Monday, July 10, 2006

MORE Pics –SIX Family members CHEATED DEATH – KANCIL CAR lost Control flew into a RAVINE; FATHER & SON suffered SERIOUS INJURIES

The car after being pulled out and inspected by traffic police

The aftermath of the Kancil after the impact on the ravine,
a total loss perhaps for insurance, but parts can still be cannibalise.

SIX family members cheated death when the car they were traveling plunged into a ravine at 11km in Wang Klin in PERLIS on Saturday, 8th Jul 2006. Two were seriously injured with head, hand and leg injuries. The injured (sitting in the front) were the driver (in the early twenties) and his father 61. They were warded in the Tuanku Fauziah hospital in Kangar. The Police DSP said the driver loss control of the car before plunging into the ravine.

The 32 year old wife and the two children and another relative (sitting at the back) sustained light injuries. They were on their way to open a stall in the day market when the accident occurred at about 8.30 am in the morning.

Family members who escaped salvaing the belongings from the ravine floor

Once again this matchbox car is inherently dangerous and unstable to move around at higher speed and should be confined within a housing estate or a kampong. But for a car, distance is no limit when started.

The Kancil after a wash with 'sky water'



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