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MORE PICS – ANTI TOLL HIKE PROTEST- IOI Mall, Puchong 4th FEB 2007; Scuffles Broke out; 13 Arrested; Protesters to Assemble at Bulik Aman Tomorrow

for Summit protest see Bottom

ABOVE: Tian Chua, Ronniew Liu and others unflured the Protest BANNER
BELOW: Ronnie Liu speaking to the gathered protesters at IOI Mall Carpark

ABOVE: Ronnie Liu speaking to the gathered protesters at IOI Mall Carpark

About 1000 peaceful protesters came to the IOI Mall car park and vent their dissatisfaction and anger against the hike in Toll prices since Jan 1st 07 in 5 Tolled highway.

The awareness and highlights of all the protests were effective as the LDP Toll has registered a 15% drop in volume of traffic and revenue since the hike. The people have spoken and taken action in NOT using the LDP tolled way and avoiding it if necessary.

ABOVE & BELOW: The familiar faces and familiy affairs for these two group of protesters. They were at the Bandar Sunway & Batu 11 Cheras protests previously

Today rally started as scheduled at 4 pm and as usual the police claimed the assembly was illegal. Subang Jaya OCPD Fuad Talib though public hailer demanded.

You must dissolve within 10 minutes. Otherwise, we will disperse you”. The protesters refused to budge. After the ten minutes had elapsed, police FRU men with riot batons or firearms team surrounded the front banners bearers shouting slogans.

ABOVE: The protesters and demonstrators outnumbered the uniformed but armed police and FRU members (BELOW)

Arguments broke out and the riot team then approached and the capture of several in a brutal manner in front of the demonstrators and sparked a fierce opposition from the protesters who were chanting “jangan tangkap

ABOVE & BELOW: PKR's R Sivarasa still clutching to his dear bottle being forcibly carried away when he refussed to walk

PKR’s R Sivarasa was seen struggling after being carried away; others taken away were leaders of opposition parties including PAS' Dr Hatta Ramli and Salahuddin Ayub, PKR's Tian Chua and DAP's Ronnie Liu. Other leaders were seen negotiating for those arrested be released but the police refused stating that all arrested have to follow the procedures to complete the process and were trucked to the nearby Police station at Puchong for the usual statements to be taken.

ABOVE: Another two arrested and BELOW Arguing with the Police Chief was futile for the release

The protesters rallied and about 500 gathered and marched to the nearby police station. Police quickly followed again launched an arrest campaign, and arrested the leaders forcing the demonstrators to disperse. All in about 13 were arrested

ABOVE: PKR Publicity Chief, Tian Chua reasoning with the OCPD

Before they went away, they were told to go to the Bukit Aman police headquarters before 10 o'clock tomorrow to show solidarity and support for 4 leaders (BELOW) hauled up (under the OSA) for releasing the contract contents of the LDP agreement.

From Left: Ronnie Liu, Hatta, Tian Chua, Khalid Ibrahim; were summoned to Buki Aman for questining on OSA

BELOW: Anti OSA & Anti Toll Hike protest goes hand-in-hand

BELOW: They have to bring in the "running dogs" to frighten and catch you

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ABOVE: The backup boys and the ever ready "water cannon" with chemically laced water to make yours eyes "cry like a baby"

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, 7th Jan 2007

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MORE PICS – LDP TOLL Agreement Reveals SHOCKING FACTS; RATES Are ALL Fixed from 1998 – 2031; Lopsided Agreement; DAP Leader SLAMS SAMY Over Contract

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Dead Robber Room Key led Police To Arrest 4 from Sunway Resort Hotel & Recovery of Loot; Gang also involved in RM3.9M Robberies in 2006 & Killed 6

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MORE PICS – ANTI TOLL HIKE PROTEST (5th)-18 Mar 2007; Summit, Subang Jaya; New Tactic: More than 200 Protestors Assembled Inside Summit; 5 Arrested
NOT yet loaded; check back later at H E R E a few hours later say by 1am Mar 1907
following pic shows the Banners at Summit



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