up to that age.

Excessive sexual behavior obviously will be considered depraved by those most afraid of their sensual natures. Such rigid group will believe that youth is innocent and will deny sexual experience as having any place in childhood.

But for young adults if you believe sex is GOOD but old age is BAD, then you will find it impossible to consider exuberant sexuality as a portion of an older person's experience. Trust yourself for greater self-understanding and you will need not project repressed tendencies upon others

As humans we are all animals, if not what are we, vegetables? We are here our spirit joined itself with flesh, and in flesh, to experience a world of incredible richness. You are here to use, enjoy, and express yourself through the body with sex.

In the dream state the child and the old man or woman can exits simultaneously and the individual is made quite aware of the full range of creature hood at all ages.

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